German gold


By Musclebuff

Kris Korbo was to be kept on a string for several weeks more – until Dem decided it was time to make use of this now-servile material. He called him. A breathless and sleepy voice answered petulantly.

"Shit, you know what time it is? Who the hell *is* this? I'm busy!"

"I bet you are, Kris. I hope she's worth it!"

"Oh, fuck, it's you! Shit, man ….. "

"It's OK. Kris, calm down! The Golden Giant is back in town and I need your help."

"Yeah, sure – anything!"

He was given his instructions.

"Hey, Dieter! Heard you were back in town – how about a drink?"

"Why, Demetrius! How nice! I didn't think you would want to –"

"Hey, man! Water under the bridge! How about my place at six tomorrow evening? We'll drown our sorrows in a glass or two, huh?"

"Sure, Demetrius. Must say I am surprised?"

"Think nothing of it, pal! It was only politics."

Politics and a few thousand dollars, thought our hero.

At *four* p.m. Korbo arrived obediently at the door, with a dozen roses which he thrust with some embarrassment at Dem who opened the door of his apartment dressed only in a posing strap – a strap which deliberately failed to cover even 50% of Dem's amazing equipment. Korbo's eyes goggled.

"Hey, man! Nice of you! I'll just put them in water while you get naked, OK? You bring the stuff I asked for?"

"You bet."

"Put it on the bar for later."

The 'stuff' was a few ounces of the prime weed gym members knew Kris grew in his cellar. By the time Dem came out the kitchen, Kris was nervously stroking an already rampant dick.

"Uh uh!"

And the hands immediately left the swollen member.

"Think you need to make me feel good, Kris? Better get on with it – we've only got a couple of hours before the Gold gets here.

"You mean-- ?"

"Just get on with it, stud!"

Dem dropped into the arms of a black-leather armchair and Kris fell on his knees before him.

"Wanna give me a blow-job, Kris?"

"Rather you fucked me, stud!"

"Better get me ready then."

Korbo sat there, confronted by the enormous, Pisa-like tower leaning towards him. He had never contemplated anything so magnificent at such close quarters. Glistening, it rose above the black guy's eyebrows, every inch of it thickly veined and surmounted by a superb, over-swollen mushroom head. As if hypnotized by it, Kris leaned slowly forward until hot, thick lips enveloped Dem's towering fuck-pole. Dem pressed his almost shaven head well down so that the Korbo throat was more than full of the Demetrius dick.

"Yeah……! Suck that dick!"

Kris's lips and tongue slobbered and slid up and down, over and under the prize package, guided by Dem's two great paws on each side of his head."

Wonder where he learned to do this so well? mused Dem as he thrust himself beyond Kris's soft palate. He grabbed hold of Kris's barn-width delts and started to fuck the throat in earnest, giving his server little time to breathe. Eventually Kris had to pull off, gasping for air.

"You enjoy that, Kris?"

"Yessir!" came the eager answer, "But…."

"All in good time, Kris. I'm not ready yet."

The lips and tongue went back to it, always eager to please. This time Dem started to outline his plan for the evening.

"Shit, man! Don't think I could – "

"Want me or not, Kris?"

"Fuck, yeah!?" groaned Korbo. "Just don't think – "

"You leave all that to me. With all your muscle and mine I don't think there'll be any problem. But if you want me…"

"Fuck, yeah! I want you!"

"You really sure, Kris? Think you can even take this big dick – "

"If I can swallow it, I can take it!" he said before fulfilling his word to the hilt. Dem felt the white teeth closing around his pubes as the tip of his dick reached bottom.


"Yeah, I see, Kris. Good work!"

Dem suddenly felt ready for his appetizer of the evening.

"Get up here, Kris. Kneel on this seat and lean over the back. Make yourself real comfortable."

The huge black guy pressed his pecs and abs against the well-padded black leather, thus presenting his amply muscular glutes for service.

"Gonna give you your heart's desire, Kris. You ready for it?"

"Shit, man, yeah!" groaned three hundred pounds of hard, black velvet muscle.

