The Citadel


By Musclebuff

In the close confines of the darkened Corvette it was difficult to see every detail of Dem's appearance. As far as the Red Russian was concerned, Dem seemed to be completely naked, except for the master's harness he was wearing and the biker cap whose visor shadowed everything but the sensual lips and the powerful cleft jaw. When Red dared to test all this out by putting a paw on a bare knee it was brusquely rejected. Not a word was said for the whole of the short journey from the Fairmont to SoMa and The Citadel therein.

Kris and Siegfried, the two husky acolytes, were waiting at the door as instructed and the Corvette was swept away by muscled and leathered minion they had previously organized. The two guys were ready for the fray, dressed to Dem's orders that afternoon by Mr S Leathers. Apart from their obligatory boots and bike caps, Kris was wearing a leather tank cut low enough to display the lower cliffs of his pecs and the brass rings through both nips. It was cut off above his abs while some kind of leather bum-bag was low-slung on the front of his hips, stuffed with all the black magnificence of the equipment so much admired by all his lady friends. The bag was secured by a thin strap which disappeared between his legs and reappeared as it attached itself to the waist-band in rear.

The Golden Kraut looked stunningly magnificent: he had oiled his entire body so that it glittered in the neon lights; a Sam-Browne strap over his right delts crossed his pecs diagonally and clamped itself at the waistline of a pair of glove leather cut-off chaps complete with an enormous stuffed black metal-plated codpiece (temporarily) attached. Wrists were contained in wide black straps and chromium armbands squeezed his arms above the biceps. He looked superbly Deutsch, but also kinda space-man.

Without waiting to introduce them, Dem commanded them to Bring him in, boys! as he strode past them into the Citadel, now revealing that all he wore on his lower half, apart from boots, was a black leather thong, artfully constructed to encase the whole of his outsize genitalia while pushing it up and forward to show it all off.

The guys inside The Citadel were lucky enough to receive this vision full-face. The biggest and best physique in the whole wide world, muscles flared and flexed, subtly outlined in the no-nonsense, minimum coverage leather, towering above them all as he swept purposefully by. More goggles at the sight of three of the next biggest physiques in the world in attendance on the undoubted champion muscle-leather stud of the evening.

Once all their codpieces had been ripped off, exposing a total of some fifty inches of male manhood between them, they descended into "Hell". This was a snakepit of leather and muscle. Dem's dollars had certainly paid off: not a leather queen in sight without major muscle. Many of them had heard rumors of some Happening tonight and all were primed ready as the huge quartet, preceded by their rapidly tumescent equipment, stomped their uninterrupted way, towards the bar where a semi-naked, shaven-headed, truly muscular barkeep awaited them.

"Milk – in a dirty glass!" rasped Dem.

It appeared as if by magic.

"Everything ready for me?"

"Yessir! The Backroom is all yours!"

"Two-way mirror in operation?"

"You bet: Mr Korbo and his German friend tried them out."

"Equipment all clean, fully provisioned?"

"You bet!"

"Bring him in!" to Kris and Siegfried.

The towering, furry-pec'd God of Muscle, pushed through the slavering throng, ignoring all the touch-ups and groans of admiration as he passed, leaving them all to importune the other three more determinedly and physically. No such deference brought timidity to the way that Red, Siggy and Kris were mauled as they followed their master.

As soon as they were through the door of the Backroom, and even before Kris had gotten to the light board, Red grabbed hold of Dem.

"Demetrius, please! I thought the two of us could - I mean, I expected -- I thought…."

He gasped as, at that moment, all the spotlights went on, illuminating the gleaming black-leathered and chromed equipment that filled the room. The walls, where they were not padded with leather, carried outsize photographs of naked leathered muscle and giant repros of the best Tom of Finland erotic drawings.

"Well, Red, you might just have thought wrong! Open the mirrors, Kris!"

