AlphaMale and the Adventurers



By Josef Howard

Aquarius and Eros had left while Beta was daydreaming. Beta and Djinn were the only heroes left.

“There is something I must tell you before we go off to battle together, my young master,” Djinn said.

Woah! Was he going to come out? Beta wondered. He heart skipped seven beats before Djinn continued.

“I am not a free agent as are the rest of the Adventurers. Although my powers are nigh unto omnipotent, I am bound, as are the others of my race, by an unbreakable enchantment to only act on the wishes of others. You could direct my every move in the upcoming battle, but might I suggest you give me a broader command at this time that would last until we have successfully completed our labor?”

His voice, as deep as a chasm, belied the submissive tone of his words. Beta was as frightened by it as he was excited.

“Wh – what would you suggest?” Beta asked.

“Command me to do all that is necessary to free my comrade Android.”

Beta did ask he asked, feeling more as if he were being commanded.

“Then we are off!” Djinn said. He waved his powerfully muscled arms and the two of them disappeared in a puff of blue smoke.

When the smoke cleared, Beta and Djinn were standing near the writhing serpentine heads of the HydraFoil near a still form that Beta supposed was the one called Android. His form was like that of a man. In fact as Beta looked closer he realized he was naked and surprisingly anatomically correct, albeit to heroic proportions. He had been extremely well endowed by his creator. Instead of a gaudily colored costume, his artificial skin was colored purple and yellow and sectioned by angular divisions like a costume. Did he go out in public undressed? Or was it just in the Wherever that he went around this way?

“More heroes; more fodder for my fantasies!” the HydraFoil’s voices echoed through the tunnel. “If you would see your mechanical friend from my spells be free, your trial shall be to traverse the tunnels of the Wherever until paradise you find.”

Beta looked up at the blue skinned Djinn in disbelief. Although the tunnels led to every place and time in the universe, where or more precisely what was considered paradise? The garden of Eden? Tahiti?

“Though the tunnels are dangerous to explore alone, my small friend,” the Djinn said, “to accomplish the task we have been given as expeditiously as possible we had best search separately.” The giant genie rested both his mammoth hands on the rocky shoulders of the young sidekick. “With such a trial as this, I do not know if ever I shall ever see you again, my handsome young friend, but know this, never have I met a more stalwart youth. I wish only that we two had been gifted with time to know each other more completely.” He crossed his giant arms, nodded his head and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

As the smoke cleared, Beta wondered what it was that the genie had meant by his last words. If he hadn’t known better he would have thought the genie was coming on to him.

Ironically, of all the Adventurers, the genie would be the one most suited to him, since the genie was immortal and he could never age beyond his teens. Long after AlphaMale was dead and gone, Beta would still be a fresh faced young man, without a mate who could match him in strength, energy and horniness.

He chided himself for his selfish thoughts and started down one of the tunnels, as hopeless as it seemed for him to wander aimlessly without a clue of which direction to go.

For a long time the tunnel he traversed led nowhere. Then a dim and distant light grew brighter and he emerged from a cave into a luscious pool of water feed by a twenty foot waterfall and surrounded by a dense rain forest. Tropical birds twittered exotic songs and fluttered overhead. Warm moist air greeted him at the mouth of the tunnel. It seemed too easy to have completed his task so quickly, but if this wasn’t paradise, Beta couldn’t imagine paradise could be much more lovely.

The pool of water was too inviting. Beta removed his boots and gloves, pulled his tight fitting top over his head, unbuckled his belt and rolled down his leggings. As gracefully as a jungle cat he sauntered to the edge of the stone quarry that ringed the pool. He paused to un-stick his eye mask from his face and dropped it to the ground before diving naked into the water.

Fed from a waterfall that undoubtedly drew its water from the mountains miles away, the water should have been icy cold, but it was as warm as summer rain. If this wasn’t paradise, Beta couldn’t imagine how paradise could be better. Yet if he had found it, why hadn’t he won the HydraFoil’s trial? Why weren’t he, Djinn and the Android free right this moment, flying back to base through the tunnels?

Beta swam a few strokes, rolled over on his back and floated, looking up at the sky and the birds overhead. The water sheeted from his chiseled torso. Sunlight glistened on his wet skin. Beta felt watched. Paradise or no, in his line of work he’d learned long ago to never let his guard down. He twisted his neck and looked around. At the entrance to a cave on the other side of the pool stood a statue he hadn’t noticed before. It was a classical god, although he couldn’t guess which, naked and endowed in stone in a manner that put any man of flesh, including himself and his fantastically gifted lover, AlphaMale, to shame.

Beta swam to the edge and lifted himself out. Even as a figure of stone the statue aroused him. He fingered the deep crevices between its abdominal muscles. He felt the ridge of its navel and traced the split between the last row of its abs to the stone cock that sprouted from its groin. He couldn’t resist gripping it, trying to reach his hand around its girth and pulling at it. Was it his imagination that it felt warm? Was it the warm air or had it been sitting in sunlight before the day had advanced?

