AlphaMale and the Adventurers

Through the Wardrobe


By Josef Howard

This story is a continuation of an earlier five part story posted here and elsewhere which was simply called AlphaMale. Although you may enjoy reading the previous story, anything you need to know about the characters is encapsulated in this story within the narrative…

When the door to the wardrobe in their bedroom opened, AlphaMale and Beta were fucking. Neither of them heard Eros brush aside the hangars of clothing and step out on their bedroom floor. Neither of them saw Eros standing a few feet from them, not only too polite to interrupt, but enthralled by the sight of the two of them humping.

Being the god of love, Eros had seen millions of mortals make love in every imaginable way. Watching the action of love was a major activity for him, the payoff for sparking its flame -- which was another of his major activities. But when two stunningly beautiful men made love, it could still take Eros’ breath away, and AlphaMale and Beta were among the finest physical specimens on Earth.

Both were products of a secret government defense program to create ultimate soldiers – men who were bigger, buffer and brawnier than any other men living, and many times stronger. The formula that created AlphaMale was destroyed by saboteurs minutes after his transformation. The formula that created Beta, many years later, was abandoned after the military discovered it had two side effects: it prevented him from maturing past his teens; and it made him queer. The first effect could have been considered a bonus, but the second was unacceptable to an organization that unequivocally expelled queers.

As Eros watched AlphaMale plow his foot-plus truncheon between Beta’s splayed legs and up his tightly stretched asshole; as he saw their muscles bunching and bucking, sweat flying off both; he squeezed his hard prick through his pants in appreciation. (Who could chide the god of love for a little self-love?) As the two men in front of him fucked, Eros surfed the intensity of their feelings. He rode the wave as it pitched and yawed, until it crashed, and all three of them, Eros included, were drenched in their own juices.

AlphaMale collapsed on his young lover. Beta enjoyed the hard heft of him pressing on his chest almost more than he loved the feeling of one of them being inside the other. His eyes closed. Then he opened them and saw the stranger.

His chest heaved, but it barely budged AlphaMale. “How?” he started to ask.

The sound of Beta’s voice, not in quiet, after-sex tones, but in living room volume, disturbed AlphaMale’s peace. He grunted and twisted his head to see who Beta was talking to. He couldn’t imagine who could be standing in their room so suddenly. The maid’s day was yesterday.

“Eros!” AlphaMale exclaimed when he saw him. “How’d you get in here?”

As soon as he asked the question, AlphaMale realized the answer. Eros was a member of the super-hero group the Adventurers, who lived in a kind of extra-dimensional cave called the Wherever. The endless, labyrinthine tunnels of the Wherever could be followed to any place or time in the Universe, and the exits were usually through ordinary things like closets, storage rooms, telephone booths and bathroom stalls.

Several times the Adventurers had asked AlphaMale to join them, but involvement with them was usually a full time activity, and AlphaMale was reluctant to give up his solo work.

“How long have you been standing there?” AlphaMale asked, but, again, by the grin on Eros’ face, and the giant wet spot in the crotch of his costume, he could see Eros had been standing there long enough to witness their lovemaking.

“Considering how long it has been since we have seen each other, I consider that a rude greeting,” Eros answered.

For a while, it the late sixties, during the summer of love, the two of them had shared an apartment in the Haight-Ashbury. AlphaMale had quit the army and “dropped out”, and Eros was reveling in the atmosphere of the day. The two of them had never touched each other all the time they were together, because AlphaMale had been straight, and, frankly, he thought Eros was too. But they had each enjoyed thousands of young women that summer, and given the mores of the time, had often had sex in the same room at the same time, but usually with different women.

“I am afraid I have not come for a social visit,” Eros said. “The Adventurers need your help.”

AlphaMale gave Beta one last, longing look and then lifted himself off Beta. His flesh was still flush with a pump from their sex. The thick veins in his arms and legs pulsed. Tiny tendrils stood out like a map of rivers on his chest and shoulders. His whole body glistened in sweat, and his long, thick dick was just as impressive soft as it had been when it was hard. He swatted some of the sweat from his chest.

“Let me rinse off and hear what you have to say,” AlphaMale said.

“Me too,” Beta said.

“Only not together, or we’ll never get finished,” AlphaMale added.

After Eros and Beta heard the shower water start and the shower door close, Eros said, “Congratulations! I tried for years to get in his pants! He wouldn’t even look me in the eyes unless we were high.”

“He’s a different man.”

“I’ll say!”

