C Compound


By Pete Harrington

This is the first chapter in a story that I dedicate to all the writers here at MGS in general and specifically to FanTCdude, Sillicondog and Absman420. You guys are amazing.

Danny lay back and sucked in a deep breath of much need air. His spent cock lazed back on his hairy babs and burped out a big pearl of cum into his navel. He gazed up at Max through half lidded eyes. Max finished his posing routine with a hard side chest and gave Danny a wink.

"That work for you, buddy?" he teased, knowing full well that his muscle show had once again driven Danny over the edge. At 6í 5" 290, Max certainly lived up to his name. His skin was shaved and flawless and he had the face of a soap opera star. He had his posing routine down and loved to strip naked and show it all off for pay. And with a guy like Dan who had a real nice build himself, Max would bone up hard while he flexed. Posing turned him on as well.

It was a win/win situation for both men. But he knew by the longing in Dannyís eyes that he wanted more. He knew by the words Danny muttered soft and low as he beat off watching Maxís muscles dance that Danny needed more.

Not a LTR or any shit like that. Danny wanted a body like Max had.

Max had hooked up with Danny at the gym about 2 months earlier and after the first posing-for-pay session had cut his rate to zero. He knew Danny couldnít afford his "corporate rate" and, besides, Danny was a hot guy and fun to pose for. He had even begun to spot Danny at the gym; give him a few work out tips.

Max soon realized that Danny had hit his physical "ceiling". Hell, Max had been in the same situation not more than a year before. Good body, worked out hard and he ate right. He just couldnít break that fuckiní ceiling either. Danny was in the same situation now. The guy worked out like a Trojan and ate like a horse but just couldnít break 200 lbs. At 6í his body was buff but he wanted to be huge like Max.

Tonight Max was going to change all that. He had a little treat for Danny in his bag and after he had slipped back into his shorts and tank, he pulled out a little round tin and presented it to Danny.

"Hey buddy. I got a little goodie for you. Check this out." Danny sat up watched Max open the tin. A musky odor his Dannyís nose as max sat down next to his still naked buddy.

"What the fuckís that?" Danny asked.

Max dipped the tip of his huge forefinger into the tan ointment, taking just the slightest bit of it and brought it down to Dannyís scrotum. He gently massaged into Dannyís ball bag and around his hairy groin. The cream seemed to spread out liberally and felt cool and warm all at the same time.

"Itís some shit a john of mine turned me on to. ĎC Compoundí he calls it. Made from totally natural shit, man. Itís, like, from some lizard or something in South America."

"Donít be rubbing some lizard crap one me, man!"

"Chill, dude. I use it myself. Do I look like Iíve suffered from it?"

Danny couldnít argue with that logic and besides, it did feel good. Having Max massaging his nuts was pleasant as well.

"Whatís it supposed to do, bro?"

"Iíll let you know soon enough, Danny. Just let it work into your body overnight and Iíll stop by here before your workout tomorrow. Donít shower tonight. Just let it do its thing."

Danny was so wiped out after his orgasm that he wasnít in the mood to question Max any further. Max replaced the lid on the tin and stood to leave.

"See you tomorrow about 3."

Danny gave Max a wave as he let himself out of the apartment. He rubbed his cum into his abs as he killed the lights in the living room, locked the front door and hit his bed for a good nightís sleep. Before dowsing the light, he put the strange little tin Max had given him on his nightstand.

"What the fuck! C Compound" he muttered as he fell into bed.

Danny spent most of the next day, Saturday, cleaning up his apartment and paying a few bills. He wore only a sleeveless T and a pair of old workout shorts. The tube was on and a little after 2 he got sidetracked by a bodybuilding contest on ESPN. He fixed himself a chickens breast, some rice and a protein drink and began to watch some big boys flex. Thatís when it hit him.

Thatís when he felt something strange. His muscles seemed to sort of flex and pump of their own free will. It was like a twitch or something. Not something Danny even noticed at first. But he DID feel something or other as he watched these huge muscle dudes flex off for the audience and the cameras. Jay Cutler, Chris Cormier, Gunter Schlierkamp, Markus Ruhl, all these big dudes strutting their stuff and Danny was, like, feeling it. It was almost like his muscles were reacting to the images on the TV screen. Weird. He tried to ignore it as he watched these freaky muscle guys pose off.