Kris pushed a button and the two-way-mirrors went transparent, revealing hundreds of eager, pushing faces pressed against tbem, panting for a good view of what was about to happen.

Gently Dem stroked his leathered hands up and down the Russian arms and pecs, the fingers seeing out the ravines in the Russian six-pack, gently grabbing on to the overfull codpiece.

"Now, Red! We're all gonna have a good time, you included!"

Red was melting under the muscular embrace. He had to stiffen his resolve to continue.

"But Demetrius! I'm not even gay! I always top them all –"

"Red, you don't know yourself! You can't even keep your hands off me. Can you? Go on – have a feel right now – "

Seductively he took hold of Red's two hands and placed them on the furry pecs. The hands could not resist stroking what would be shaven clean in a few days' time. Dem whispered into his ear.

"Like them, don't you, Red? Go on, feel those nips! Yeah……. Feel these great arms, that's right…Hard, aren't they? Big cleft, huh? Never quite got your so good, huh? Tray the lats now – good boy! Feel how thick they are – look I'll spread them for you…."

As his monstrous lats spread out of the harness, the flexion brought the Russian into even closer contact with Dem's flexing pecs.

"Yeah….. feel that back work for you, boy! Can you feel my pecs flexing against yours? Now I'm gonna put my big quads behind your knees and our friends here will gently let you down on to that nice comfortable bench. Ready? Oh, wow! What a big stiff rod you've got here! I'm sure it wants out of that codpiece -- let's see. *[Rip rip!]* There you are, now it can rise uninterrupted as high as you want !

"Gently, boys! Now leave him alone – I know you're excited but you two'll get your turn soon, I promise! Sig, you might want to hold his head between your quads -- yeah, like that…

"So, Red! This beautiful Russian dick always does the honors , huh? But don't you want to experience the best we can offer? All three of us are only too anxious to serve you – no, no! just lie still and enjoy what I'm gonna do for you…

"Look, I'm just gonna let myself lie on top of you – like this! Oh, yeah! You sure feel good, Red! Now, Siegfried's quads are gonna grab hold of my head too while I do this….."

Siegfried and Kris, not to mention the hoards on the other side of the mirrors, were almost creaming their figurative (though non-existent) jeans as Dem's totally awesome physique covered every limb of the totally awesome Russian muscle. He grabbed hold of the Russian's outstretched hands as his head disappeared between the golden German thighs and his tongue pushed between the Russian lips for the kiss Dem knew Red had been wanting since yesterday but didn't get until now.

And what a kiss! The two huge muscle bods vibrated and writhed together as Red received what may have been his first soul-kiss from a muscular male. A muscular male whom, it was now clear, he desired extremely and to whom he would soon submit, whatever the demands.

Dem pressed his huge dick into the cleft of the Russian pecs and, at the same time, captured the towering Russian dick between his squeezing quads. This was seduction by command. And a highly successful one.

As Demetrius finally tied to rise to his feet for the next stage of the operation, Red's muscles were still clinging to him, unwilling to deprive themselves of the joy Dem's were providing him. The acolytes had to pry them apart.

"Think he'd enjoy the Sling?" Dem asked the boys.

"Sling? What is sling?"

"Oh, yes, he sure will. Let's get him over there, shall we? No, on second thoughts, it's too soon. Chain him to that cross instead."

He picked up Red's feet as the other two dragged the heaving, now-sweaty body over to the Andrew's Cross.

"What – what do you do to me?

"You'll find out, Boy!" laughed Kris as he and Sig cuffed Red's wrists to the top half of the X-form. Once Dem had fixed the ankles in a similar way and a belt had lashed the Russian Torso tight to the cross, the three of them stepped back.

"Let's show him what he's gonna enjoy for himself before long, OK guys?

Get lubed and get me suited up, OK. Pronto!"

While these preparations were being made, Dem started to test the Russian limits, first with a handy riding crop with which he playfully snapped at the big Russian pecs, concentrating especially on the stiffening man-nips, then with a few gentle cracks of a long bull-whip.

