School for Studs

The Recruit


By Josef Howard

"So, Eldon, you've slept on it and you think you want to sign up?" the recruiter asked.

There wasn't a whole lot of sleep involved, Eldon thought. As he was leaving the recruiting office of the institution locally known as "the School for Studs" yesterday, he'd asked the buxom red-haired receptionist out to dinner. They didn't even get out of her apartment.

"Yes, sir," Eldon said, suppressing a smile.

There weren't many job opportunities in his town. In this part of the country the ambitious kids either joined the military or went to college. Eldon never took a liking to books, so he not only didn't have the grades to get in a college, college seemed like a four year prison sentence. With no end in sight to the war over in Iraq, Eldon thought it was crazy to join the army.

Eldon was already more than a bit of a stud. All through high school he'd been a ladies man. Other boys went steady for months hoping to get laid. Eldon was a player. He lost his virginity when he was fourteen. By his senior year he'd slept with half the girls in his school at least once and a few of their mothers.

"Eldon, like I said yesterday, this is a big commitment for both of us. When you sign on the dotted line, you turn yourself over to our complete control for three years. We have the right to do anything we want with you. You live where we tell you, eat what we tell you, and fuck who we tell you."

"You know what a pizza and a fuck have in common?" Eldon asked with a smirk.

"What, Eldon?"

"When they're good, they're great, but even when they only okay they're still pretty good." Eldon chuckled.

The recruiter forced a smile.

"Our clients are wealthy people with extra-ordinary tastes who can afford to have them indulged. They are attractive, but attraction is subjective. Our associate's preferences need to be completely immaterial to you. No matter who they are, what they look like, or what they want to do, you have to do it. You think you can deal with that?"

"I wouldn't be back here if I wasn't up for it," Eldon smiled.

"Good, then. There's just one more hurtle the examination. I'll take you to Race. He'll get you ready." The recruiter stood. He led Eldon through the door behind him to a dimly lit room with a large one way mirror built into the wall.

"Is this Eldon?" a voice as deep as a gravel pit asked.

Eldon looked beyond the recruiter. The man whose meaty hand griped Eldon's was easily the most masculine man Eldon had ever seen. He was over six feet tall, broad-shouldered and as well muscled as the guys in the comic books Eldon read as a kid. Bigger than Superman, more like the Thor, only with a thick tuft a chest hair spraying out near the collar of his crisp white shirt, opened one button at the top.

"Eldon, this is Race, one of our graduates."

The recruiter exited the door they had entered through.

"Eldon, on the other side of the mirror are five of our clients. We're a customer focused company. Our clients are the final arbiter of who gets into the program. I know this will seem strange, but I going to ask you to face the mirror and disrobe."

"No shit?!" Eldon was already starting to bone at the idea. Five women wanted to see him naked, and he couldn't wait to show off.

"No shit, Eldon"

Eldon pulled his t-shirt over his head. Eldon had never played sports in school, but he'd been pumping iron and watching his diet for three years because he got off on the reaction it got. He had a tight, muscular chest and flat, rippled abs. His arms were his best feature though. The biceps were full and round. Eldon flexed an arm, looked at his biceps and smiled at the mirror. He turned his back his viewers and unbuttoned his pants.

"A natural ham," Race thought. He was going to pass this test with flying colors and be one of their favorite escorts.

When Eldon turned to face the mirror again, Race was even more certain of Eldon's future popularity. He had a hard dick the size of cucumber. Eldon grinned at the mirror and shook it at them. He stroked it a little and stuck out his tongue.

A voice squawked over Race's earpiece.

"Okay, Eldon, you can put your pants back on. The paperwork is waiting for you back in the meeting room.

Eldon picked up his pants, but he didn't pull them on. He stood, looked at the mirror, grinned and then turned leisurely towards the door and walked out.

Over Race's earpiece the receptionist that Eldon had slept with the night before lamented, "There goes one more to the other team." •

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