Me and the Old Man



The contest was a week away now. After seeing the old man take Todd down so easily in armwrestling, I decided to really kick my prep into high gear. Literally. I upped my gh, doubled it in fact. I also tripled the gear I was using on my current cycle. Sure, I should have been cutting back at this point, to minimize water retention. But I wasn't going to let some old fucker show me up at my contest. Besides, it was working good for me. I was still packing on solid size. And I could feel the strength surging thru me as I lifted more weight than ever before. There was one drawback though. I woke up one morning, got out of bed and began flexing out in the mirror naked, like I do every morning. And there it was. A huge roidgut. Tight and solid as a snare drum, still ridged with washboard abs, but bulging out like a tortoise shell. Just as

hard too. When I sucked it in, it looked damn good, but it wasn't easy. I didn't care, I was thicker and harder all over, a total freak mass monster. So my jaw was growing a little, and my brow was a little thicker than before. I was huge. Let Ron take the Masters', I was going to crush in the overall. Today was the day I'd promised to go help the old dude with contest prep. My slacker buddy Todd had lost the bet, and now I had to make good one it. Fine with me, gives me a chance to show old Ron how much size I've packed on. Twenty pounds in 9 days. Ripped to shreds and vascular as hell too. I drove to the address Ron had given me. I knew from the address that it was in the rich part of town, but when I drove into the driveway, I thought it must be a mistake. There was a big gate at the front, which was open. I drove through it and down the long winding, wooded drive. I finally saw the house through the trees. It was a freaking mansion. I pulled up in front and got out. I knew the old guy owned some sort of security company, but never guessed he'd be doing this well. I rang at the door, and the maid answered. A freaking maid! She told me that Ron was out back by the pool, and led me through the house to the back. Ron was coming up to the house. He had been swimming, and had a towel wrapped around his waist. His upper body was pumped as hell from his swim. He had shaved down, and the water rolled off his tight skin like he was a musclebound dolphin.He looked massive, bigger than I'd ever seen him. "Anthony!" he said. "I'm glad you could make it." We shook hands. "Have you put on weight?" he asked me. I had on a super tight tee, which showed every inch of muscle. "Yeh," I said, "been hitting it hard." "Uh huh," he said, "I can see that. You want to go for a swim?" It was hot as hell, and I was sweating like a pig, what with all the gear in my system and the twenty pound weight gain. "Sure, why not," I said. "Great," said Ron, "I've got extra suits down at the cabana." He turned and headed back to the pool. His back was fucking monstrous. He went into the cabana and tossed me a suit. "Just change out here, no one can see. While you swim, I'll put on my poser." He went back iinto the cabana while I stripped down. The trunks he gave me fit me like a glove, snug and tight around my 32" quads. I dove into the pool and swam a couple laps. At first I was surprised at the pump it gave me, but these days, jacked on so much gh, just tying my shoes gave me a pump. Plus, I never seemed to lose it. Walked around all day fucking pumped full. I swam a couple more laps and started to get boned up from the feeling of tightness in my arms and shoulders. After my tenth lap, I stopped, and saw Ron watching me. "Nice stroke," he said to me. I got out of the pool and waddled over to him. My glutes had grown a good four inches thicker in the last two weeks. Walking was a total rush, feeling my jutting squatbutt roll with every step. The pump from that short swim was amazing. Ron was still wrapped in his towel. "You have put on size," he said to me. "Put on a little bit of gut too, huh?" he said smiling. I automatically sucked it in. "Just a little," I said, annoyed. "It's mostly water weight. I'll diet that off this week." "Uh-huh," he said. "Anyway, you're looking big as an ox. By the way, what do you think of these posers? I had to order different ones, the one's you had that Todd gave me were too small." He dropped his towel. He was standing there in a pair of black posers that showed off every inch of his intense muscularity. "Dude," I said, "You have to shake down your junk before you come out in that thing." Ron looked down at his posers, and realized I was talking about the swollen club he had packed into it. "Oh, that," he said. "I know what you mean, there's not much room for the bad boy in there, and it is totally shaken down, as you say. That's as small as he gets. That's why I couldn't wear your posers, it kept flopping out of em." There was no way the old dude was that freaking hung. "Man, I thought guys' dicks got smaller as they got older," I said, staring. "Well, some might, but I've just been getting bigger every year. And it was never small. The family jewels too. Triple the size they used to be, and hanging almost to my knees if I let them. Have a hell of a time packing it all in this tiny suit. Kind of arousing, having it all so tight too. Already busted out of two other posers I bought. Ripped them right at the seams.I don't