Red may have cried out, whether in pain or ecstasy, who's to say? Whatever, his red-[lubed and magnificent dick remained rock hard and powerfully erect throughout.

Dem threw down the whip and turned to the Golden God and ripped open the imported German leathers.

"Assume the position, Kraut!" yelled Dem and Siegfried dutifully bent forward to grab his own ankles.

Distant yells were heard through the thick mirror-glass as Demetrius whammed his well-lubed dick up Siggy's ass. At the same time Kris grabbed Dem from behind and buried his fingers in the dark pec-hair, making sure to squeeze the steel nips real hard as he embraced him from behind.

The Russian groaned with frustrated desire from his cross as he was forced to witness his new idol fucking the Golden Giant. He jerked his pelvis forward, impotently fucking the air, half of him willing himself to cum, the other half knowing he had to wait. Magnificent dilemma!

Meanwhile Demetrius was giving the groaning, yelling Siegfried of his best, thwacking the golden ass hard as he jammed in and out of it. Kris was dry-fucking himself between Dem's legs, also trying hard not to cum.

Dem pulled himself roughly out of Sig, turned round and grabbed hold of the enormous black muscle-god.

"You're next!" he yelled. He fell back on to a bench directly in front of Siegfried's cross and pulled the black butt forward on to his dick.

"Ride me cowboy! Ride this big dick as if your life depended on it! C'mon, stud! Get those quads working. Unngh unghh unngh – yeah like that!"

Their two sets of mighty pecs and abs slid across each other, lubed by their oily sweat, as he jammed his own pelvis upwards to meet the down-thrusts of Kris's huge glutes.

Red started to beg and moan.

"Shut him up will you, Sig? And then get over here! I'm not finished with you yet!"

Siegfried grabbed a red ball-gag off the wall and the Russian mouth was soon silenced as the ball filled his mouth and the strap was pulled tight at the back of his neck. This caused even more frantic paroxysms of desire from the tethered Red.

"Kris needs gagging too, Sig – see to it!"

Siegfried needed no translation He hauled himself up on the bench behind Dem and shoved his weeping dick into Kris's panting mouth. Kris grabbed the Golden Glutes and received the throat-fuck with avidity.

"Yeah," panted the fucking Demetrius, "only right our guest should learn all the pleasures in store for him!"

More frantic moans and groans from the jerking Russian as Dem got his two pals to flip-flop, giving both of them equal fuck-time.

It must have been clear to all by now that Demetrius was saving himself up for the grand finale and those beyond the mirrors who had not already fallen on the floor in exhausted, out-cummed collapse doubled and trebled their own fucking and sucking efforts as the moment approached.

Demetrius pushed his cohorts away and moved over to Russian territory.

"Getting impatient, are we? Ready for treatment, are we? " Frantic nods of the gagged head. "No, I don't think we'll take that off just yet – I don't want to hear you say No, NO! after all this, do I? Besides, you're really gonna enjoy this. And so am I! Lift him off, guys and get him installed while I clean up!"

The audience watched with glee as the now-limp-with-desire Russian was transferred from the Andrew to the Sling where, once again his magnificent arms were tethered over his head and his ankles were pulled high and wide to be cuffed to the outer chains of the sling. The magnificent bronzed glutes were open and ready for business.

Dem, clean, lubed, re-suited and ready, walked over to the sling.

"Now, you two boys enjoy yourselves while I'm attending to our guest. Until I call you, OK?"

By now Red was trembling with delicious anticipation as Dem took off his gloves and started to stroke the Russian abs with love and appreciation.

"Mmm. Pretty good. Abs always were one of your best parts. Pity you've only got a six-pack, but oh yes, lovely, pretty darn good one at that. And what is this, rearing it's ugly head in my direction? Is this what you stick the ladies in Moscow with? Like this? Shall I rub its tip against the palm of my hand? Sorry if it's a bit rough from all those heavy dumbbells. Yeahhhhh – exciting isn't it? You really feel it after a while…….."

