C Compound


By Pete Harrington

This second chapter was inspired by the kind words of Richard, Brad, Kymuscleboy, wisperline and bosj55. You guys got me all amped up. Enjoy.

Max and Danny arrived at the all-male 4th Street Gym about 5:45 PM that Saturday afternoon to find the place nearly deserted. Maybe 3 or 4 guys in the whole place. Not that it was that big of a gym to begin with – a 2,500 square foot facility that had been a muscle Mecca of the East Village for a good 30 years. Being it was late July; most of the guys had headed off to The Shore or This Island or The Beach for the weekend. Which was just fine for Max and Danny. They had a lot of shit going on today and didn’t need any unnecessary distractions.

Max had introduced Danny to a mysterious cream/ointment that he refereed to as C Compound which, when applied in a very small amount, allowed the user to literally morph any part of his body to match that which he focused his concentration. Like a chameleon. Max, who had tried it about 6 months earlier, had given Danny a quick lesson in the "C technique" earlier in the day. Now it was time to refine this chameleon technique.

At 6 feet and just under 200 pounds when he arrived at the gym, Danny was shocked to see he had already gained 6 pounds – 205 pounds right on the nose. He had done it. Broken 200! He hopped off the old scales in the locker room and hollered a "Hot Damn" as he whipped off his T-shirt and flexed in the mirror over the sink.

"Lookin’ good, Dan. Dan the MAN," Max complimented his stud muscle man.

Danny grinned that dazzling grin and hit a side chest like he’d watch Max do so many times before.

"DAN THE MAN" Max all but shouted as he drank in the view of his hot muscle buddy literally transforming before his eyes. Max had never seen Danny look quite so sexy as he did at that very moment and his cock jumped in his jock at the sight.

Danny is your typical white dude; short cropped brown hair, clean shaven, blue eyes that seem to twinkle all the time, perfect set of white choppers, smooth chest with just a little wreath of hair around the nipples, light brown pit hair and a healthy bush around an 8 inch fat cock with a tight, hefty sack of man nuts. He sports a 31" waist and a 43" chest with arms just tipping 16". At 22 years, Danny is a head turner for sure. Handsome guy!

Max could be Danny’s older brother. His older BUTCH brother. Max is 29, 6’ 5" of 290 lbs. of solid muscle. His hair is black from being half-Italian and he has very dark eyes. He sports a 5 o’clock shadow at 11:00 AM and shaves a whole lot of hair off his chest and back at least 3 time a week. Big 1/2-inch nipples hang almost underneath his big pectorals. His arms and legs have a sexy dusting of black hair and his pits and bush are thick and luxuriant. The waist is 32; arms, 22; chest, 50; thighs, 29; calves; 17 1/2. And The Cock: a FAT 9 hard with a wicked foreskin that covers the helmet head, even at full mast. Max is One Big Butch Mother Fucker! He looks like he’d kill you for a dollar but that isn’t even close to being true.

"The C’s gonna work a little bit when you just look at muscle but it works better if you feel the muscle and really get into it" Max whispered to Danny as the two men flexed out in front of a mirror in the deserted cardio are of the gym. They had both stripped down to sneakers and shorts, as the AC wasn’t working all that well and the owner didn’t really give a shit. The July heat and humidity had already created sheen of sweat on both men before they began their workout.

Danny stepped behind Max and brought his hands around to feel the big man’s ab muscles. He let his fingers roam over the cobbles of Max’s muscle belly and felt the slightest tingle in his own belly.

"Feeling anything, buddy" Max inquired as he crunched his abs under Danny’s fingers. "Watch my body in the mirror and focus on my abs."

"Whoa" Danny grunted as he felt the contraction in his own abs. It was like he was doing crunches. "This is… fuckin’… intense!" Danny pulled Max to him to grind his chest into the wide, thick back and grind his cock into the hard glutes.

"Come on, you horn dog" Max muttered pushing him off. "Let’s get a workout in before our dicks make us forget why we’re here."

Max knew that a good workout would "insulate" Danny’s pump brought on by the effects of the C. He wasn’t sure if the C effect would actually diminish without working out. Mainly because he never stopped working out. Max did 6 days a week so he never actually gave his C effect a chance to diminish.

The guys decided to do back, bis, thighs and calves. They hit the pull-down machine and Max sat down for the first set. He instructed Danny to grab hold of his lats and pay close attention. That bit of instruction wasn’t really necessary. Danny was becoming well aware of the way the C would work if he focused on his partner’s muscle. It was good that no one was watching, as this appeared to be a somewhat unusual spotting technique.

Max’s huge bat wings felt so delicious in Danny’s hands as the big man pulled the bar down. Those big lats thickened up so beautifully felt so warm and sensual. By the 7th rep, sweat began to make them very slippery. Danny dug his fingers into the undulating muscles and massaged them. His own lats began to tingle like tiny electric shocks were being shot through them. Christ, this was hot as hell. He could actually feel his own lats swell along with Max’s. By the 12th rep Danny was sliding his hands up and down the entire length of Max’s huge, sweaty lats. He almost felt like he had done the set himself. "Shit" he whispered to himself and Max let the bar go up and stood to face him.

"Yeah?" Max grinned, looking deep into Danny’s blue eyes.

"FUCK Yeah" Danny responded like a kid that just got every thing he had asked for under the Christmas tree.

"Dude, this is something new for me, too. We didn’t do anything like this during the experiments out in Jersey. Not with machines and weights and shit."

"What do you mean?" Danny asked.