He knelt at its feet, however futile the lust-inspired, worshipful gesture. He tilted his neck upward and surrounded the head with his moist lips. Even in stone the flairing ridge of the mighty phallus’ head aroused him further as his tongue twirled over it. He sucked hard. He could almost imagine it swelling in his mouth.

Djinn stood at the exit of the cave, beefy blue arms crossed over his enormous chest, scanning the natural wonders before him when he spied the most wondrous sight of all, a magnificently muscled young man swimming in the pool of water at his feet. As the youth paddled on his back the genie drew a deep breath.

It must have been the sound of his gasp that made the lad look his way. Like a hunter afraid to frighten his prey, Djinn stood still. The boy emerged from the pool and walked his way.

His nude, dripping body was more glorious than the genie would have been able to imagine. As the lad’s chest heaved as he caught his breath from his swim, the muscles of his chest squeezed and relaxed. Djinn thought he had never felt such rapture. His cock swelled and the lad was not frightened. Instead he was entranced. He knelt as this feet and took it into his mouth. The genie lay his hand on the boy’s head to encourage him and felt the lad’s mouth devour inch after inch of his member until no more would fit. Over the mounds of the genie’s chest, the lad looked up into his eyes with lustful admiration.

Beta wasn’t imagining it. The stone phallus was warm, and it did swell and grow longer as he sucked. It filled his mouth, stretched his throat and prodded his larynx. Beta looked up at the head of the statue expecting to see a human expression on its face, but the face was still frozen in granite.

The phallus rose up, coaxing – almost lifting – Beta from his knees. He stood and sucked enthusiastically, pausing to admire its length, its girth, and the magnificence of its form. It was truly the most beautiful cock he had ever seen, an artist’s idealistic rendering of the ultimate form of man.

Now it was fully erect, arcing up from the groin of the god, pointing skyward. Beta tugged on it, fascinated at the pattern of ropy veins that stood out and the wide, thick vein on the underside that had powered its rise, held it aloft and seemed to pulse before his eyes.

It was ludicrous, he knew. Juvenile. Ridiculous. But he had to feel it inside him. Beta put his hands on the shoulders of the god, dug his toes into the deep crevasse between the statue’s quadriceps and raised himself over it. As he lowered his ass it seemed to find the hole between his ass cheeks without his assistance. Beta gasped in delight as it forced its way past his ass lips and over his prostate. He slid further and felt it burrow deeper into his insides.

The lad’s mouth was more wondrous than his saturnine form. His sucking coaxed Djinn’s cock to expand and to grow until he could only bury half down the boy’s deep throat. Harder and harder it grew, practically lifting the lad to his feet. As he stood by his side, Djinn pulled his aquiline face to him and tasted his lips and his tongue.

Enough of this teasing! The genie knew what he would take. He took the boy by the hair of his head and forced him to bend, exposing his broad, muscled ass cheeks and deep between them the entrance to his insides. Still in the genie’s grip, the boy’s head twisted around to look back at the missile about to pierce him. His back arched and he gasped as it entered.

The boy’s bottom proved better suited to accommodate the genie’s dimensions. Djinn soon was lost in the act. The boy bucked and wiggled and only heightened the genie’s bestial pleasure. The genie reached both his hands around the boy’s waist and grasped his thick, blood engorged dick. He pumped as he fucked. The boy’s ass tightened around his cock. The genie tried to relax, but the boy was too frantic. Djinn tensed and pounded harder and poured himself into him as the boy gushed on the ground.

The stone phallus felt nothing like an inanimate object. It was hot and hard and so brilliantly fitted to Beta’s insides he thought it must have been cast just for him. He rolled his head as he bounced up and down and thought of his lover, AlphaMale, expanded to new dimensions and pounding his ass like it had never been pounded before. His eyes closed. His jaw clenched. His dick erupted spontaneously, and impossibly he felt wetness inside himself too. He opened his eyes. He was in the arms of the genie, his legs wrapped around this waist and the genie’s dick buried in his ass.

They looked into each other’s eyes. Djinn kissed him.

“It was you?” Beta asked.

“I am no less surprised, no matter how unlikely that another lad could be as handsome as you.”

Beta kissed his open lips, then pulled back and looked at the genie in surprise once more.

“Wait a minute,” the sidekick said. “I thought all the Adventurers were straight! At least that’s what AlphaMale always told me.”

“What do you suppose has kept a half dozen steel-willed, fiercely independent, hot-headed men together all these years if not our mutual lust?”

Suddenly Beta felt dizzy. If not for the massive arms that held him tightly to Djinn’s chest, he would have fallen down. Beta’s vision blurred.

When it cleared the two of them were back in the cave with the Android between them, freed from the HydraFoil’s tentacles.

“A trial was accepted. A trial was won,” the voices of the HydraFoil echoed around them. “Paradise was your quest; paradise you did find. Not a place, but a gift of your bodies. Your friend is free to return with the two of you.”

Djinn crossed his arms over his immense chest, nodded his head. Smoke filled the chamber and when it cleared the three of them were gone. •

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