know how you do it, Ant. Hey, are those what they call bitch tits?" he said, nodding toward my chest. I looked down and saw water dripping off my nips, which were big and swollen, and kind of sore, now that he mentioned it. I hadn't noticed that earlier. "Damn," I said. "They look good on you, bud." I couldn't tell if he was being sarcastic or not, but I had to agree with him. My chest had grown to 58 inches, so a little bit of gyno was hardly even noticeable. I bounced the huge mounds back and forth. "Look at those big suckers, pointing right to the ground," he said. He was right too. Big plumped up nips, big as cherries, pointing almost straight down. "Now," he said, "what do I do about this?" He turned around, and I saw that his massive glutes had pushed the back of his posers all the way up his deep ass crevice. It looked like he was wearing a thong. And goddammed if his massive ass cheeks didn't look like two over-sized pumpkins, they were so rounded and striated. "You just gotta keep tugging it back out, dude," I told him. He reached back and pulled the poser out of his crack, but even fully stretched out, they only covered a fraction of his big mounds. "Also, while you're here, could you help me shave the stubble off the back of my legs? I'm having trouble reaching back there, my lats keep getting in the way." "Hey, whatever you need, man," I said. I could see what he meant. The old dude had the most massive V-taper I'd ever seen. And his legs did need to be smoothed out, or it would show up on stage. "Come on into the cabana, there's a shower in there." I followed him into the cabana, which was bigger than it looked from outside. There was a big open shower in the back that looked big enough to hold

five people, but with Ron and I as big as we were, it was a little tight when we

walked in. He turned on the shower and stepped into the water, wetting himself down. His posers got soaked thru, and I now I could clearly see the outline of his big club. He handed me a razor and turned his back to me. I leaned down to clean off the back of his legs. His thighs were fucking enormous, and his hamstrings stood out like columns of steel bands. This close to him, even in running water, I could smell his musk. The old man smelled like pure masculinity. If they could bottle a scent like his, every dude in America would

wear it. I was getting hard as rock shaving him down. His muscularity was flawless. His calves were huge, yet perfectly shaped, like an anatomy chart that

had been morphed. I couldn't help myself, I had to reach down and touch them, just to see if they were real. As my hand ran down his leg and rubbed against his calf, he looked back at me. "You like that, Ant?" "Yessir," I said, feeling lightheaded. He turned around and looked down at me. "Go ahead and feel the rest of it." I looked up at his towering, contest-ready, superheavyweight muscle. He looked over his massive pec shelf at me. The water splashed against his enormous upper back, blocking the spray from me. The thick sausage in his posers was beginning to grow. "Work your way up, boy," he said. So I did. I groped my way from his calves to the huge teardrop muscle hanging over his knees. I cupped each big teardrop in my hands, feeling the weight of them, the hardness. He flexed them, and the muscle turned to iron in my hands. I pushed my thumbs into them hard as I could, and they didn't even dent in. I ran my hands up his big thighs. Damned if they weren't 40 inchs of rippling steel. As I moved up his loins, he reached down and took one hand and laid it on his dick. It had swollen to twice its original size. I squeezed it through the posers. It felt thick as a bat. Heavy. And growing. Engorging with size. He took my hand and guided it into his posers. I wrapped my hand around his big club. "Pull it out," he said. I peeled the poser back from his cock, freeing it up. It sprung out and grew even more. "Feed off me, boy," he said. I took him in my mouth. It was as full and tight as the rest of him, big swollen muscle that I had trouble wrapping my lips around. But I did. I wanted it at that moment more than I'd ever wanted anything. I took as much of him as I could, and he grabbed my ears and guided me up and down. I tasted his strength and power. I was hungry for him. He fucked my face as hard as he knew he could with another big musclehead. Rough, but not brutal. And I ached for his paste. I wanted it to make me grow even bigger. I sucked even harder, and he began to grunt and thrust his root even deeper. Finally, he stopped, and

held himself deep inside my throat. I felt the roaring gush as he unloaded in me, feeding me, spew after spew after spew. I drained him as much as I could. He pulled out of me, and I stood up. He reached down and pulled my trunks down to my ankles. Then he grabbed me by my armpits and lifted me off the ground. He pinned me high up against the shower wall. "Tit for tat," he said, and went down on me. I was already boned like a rock and leaking bad. I came in about ten seconds, looking down at his thick traps and bull neck, his jacked up arms holding me up like I was his fucking boy. I came like a fountain, and he took it all. He lowered me down. "Now," he said, "we'll be the two biggest, strongest motherfuckers this contest has ever seen." He ripped off his over-stretched posers, and I stepped out of my trunks. We showered off, soaping up each other's huge backspreads, then rinsing off, two huge bulls, glistening with size and power, and ready to kick ass. •

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