Dem inserted a well-lubed thumb, found the prostate and gave it a merciless massage, reducing the trembling hulk to moans of pent-up desire. Eventually several fingers got in there before Dem was certain Kris was ready. He reached around the black bulk, seized the huge, erect nips between the squeezing fingers of one hand and the throbbing black tower of fuck-flesh with the other as he pressed his well-lubed, well-covered and vengeful fuck-pole against Kris's quivering and eager pucker.

"Oh, please, Dem! Fuck me, sir! Fuck me real hard!"

"Sure you're gonna do what I want and not run away, Kris?"

"Yeah, yeah! Just fuck me stud, OK?"

"Sure that's what you really want?" Dem asked as the big, hard and bulbous mushroom pressed its way into the Korbo ass-hole. Kris gasped at the enormity of the invasion.

"Aww, yeah, fuck me!"

Muscle pressed against muscle, muscle enveloped muscle, muscle invaded muscle, muscle melded itself with muscle as the two huge physiques became one heaving mass of musculo-sexual desire.

"Been waiting for this for months, haven't you, Kris?" as monstrous dick drove into fathomless, squeezing depths. "Been waiting for my huge dick to wreck your insides, Kris?"

"Nggh! Nngh! Nnngh!" gasped Kris, a song without words which was totally unable to express the fuckstacy he was enjoying as Dem's magnificence drove into his beautiful black ass. He could feel Dem swelling into unimaginable proportions within him, fully satisfying every desire he had ever craved. Dem was well-aware that he was spoiling the handsome black giant for the rest of his life, for no other sexual encounter, male or female, would ever equal the ecstacy he was enjoying now . He would always remember *THIS! *Now he had him at his complete mercy, he would be able to achieve the next step of his Golden Revenge.

When the two giants had exploded into mutual torrents of splooge there was hardly time for the two behemoths to clean up and get ready for their next appointment. They had just achieved a mutually satisfying cleansing in the close confinement of Dem's glass-sided shower, dried off and pulled on their helanca hot-shorts when the doorbell rang and Siegfried Schwerkamp presented himself on the doorstep. A lamb for the slaughter.

He came armed with a couple of bottles of first-class champagne, no doubt to allay the guilt of bribery and corruption. When Dem had welcomed him into the apartment, the German god was clearly put out to see Kris lounging on the love-seat.

"Hey, Golden One! How're you doin'?"

"Er - very fine, yes, thank you, Kris, very fine." Without enthusiasm.

He turned to Dem with sad and downcast eyes.

"I had hoped…." he whispered, until Dem interrupted him with a smackingly unexpected kiss on the lips.

"Shit, man! Your back feels like a load of living boulders! What're you on, Mein Freund?"

The Golden One had the grace to blush, thus enhancing the perfect, glowing complexion.

"Ach, you know – some new stuff we get in Germany?"

"Oh, yes? Does it work for you?"

"Sheet, Demetrius! I had hoped you would notice!"

He flexed a golden bicep-boulder and spread the Golden Gate lats inside his silky pale blue muscle-tee. Dem started to feel the proffered muscle.

"Gee, Kris! Get over here and feel all this new German muscle! It's * fantastisch!* Just feel this!"

Immediately there were two large pairs of hands sweeping over every inch of Golden Deutschen Muskeln. Not an inch of the silk clad body was spared, not an ounce of German muscle left unsqueezed. At a wink from Dem, the two black hands were exploring the Heavy Equipment barely concealed in the almost-transparent silk pants. Dem was holding Dieter from behind, huge arms locked around the German's elbows while Kris went on to squeeze the well-filled jock within.

"Hey, men! Halt! You know I'm not – "

"Not what, Siggy?"

"I'm not – you know my wife…."

At which Dem, hotly followed by Kris, burst into roars of cynical laughter.

"So you came to visit me, expecting to find your wife, Siggy?"

"No – but at least some girls…"

"*Girls, *Siggy? You want* girls *when you've got us? You *know* you've been hankering after my dick for years! Now just calm down, mein Freund, and we'll all sit down and have a nice drink of your champagne to make our Siegfried feel better, OK?"

Siegfried was (temporarily) released. Dem threw a friendly arm across his shoulders and led him to the biggest and lowest couch. The six-foot four Golden Giant found himself staring at two straining crotches. Dem had relieved him of the bottles of *sekt *and the liquid gold was soon flowing.

"Only a few weeks before we all get into training for the next Olympia, so let's make the most of it!"