He rubbed the tip of Red's glans incessantly against the calloused palm of his hand for several minutes, knowing the Russian was being driven out of his mind.

"Big balls too, nice big Russian balls, full of good stuff….seem to be churning a bit – wanna cum? Oh no, not yet, boyo! Not till I tell you, not till I'm ready, OK? If you're not a good boy I'll have to send you home empty, and you wouldn't like that, would you? Now, how about this? Yeah, feels good up there, doesn't it? Wiggle it a bit and I find ….ah ah! No cumming! I know how much you wanna cum but……maybe another finger will help – or even two more.

"Oh, yeah! Nice tight fit! My cock's gonna enjoy this! Wanna get fucked, Red? I guess those frantic nods mean no? No? You mean yes? You sure? You ready to talk now? Then I'll let you out of this nice gag…Pity – big muscle guys always look so good with one of those stuck in their mounts and all their muscles writhing. Been through all that myself, so I know what fun it can be!"

Many gasps of Russian relief greeted him.

"Oh please…….."

"Please what, Red? Can't bring your macho self to say it? Wanna get fucked. Red? Nah, don't blush and turn away!. I can always leave you chained up right here and leave to that hoard outside to enjoy. Oh shit! You're just like that guy Brad you gave the prize to last year: so fucking macho, top-guy and No one ever fucks ME, and all that crap, when all the time he wants it real bad. Now, do you or don't you?"


* *

"I think you mean 'Fuck me!' – yes? I mean, you want me to fuck you? No, don't cry, big boy! I'm about to give you your heart's desire. And then some! Here goes!"

Red's yells had suddenly gotten Dem's outrageous equipment real hard – so hard it almost hurt. And his expectant nuts were bursting out of their sack with desire. Everything was just right for the Big Moment as Dem positioned himself between the high stretched quads, Russian pussy throbbingly ready to suck in a big dick for the first time.

What a picture he was presenting to the captive Russian! Six foot six and several hundred pounds of gleaming, tight-skinned monstrous muscle with a hard and a now-impatient fuck-pole reaching up to the giant slabs of his pecs. Red could feel the effect of those sapphire lasers boring into his libido from the shade of the biker cap and that same effect was creating mayhem in his own, capacious nut-sack.

The big purple knob thrust its way just inside the rosy Russian gates. Red gasped at the enormity of the invasion.

"Ain't seen nothing yet, pal! If it hurts just a bit at first, take a look at our friends over there: Siggy and Kris were just like you – once – now look at them tom-catting away at each other!"

Indeed, to the delight of the mirror-audience, Kris's black velvet was drilling the hell out of Siegfried's golden ass. Dem knew that the sight would only increase Red's desire to enjoy the same delight. By the way, those mirrors were already besmirched with arcs of jetted cum: some people just can't restrain themselves. In fact yours truly is feeling the same way right now.

"Now, as you're new to all this (I guess), this might help you to open up for me."

A little brown bottle was held under the handsome Russian's nose.

"Breathe deeply and enjoy!"

Red did as he was told and was rewarded with a rush that removed any remaining inhibitions. A torrent of unintelligible Russian poured from his open mouth, interlaced with more familiar expressions.

"Sheet! Fark me! Sheet, da! Fark me! Sheet, Demetrius! What you do to me? Farking wonderful! Big cock! Farking beeg cock! Fark fark fark!"

Dem stood stock still as he pulled the sling towards him, slowly inserting his rampancy into the Russian depths. Red was going purple with anticipation of sheer heaven as the amyl dazzled his brain and his insides were slowly filled to the hilt with Dem's superior fuck-flesh. The resulting peals of pleasure provided by the attack on his joy-button shook him to the proverbial core.

"Now, if you're clever, you can really enjoy this by getting your own weight to swing the sling backwards and forwards on my cock. That'll get me real hot too and then you'll see! That's right, back and forth, in and out, to and fro, in and out….. Good, huh!"