"Like, they hired a big pro body builder to come in and flex for me after I’d rub the C on my nads and I’d feel him up and shit. Then they’d run a series of tests on me – weigh me, take my blood pressure, measure me and ask me all sorts of questions – but this is much better. I’m gonna tell the Doc about this."

"You mean with the weights and stuff," Danny asked again.

"Yeah, bro. Check it out" Max said as he turned Danny toward the mirror. "Look at your lats, man! They’re pumped and sweaty and you haven’t even done your set yet. Shit!"

Danny grabbed his hip bones and flexed his lats out like he’d seen the pros do and, sure enough, this lats were a little red and sweat was streaming down over them from his pits. He lifted his arms into a double bi and the lats felt all pumped and worked out. "Damn. This is so freakin’ COOL!"

Danny quickly took his seat on the pull down machine and did his set and the effect was amazing. He was pulling down 120 – 20 pounds more that he’d ever done before. And it felt awesome. Like he could have done 140. Which is exactly what he did the next set.

And so it went with their lats. Danny’s arms were actually angled out by the pump in his back by the time they finished. And his compression shorts (he preferred them to the jockstrap Max wore) we having a hell of a time keeping his pecker under control. The whole experience was so fuckin’ sexy.

Bis were next but Max had a plan. He had rubbed some of the C on his own balls the night before, just for kicks and decided to cash in on the C effect when he saw his buddy, Rolandas, doing barbell curls. "Follow my lead, Danny. I wanna try this out myself" he whispered to Danny as they approached big Rolandas.

"Yo, Rolandas. I want you to meet my buddy Danny."

"Hallo Danny. Very nice to meet you" Rolandas said in a heavy Lithuanian accent and shook Danny’s hand. This dude was mammoth, easily 305 and super freaky arms – 25s at least with those pencil thick veins running all over them.

"Hey Rol. I want to turn you on to a new arm technique. Saw it on TV. Its fuckin’ awesome, bro."

"Sure, sure, Max. What we do?" the big blond asked, all full of enthusiasm.

Max had him grab the bar again – he was curling with about 75 pound on either side and using an EZ curl bar. Max told Rolandas that he and Danny would steady Rol’s arms with our hands and massage his biceps as he curled. Max explained (bullshited is a better word for it) that steadying his arms would concentrate the curl more. "All the big dudes are doing it," he added.

"O.k., Max. We try now." Max had Danny support Rolandas’ elbow with one hand and place the other squarely over the huge biceps with the other hand. Max went to the other arm and repeated the "spot".

"You tell me when, Max. I do set of 20."

Max winked at Danny over Rolandas’ huge shoulder. "Go Rol" he shouted at the big Lithuanian and Rolandas began his set. "Concentrate" Max growled to Danny as much as to Rolandas.

Both Danny and Max focused in on the big guy’s pumping guns and immediately felt the C effect as Rolandas did his twenty reps. By the time he had pumped out his last rep, Max’s arms had an amazing pump and Danny thought he was going to die from his own "burn". All three men let out a whoop as Rolandas let go of the bar.

"That’s so great, Max. You learn that on TV, yes? My arms they feel very very pumped up. You guys want to work in my set, yes?" Rolandas invited as he shook out his mighty arms. He barely noticed Max and Danny doing the exact same thing. "I be right back" he said and went to get a drink at the water cooler.

"Damn, Max, How the fuck did you come up with that" Danny whispered in a hushed laugh.

Max was cracking up as well but also marveled at the amazing pump he just got. The C effect.

By the time they finished their 3 set with Rolandas, both Danny and Max had gained a good 3/4 of an inch on their bis. They split off from Rolandas and did 3 sets of dumbell curls and 3 sets of concentration curls. Neither man gained any more real size from those last 6 sets but the look of both their arms was remarkable by the time they finished. Ripped and veiny as all hell.

They decided to call it a night. Not because they were tired. And not because they were hungry, either (although they were very hungry.) Both Danny and Max were horny. Muscle horny.

They went down into the locker room, stripped off, grabbed their towels and hit the communal showers. No sooner had they wet themselves down than their hands were roaming all over each others pumped up bodies.

Danny made love to Max’s arms as he thanked him over and over for the C gift he had bestowed up him the night before. He licked the big man’s powerful bis and tris as Max posed for him in the spay of warm water. Danny licked the last of Max’s powerful smelling sweat from his pits before the water beat him to it. He suckled on Max’s rough tits and chewed them lightly till Max pulled him off and, for the first time, kissed Danny roughly, passionately on the mouth.

And for the first time Max was feeling up Danny. Feeling his new muscles. Feeling the veins that had appeared , as if by magic, on Danny’s pumped up biceps and triceps.

Danny looked so hot. So masculine. So confident. He wore his pride on his naked man body. He stepped back and flexed his pride for Max: bare-fucking-naked, right there in the shower. Max had never been so attracted to him as he was at this very moment.

They flexed for each other soaking wet, inching closer and closer till Danny’s hard cock slipped under Max’s bull nuts and lodged between his huge, hairy thighs. Both men wrapped their newly muscled arms around the other as, again, their lips met in a deep kiss. They flexed abs and thighs till both men came. And still they held each other.

The water hissed out of the shower heads.

"Bravo, big men. Beautiful! Very, very beautiful" they heard a voice echo against the wet tiles. There, at the shower-room door, stood Rolandas, applauding them, his huge cock hung out of his jeans. He tucked his cock in his pants, smiled, winked and disappeared. •

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