A nervous "Ja, ja!" arose from the sofa as a deep glass was thrust into his hand. Dem settled himself on to the deep sofa at Dieter's side and pulled the Golden Kraut into him.

"So what's new over the Pond,Sig? Apart from your new 'roid."

"I do not understand how you can look as good as you do, Demetrius, and still insist that you are all-natural. It cannot be true. Nein, nein, not possible."

"Give me a drug test – any drug test, blood test, anything you want, and you'll find it *is* the truth, Sig – the honest, living truth. Just feel this arm and dare to tell me it's full of synthol like yours. Yeah, go on! Feel those striations? See those veins? Feel these quads and tell me again you think they're not natural!"

He stretched out a leg, flexing the huge muscle, grabbedSiegfried's hand and shoved it on the muscle. "Go on! Feel it! Squeeze it, man! Get your paws running up and down this leg!"

As Dem was now pressing Siegfried down by the back of his neck with such force, the Golden Kraut could hardly refuse to do as he was told. Demetrius could take being cheated out of his crown, suffer most insults, but he would never, never endure being accused of being a 'roid.

"For God's sake, Kris! Fill our friend's glass! He needs to recover."

A lot of hearty laughter from all concerned, much matey tugging and hugging, and the two bottles of champagne were soon consumed.

"Hey, Kris! Time for your gift – go 'n roll a few, OK? Ja, Siggy, Kris has got some real prime stuff he's been growing. You're gonna enjoy it!"

"Thank you, Demetrius, but you know I don't smoke."

"Oh, not one of your vices? But this isn't really smoking – not nearly as unhealthy as your *supplements*, Sig! C'mon! you'll enjoy s toke with us, I know! Hey, Kris – I said 'a few' – one each at least – to celebrate Siegfried's visit to our shores. Oh, Sig! No one'll ever know: you'll soon loosen up with us and have a good time. Yeah – no one need ever know except for the three of us."

The room was soon full of the most potent weed-smoke known to man. All three muscle-studs inhaled deeply: Kris, because he enjoyed it and was *very * used to it, Siegfried, because it was a way out of the embarrassment he had felt practically since he arrived in the apartment and he wanted to forget it; Dem, because he know just how far this particular weed would take Sig and because he, Demetrius, was strong enough to enjoy the benefits without losing his head. For once.

As their minds started to dissolve, their bodies got hot. When Demetrius leaned over to pull Sig's tee over his head, the Golden Giant made no objection. When Kris knelt down and gently tugged off the silken pants, Siegfried didn't even know they were leaving him. When 99% of the golden tanned muscle was bare, Dem pulled the torso up so that Kris could remove the jock -- oh so slowly so that our giant wouldn't notice, couldn't notice as Dem now had his tongue down the magnificent German throat.

The pale blue eyes were closed and he seemed to be dreaming. Of what, one didn't need to ask, for now his dazzled mind was enjoying the lip-service Kris was paying to his big Golden Dick.

"You like that big black stud sucking your dick?" whispered Dem into Siegfried's receptive ear. "Yeah, I knew you would. 'N we have such nice things in store for you, you big muscle-stud, you wouldn't believe! Wanna feel my big pecs? Go ahead. I'll enjoy it – *you'll* enjoy it! Yeah, squeeze all that huge hard pec-flesh! Yeah, now move your face down and have a good suck of my man-tits. Yeahhhhhhhh – that's real good, Sig! Real good!"

Dem was encouraging Siegfried to exploit his one real weakness: his monstrous back started to arch as his head fell back on to the padding of the sofa. As Siegfried, guided by Big Dem's hands, slipped slowly down to lick and suck at that famous eight-pack, Dem somehow got his legs up under the Teutonic Torso whose Perfect Parts were now hanging over Kris's face. Kris dug a couple of pre-cum lubed fingers gently up Siegfried's Perfect Ass and soon elicited a continuous stream of happy, druggy groans.

Eventually Siegfried's lips and tongue ran out of abs and were guided even lower to encompass the head of the Biggest Cock in the World of Muscle. Kris started to massage the German Joy-button as Dem's first issue of pre-cum squirted into his throat.

