Black velvet


By Musclebuff

Kris Korbo was sitting at the head of his sycophantic fans' table which was entirely populated by steroid freaks of the same color and persuasion when Dem passed by on his way to the buffet table. Kris called out to him and invited him to join them. Dem took one look at the antagonistic faces at the table and decided this would be a very good opportunity to open a few doors. He sat down next to Kris who ousted the guy sitting there at the time.

"Guess you want to know why we voted you down, huh?"

"Not particularly. I think I know why."* *

"I hope you don't hold any ill-will – guess you know we receive our instructions from On High. Same as always."

"You don't need to tell me. Though I fail to see why you would have anything to lose by voting for the truth: you've been through this particular mill yourself for years. All that time it was your own outspoken-ness that held you back from the prizes."

"Don't I know it! But it's good to hear it from your lips!"

At this moment Dem became aware of a knee pressing against his own under the table. When it not only did not go away but knocked twice, clearly intending to make its presence known, Dem raised an inquisitive eyebrow. Could this be an invitation? From this guy who was notorious for chasing the ladies to the detriment of his own stamina and opportunities? He looked at Korbo full in the face and saw the gleam of perfect white teeth glowing in his direction.

He made up his mind. He slipped his hand under the cloth. To all intentions it would seem he was scratching his own knee whereas he was in fact grabbing the mighty black quad beside him and giving it a seductive squeeze. Korbo almost leaped in the air and only just managed to transform his gasp into a need for a drink. The knee removed itself.

But only for a moment. Minutes later it was back, pressing against Dem's own mighty quad as hard as possible. Korbo asked the opposite neighbor if he had a pen or pencil: he needed to write a note. The paper napkin was then, apparently, stuffed into a pocket. Dem was quite aware that it had in fact been dropped on the floor beside him and he was soon able to retrieve it by dropping his own. It didn't take him more than a flash to memorize the room number thereon.

When he knocked on the door around midnight he was pulled urgently and abruptly into the room by a stark naked Korbo, oiled mahogany muscles gleaming magnificently in the artfully dimmed lights. A red handkerchief had been draped over the bedside lampshade which provided a provocatively sexy glow to all that muscle.

Korbo tugged Dem over to the bed and sat there looking pleadingly up at our, as yet, fully clothed hero whom no one could match, magnificent as ever in his tux – or out of it. Dem looked down at the huge (and handsome) black guy, a mocking smile on his lips. He didn't need to say anything: the smile embodied cynically all the rumors about Korbo's notorious womanizing .

The huge hands began to caress the fully-flexed quads which threatened to burst open the seams of Dem's black pants. He allowed those same hands to stray around towards his crotch before he seized the questing wrists.

"What d'you want, Korbo?"

"I want you! Please, Dem – never wanted anything so bad."

"So what made you vote for the wrong guy? Why aren't you trying to seduce Brad instead of me? Huh?"

"Brad? He's nothing – "

Dem was relentless,

"And what about your reputation as the Black Stud of the Century? Aren't you taking a risk here? What happens if I talk, huh? What are all your women gonna think, huh?"

"Shit, man! They're just women! Don't mean anything to me – just a sexual release – it's you I want, man! Please don't let me down! I'll do anything – anything at all!"

"Who's been letting who down? What is it you want, Korbo? Tell me what."

"I - I - I want you to fuck me – "

"Fuck you, Korbo? Fuck the ladies' prime stud? What's gotten into you, Korbo?"

"Dunno, man -- Only know I need you, Dem. I'll do anything. Wanna feel your muscles, suck your dick, feel your naked body in my arms. Stroke your muscles, lick them all over -- Oh, Please! Never wanted anything so much!"

"And yet you fucked me over with the judging? And now you want me to fuck you?"

"Oh, yeah! Please!"

So much sexual hope radiated from the poor, huge guy that even Dem, who had so often had to deal with desperate importunities, was impressed – and somewhat aroused.

He released the wrists and stepped back out of reach. He almost took pity on the desperate hunk before him. All that shining black, beautifully honed muscle was certainly tempting. And he certainly felt his monstrous fuck-rod stirring. It must have shown for, in a flash, Korbo was on his knees, hands grasping Dem's hard and striated glutes and burying his face in the black silk pants which outlined Dem's arousal so well.

White teeth started to bite the aroused member through the silk. Even though it excited Dem still more to have this black magnificence at his mercy and so clearly prepared to provide whatever service was demanded of it, our Hero exerted all his will-power and pushed the guy away. He left the room with Korbo squirming all his huge muscle on the rug, jacking away at his weeping dick and begging Dem to come back and fuck him – fuck him hard!

Dem closed the door with a satisfied grin, somehow subduing his aroused sex. The time would come. In *his *time. He had him where he needed him. Meanwhile, let the guy suffer…………

For weeks Dem continued to torture Korbo in the gym, flexing his muscles in his face, asking for spots so that Korbo could see and even feel (when he was allowed) the magnificent swelling musculature. Korbo was unable to restrain the tumescence in his helancas when this happened and he had to take to wearing loose shorts to hide the damp patches which threatened to become more obviously embarrassing.

Whenever possible, Dem paraded his own musculificence in Korbo's area, matching it all with tantalizing grins. Dem normally showered at home as soon as he got back from the gym. This day he decided to take a shower before he left for home. Surprise, surprise, but Korbo decided to have a shower himself at the same time, even though he was only half-way through his work-out.

Dem deliberately and immodestly soaped up his muscles facing Korbo. He glistened under the suds and flexed every muscle he could while soaping up. He was caressing his semi-tumescent dick when he asked Korbo to do his back. In a flash Korbo leaped across the shower room.

At first Dem remained facing him, sensually soaping his own hard, swelling pecs, caressing the rocky mountain eight-pack, flexing the tremendous split biceps in Korbo's face. Then he reached down and squeezed Kris's gigantic, fully erect dick. It only took a couple of strokes for Kris to splooge all over Dem's soapy chest.

"Now you'll have to clean me off, won't you, Kris?"

"Oh, yeah! Please!" stuttered the still rampant black guy.

Once Dem was satisfied with those ministrations he turned his back, knowing full well what the Korbo dick would be wanting next. It didn't take long for Dem's back to get well-soaped and the huge sweep of his thick lats well-caressed before he was conscious of the towering rod gently insinuating its upright self between his glutes. Korbo started to groan as he lubed his dick with the soapsuds between Dem's tantalizingly squeezing butt muscles.

The groans got louder until a second blast was clearly imminent. At that moment Dem stepped away from the shower and turned to faucet to Cold. And that was that.

Another day, finding himself alone with Korbo in the locker-room (surprise, surprise), he asked for the poor guy's telephone number. This was willingly and hastily given with many whispered pleadings.

"Patience is a virtue, Kris – never forget that!" •

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