Me and the Old Man




We lined up to go onstage, the five superheavyweights waiting to strut their stuff. I could feel the charge in the air as the crowd waited anxiously to see us big boys. It's what most of them came for, to see some freakage, dudes who are pushing the envelope with their massive development. They were about to get their money's worth. Ron motioned for me to go ahead of him, but I declined. "Age before beauty," I said to him. He laughed and said, "Very funny, smartass." Then he turned and strutted out onto the stage. I let the other three dudes go before me, too. I noticed that as Ron walked, his massive glutes forced his posers into his deep crack. I'd told him to use something to hold the posers in place, but he'd either forgotten, or did it on purpose. He'd come in so razor sharp that his exposed glutes were totally striated even when he wasn't flexing them.

By the time he reached the far end of the stage, it looked like he was wearing a thong. Only when he turned to face forward did he reach back and pull

the stretchy material over his big cheeks. By then, we were all on stage, and I could tell Ron had already gotten the crowd's attention. I could hear people going whoa, damn, jeezus, look at that guy! The three dudes between Ron

and I had just gotten their first close look at Ron's back, and they were all looking a little freaked out. The massive hulking spread of Ron's shoulders was a good six inches wider on each side than any of theirs. And then there was

me behind them, a good 70lbs bigger than they were. Ron and I outmuscled them so easily, it looked like they'd entered the wrong weightclass, especially

standing there in between the two of us. And I was so jacked up on gear, I felt like I could wrestle all three of them down at once, no problem. Just the thought of it cocked up my muscle even more, making the suckers next to me look even more defeated. The judges called out compulsory poses for us to hit, and the crowd started to go wild. We'd only gotten as far as the side chest shot when the head judge called for #1 and #2 to step forward, and for the other men to step back. That didn't take long, I thought to myself, as Ron and I went to the front of the stage, and the three losers stepped back. Ron and I stood side by side in a relaxed pose. Relaxed, my ass. I was tensing every muscle I could, my

arms jutting out to the side from the mindblowing pump I'd gotten backstage. Ron was taller than I was and about 40lbs bigger, but I was gonna take that trophy home with me. When our forearms smacked into each other, I tried to move mine in front of his, but he blocked me. Then I tried to push his out of the way. It didn't even budge. Might as well have tried to move a granite statue. I saw the slightest hint of a smirk on his face. The old man was going for it. The head judge called for a double bi. I brought up my arms and crunched them hard as I could. I bounced my arms up and down a little, squeezing the balled up muscle even more. I could feel the burning heat of the muscle as I held the pose. But when I glanced down at the judges, they were all looking at Ron, then at each other, nodding and smiling. I heard the crowd hooting and hollering. I looked over and saw Ron, his arms locked into a double bi...and his peaks had swollen so high that he was able to feel them with his own hands, his 26" guns rising up more than halfway up his forearms. He had a huge grin on his face. Then they called for a back lat spread. We turned our backs to the crowd, put our hands on our sides, and flared. I could feel my thick lat muscle stretching out, spreading like a cobra hood. But I could feel Ron's shadow next to me. His enormous presence. I could practically taste the alpha male smell of him as his deep pits opened up, spreading his back to the size of a stealth bomber. The huge old fucker was beast. Veins were popping out all over his back. The crowd roared as we compared back muscle. I flared mine out so hard I thought the lats might rip right out of their joints. I was starting to sweat like a pig. I looked over at Ron. The old fuck winked at me. Then he crunched down on his lats even harder. I swear I could hear his muscle spread wider, as his back swelled another couple inches on each side. The massive son of a bitch was kicking my ass. We turned around to face the crowd, and before the judges could even call for another pose, Ron pulled in his stomach, creating a deep cavern beneath his huge chest. Then, putting his hands on his hips, he slowly forced out his abs, smirking as he flexed into his rope pose. His ab muscles were so thick and dense with fibers that it did look like a rope. But not any old rope...a real thick rope, like you'd see holding a huge ship to a dock. And he was so ripped up that his skin looked like rice paper, so thin and tight against the muscle. The crowd went nuts as he clamped down on the pose, showing off that thick column of granite that ran from his posers to his pecs. He turned from side to side, and people in the audience were actually gasping as he sucked in the sides even deeper. Even the judges were gaping at him, open-mouthed. They went even more nuts when he pinched some skin and moved it up and down, showing the nearly 0% bodyfat he had on his abdomens. A woman in the front row fainted. Two of the judges looked like they were gonna jiz right in their pants. That's when I did it. I don't know what made me do it, but I knew I had to. I knew Ron had the contest won. Not only was he the biggest, but also the most profoundly muscular man any of us had ever seen. I reached over and put my hand on his flexed ab column. The heat of it sent a jolt thru me. Ron looked at me, his lips curling into an evil grin. I rubbed the skin of his stomach and felt as it moved up and down against his granite abs. The muscle was like a giant cock in my hand, and I began to stroke it up and down. The billy club in Ron's posers began to swell, and he turned toward me. The entire crowd was on its feet. Dude's were jacking. I stroked Ron's ab wall harder, faster. Ron took my other hand and jammed it down his posers. I grabbed a handful of manhood. The posing oil on my hands made his skin feel like satin. I had two handfuls of muscle, one in his posers and one on his ab wall. I could feel each ridged section of his ponderous abs. They were like bricks. Hard and rippling. He crunched down on them, made them even harder. "Pull out the beast," said Ron. I lifted his swelling dick out of his posers. It was thick and heavy, as solid as he was. It flopped right out of his

trunks. He wrapped his big arms around me and pulled me against him. I stuck my face deep into his pec crevice and breathed him in. Who knew an old dude could smell so fucking good. He crushed me into a bearhug. I felt his hardon sliding on my oiled up roidgut as his pecs rolled up and down my face. He released me long enough to rip off my posers. I did the same to his, tossing them down on the stage. He squatted down and put one huge shoulder against my gut. Then he stood up, lifting all 340lbs of me into the air. I could hear the crowd going ape shit, but they seemed far away, as they watched two buck naked muscleheads leave the stage. "How about we go back to my place and destroy one room at a time?" said Ron. "Works for me," I said. As we passed thru the backstage area, I reached out and grabbed the winner's trophy and took it with us. •

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