Time seemed to pass unnoticed as the three smokers enjoyed what they were doing. Eventually Dem decided to move on to the Second Stage. He got down on the floor beside Siegfried and wrapped him tight in his powerful arms. The German God had no option but to snuggle as close as he could.

"Now, you're really gonna enjoy yourself, Sig. And I mean Really. And so am I, you Happy Hun! Ready, Kris?"

Kris pulled out of Siegfried's ass with a grunt. He reached out for his toke and took a good drag. Dem stuck Siegfried's toke where it belonged and whisperingly enjoined him to breathe deep.

"Hey, Dem! Was machst Du? I feel upside down. So gut. So bloody gut!"

"You said it, Sig! Upside down you are, pal!"

He grabbed the giant calves and shoved them high and wide over the Golden God's face. Siegfried was now nearly standing on his shoulders with his arms held down on the floor by two immense and powerful black velvet arms. Dem stretched his legs out behind himself and, supporting his torso by using Siegfried's biceps as grab handles, easily inserted his giant dick into the pulsing, eager Schwerkamp ass, so well-prepared by Kris Korbo.

"OK, Kris, now you can sit on his face and enjoy his tongue up* your *ass. Let's see how he enjoys that."

Siegfried's happy groans turned into stifled roars of joy as, first, his tongue found Kris's musky hole and then into yelping spasms as Dem sank his huge, thick and determined dick into his Depths.

"Oh, yes! Aww, fuck, YES!" he cried as he started to fuck the German's Virgin Hole. "Let's go for a RIDE!"

Mercilessly, the longest, thickest fuck-flesh rammed its total length in and out of Siegfried's love canal. Every now and then Kris would raise his butt to let the German breathe some more weed-laden air – just to let him enjoy the benefits all the more.

But did Demetrius halt his power-thrusts? Oh, no! And did Sig want him to stop? Ach, nein! The Golden Giant was in a Heaven he didn't know existed for MEN like him! Dem tested this by withdrawing so as to take advantage of a puff or two.

"Gott, Demetrius! Why you stop? Bitte sehr, fuck me, Freund! FAAAAAACK me!"

And Demetrius did. At both ends, taking it in turns with Kris who, after all, deserved to enjoy the exercise as much as anyone. And as for Sig, he would be able to boast – if he ever dared to – of being fucked by two of the biggest studs in the world of muscle. One of them being THE biggest.

When all three had come, cumming massively, with Siegfried soaking the torsos of the other two with a monster *fontana* of thick and creamy muscle-milk, they lay back happily, side-by side on Dem's capacious leather sofa, stroking each other's huge muscles and giggling like schoolgirls discovering sex for the first time. For Siegfried, it almost *was* like discovering it for the first time, and he didn't know whether he should be enjoying it or worrying about his manhood.

Whatever, Dem had gotten him hooked and he was soon asking for more. At that point Dem, knowing full well what he was doing, said No. In spite of his objections, he started to pull Sig's tee over the golden head and threw his now-sodden pants (they had been lying on them all through the evening's entertainment) into his lap. Kris had dutifully absented himself, cleaning up the ash and the champagne, hoping that, when Siegfried had been disposed of, it would be his turn to "suffer" Dem's Delight.

Siegfried took advantage of the black man's absence to plead with Dem. He "desperately" wanted more. "Now you have, what you say, 'broken me in', how can you send me away? You must finish what you started, ja?"

"Ja, ja, Siggy, but not now. Plenty of time in the future. Be a good boy and go home to your wife – " "Ach," grunted Siegfried, (though he was married to one of the most beautiful girls in the world), "What do I do with her now?"

"What you do is, have a good shower – you sure need it, pal, -- and go home, smelling nice and sweet, like a good boy and we'll all get together again. Sometime."

"Sometime? You promise? What does that mean, 'sometime'?"

"What it says, now go!"

Somehow he hustled the bemused guy out of the house, once he had gotten him into and out of the shower (unaided). And what did he see? The cleaned-up Kris, on his knees, begging for his turn like a little dog.

Dem heaved a sigh as he patted him on the head.

"Soon, Kris. I'll call you soon. Yes, I promise."

Once he was alone and more or less sober, he bent his mind to the next stage of his revenge. Should be easy now, those two with their tongues hanging out for more. They just had no idea just how much more, now did they?

Two down, one to go. •

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