"Yesssss!" gasped the Red, swinging himself crazily against Dem's monstrous battering-ram.

"But it's not enough, is it, Red?" Stopping the swing after about fifty strokes. "You want more, huh? After fifty swings or so, you want more? Yeah? OK, you ready!"

"Oh please, FAAAARK me! Fark me hard! Fark me deep!"

"Yeah, Red – you've finally made it! Here we go, fark-face, enjoy THIS!"

Demetrius leaned over the writing Russian and seized the chains over his head. He jammed his dick in over and over again as he swung the sling violently back and forth. Red managed to get his head up enough to reach Dem's lips with his but Dem laughed and pulled back just out of their reach.

"Oh yeah! That kiss you've been wanting all along, huh? Here it is, bubba!"

Lips were locked, tongue fucked tongue and the cataclysmic invasion of Red's ass continued inexorably. Red, now completely transformed, strained his pecs upwards to meet Dem's own huge pectoral tissue. Unable to clasp Dem with his arms, it seemed as if he was flying in a sexual heaven.

As time grew nearer, Dem stood up and yelled at the fucking duo to come and help him.

"Kris, he needs to be fucked both ends – get your dick down his throat and cum when I tell you. Sig, squeeze his nips real hard and jack him off - in your mouth if you want! I'm on my way! Red, this is it: NNGH NNGH NNGH UNNGH UNNGH UNNGH URNGGH URNGHH!"

More amyl and huge slams rocked the be-slinged Russian torso, now enjoying a hitherto unknown and perfect three-way fuck.


* *

Quadruple explosion of major splooge-jets which continued for unlimited time. All four jocks were giving a first-time torrent to each other: muscle milk was flowing in unprecedented amounts. Satisfaction was being had by all.

The crowd outside was falling over itself in multiple heaps of be-cummed, be-splooged heaps of muscle and leather while, inside,

Dem was triumphant. All three "hetero" studs had finally fallen to him and his desire.

As they pulled off/out of Red, Siegfried and Kris instinctively melted into each other's arms. Dem raised a cynical eyebrow.

"You two hetero studs seem to be enjoying yourselves?"

"But yes!" said Sig, plugged into Kris's welcoming butt, 'better than any woman I know! You have discovered muscle-love for me, Demetrius I cannot enough thank you!"

"Glad to hear it!"

Kris grinned at Dem past Siegfried's imperiously plunging dick. "No woman can do this for me. Ever!"

"Well, guys, you stay here and enjoy the night. Plenty of good muscle-meat out there for you to enjoy – or to enjoy you - while I see Mr. Russia home."

He chuckled to himself as he imagined what could happen when the hoards were let into the Back Room to enjoy those two.

But no one can have been more turned on or bemused than the night denizens of the Fairmont as they greeted the spectacle of two enormous muscle hunks, scantily leather-clad, one supporting the other through the marble halls and up to Red's suite.

The two of them collapsed on the huge bed where Presidents and film stars had slept. The Russian, in the delirium of muscle-sex, would not let go of Demetrius. His great bronzed muscles clung on to the Hero's incredible physique as if his hands could not afford to lose contact with that glorious, honed body.

"Oh please, Dem, fark me again! Must feel you inside me. Wanna feel that huge cock filling me. Wanna feel all that beautiful muscle crushing me to death. I'm totally yours, Demetrius. Anything you want! Must have you! I your muscle slave, da? Da, always!"

The handsome red-gold head, so anxious to ready it for further action, swallowed Dem's legendary fuck-pole. His tongue twisted around the hard knob as to the manner born while Dem massaged two gigantic Russian pecs, encouraging further action-sucking with tantalizing squeezes of the Russian man-nips.

The night passed in delicious fuckstacy for both studs.

NOW, thought Dem as Fyodor fell asleep in his arms, NOW I am ready for the Olympia! •

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