“No, really. About six months ago his consciousness was exchanged with a gay man on a parallel Earth. He has all the same memories, but he has the personality of this man named Andy. We struggled for a while to set things right, but eventually we found out the real AlphaMale was happier where he was and we just accepted it.”

As AlphaMale dressed and Beta toweled off, Eros explained why he had come.

“A week ago, one of the Adventurers discovered a strange creature – the Hydra Foil. Chimera found it in the Wherever.” Eros looked at Beta and explained for his benefit, “The Wherever is a kind of multi-dimensional cave the Adventurers use as their headquarters.

“The Hydra Foil is a kind of multi-headed serpent like the Hydra of ancient times. It captured Chimera. To free him, two of us were forced to battle the creature. That is its modus operandi, you see – to win against it and free one man, two men must fight it. Win or lose, the captive is set free. But if one or both of the players loses, the losers must take his place. The two of our number who competed for Chimera’s freedom – Djinn and SuperNovae, lost and were held captive. The rest of us competed for their freedom, but some of us lost. Now three of us are captive and we do not have enough members to compete for their freedom. We need two others.”

AlphaMale and Beta exchanged a look. As fantastic as the situation might seem to ordinary people, this was the type of danger they both faced every day. Yet ever since the two of them had become a couple the stakes seemed higher. Each of them feared they might lose the other, though neither of them ever said it. The look they exchanged said it all.

“Lead the way, Eros,” AlphaMale said.

Eros opened the wardrobe door wider and took hold of Beta’s hand. AlphaMale took Beta’s other hand, and Eros led them into the Wherever. They felt clothing brush against them. Dim light faded to pitch black. Almost imperceptibly the mustiness of old wood gave way to the mustiness of the caves of the Wherever. They felt drips of water from the ceiling and their eyes adjusted to the faint light of the caverns. Eros released his grip on Beta’s hand. They entered a brightly lit chamber and there, standing and speaking to one another as casually as at a cocktail party, stood three of the world’s most renowned men – if they could even be called men. Millennia ago they would have been revered as gods, as Eros had been before the Greeks and the Romans had became Christians. AlphaMale had met them all before and fought by their side at times, but although Andy had all of AlphaMale’s memories seeing them in the now was still an exhilarating experience.

The hero called Super Novae was blisteringly beautiful. In every conceivable way he was AlphaMale’s equal or better. Physically he was bigger -- taller and more muscular. AlphaMale remembered him as straight, married and a father, but as the Adventurers greeted the three of them and Super Novae shook his hand, he could have sworn the man was checking him out.

Djinn was an archetypal genie. He was seven feet tall, and extraordinarily muscular, dressed in billowing blue silk pants with a golden sash, gold arm bands and ear rings. Andy smiled at the thought of a man dressed like that calling himself straight, but according to the memories he shared with AlphaMale, all the Adventurers were. Djinn’s skimpy blue sleeveless vest, open in the front, revealed a chest and stack of abdominals that fulfilled all of Andy’s wishes.

The last of the three, Aquarius was a being of pure ice and water. His sea blue body held its form by control of its icy shell. When he moved Andy could hear his icy skin crack and see the water seep through before the joints re-froze. The form he took was as spectacularly handsome as any of his comrades. He had a boldly angular Nordic face, accentuated by frosty white highlights on his brows, cheekbones, chin and the tips of his wavy hair. AlphaMale was fantasizing about how Aquarius’ frozen form would feel against excited nipples when he realized he was missing Eros’ plan to free their imprisoned comrades.

“…and AlphaMale, you will team with Super Novae to free Behemoth.”

Super Novae gave AlphaMale an affectionate slap on his broad back, which stunned him for instant, coming so soon after his reverie of Aquarius. Before AlphaMale could completely recover, Super Novae wrapped a thickly muscled arm around AlphaMale’s narrow waist, pointed a clenched fist upward and lifted the two of them off the ground. The air rushed past their faces as they raced through the tunnels of the Wherever to chamber where the Hydra Foil held Behemoth captive.

The two of them disappeared into the dark tunnel as Beta watched. He had been teamed with Djinn to free the Adventurer known as Android. Just the sense of the seven foot genie standing next to him had Beta hard as a rock. Luckily not so hard that he was tenting his leather trunks, but hard enough to fill out a very visible diagonal sausage roll from his groin to the waistband at his hip. Although Beta knew from AlphaMale that all the Adventurers were straight, he thought about what it might be like to have sex with a genie. If Djinn had been so inclined, Beta thought he might actually exercise the option AlphaMale and he gave each other to have sex with other people in extraordinary circumstances – but of course he knew the genie was straight. •

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