He had just finished eating and watched the trophies being given out when Max showed up. Danny sort of forgot that Max was coming over and completely forgotten about the C Compound.

"How you feeling, dude?" Max asked as he entered the apartment. Max was decked out in his usual string tank, nylon shorts and a pair of flip-flops.

"O.k., man. Whatís up?" Danny responded. With that Max flexed his right bi knowing full well that it would catch Dannyís eye. As always Danny zeroed right in on the massive 22" gun. And it happened again.

Danny sort of flexed his own right biceps, feeling that thing again Ė sort of like he had just done a few sets of dumbell curls. Maxís eyes twinkled. Max hit a double bi and Ė just like that Ė Danny shook both arms out. Max knew what Danny was experiencing.

"Get over here and feel Ďem, bro."

Never one to turn down a free feel, Danny strolled right up and grabbed two handfuls of man muscle. No sooner had he touched the big man than he felt that feeling in his arms againĖ the burn. Max let out a sexy, low laugh.

"What the fuck are you doiní, man" Danny demanded, letting loose of his grip and stepping back from Max. It was almost as if he had been shocked by the big body builder.

"Thatís the C Compound, bro" Max grinned. "Check it out! Feel Ďem again."

"Fuck no, man. Youíre fuckiní with me." Danny was getting pissed. Was this some sort of trick, he thought to himself

"Just feel my god damn muscles Dan. Donít be a wus!"

As weirded out and and confused as he was at that very moment, Danny would be hard pressed not to accept Maxís demand. He stepped up cautiously and once again placed his hands on the big mans bis. Again! That feeling. But not as strong.

"Grab Ďem, bro. Feel Ďem! Squeeze the shit out of Ďem. Iím not going to hurt you. Have I ever tried to hurt you? Just fuckin worship Ďem, bro."

And Danny followed his orders. A warm rush ran through his bis as he did. His dick began to harden up as well. He liked how his own arms were feeling. The whole thing was sexy as hell and strange at the same time.

Max dropped his huge guns, spun Danny around and guided him over to the mirror on the living room wall.

"Check it out, bro. Show me your arms. Flex Ďem for me."

Danny starred into his reflection as he raised his arms into a double bi and was somewhat taken aback by what he saw. His arms were bigger. Not a lot. Not that anyone would notice right off the bat, but the slightest bit bigger. Fuck-an-A! He spun around to face Max again.

"What the fuck is that shit, man?" Danny was half way delighted, half way freaked out.

Max had a huge grin on his face now.

"I wanted you to experience it before I explained what C Compound actually does. I figured youíd never try it if I told you first. I turns you into a muscle chameleon, dude. A freakiní muscle chameleon."

"What the fuck are you talking about, Max?"

"O.k. Hereís the deal; I donít exactly know whatís in this stuff. This guy Ė this john - that I was seeing gave me this stuff about a year ago. He works in a lab out in New Jersey somewhere and told me this was a side project he was working on and would I test it out for him. He told me I would get much bigger. O/k, so you know what a chameleon is, right? Just one of any number of animals in nature that can change the way they look to match their surroundings. Well, this lab guy formulated C Compound using some shit from chameleons and other animals to make humans react in a similar way. But the lab guy took it way beyond just changing skin color. Somehow, through intense concentration, you and I can maneuver our bodies into what we would like them to be. No lie!"

Now Danny was totally dumbfounded.

"Iím telling you, dude. The shit works. Just a tiny little dab of C Compound on your nuts once a day. The lab guy had me out there for like three weeks testing me with it. I gained 30 pounds in three freakiní weeks.

"Check it out dude. Strip down" Max ordered him and stripped off as well.

Danny still had a half wood but, what the fuck, Max had seen him hard plenty of times so he did as he was told and faced the big man bare ass naked.

"Feel up my pecs, bro" Max commanded and flexed his big chest for Danny. Danny tentatively let his hands roam over the familiar peeks and valleys. "Get into it bro. Worship the shit out of them" Max encouraged him in a hushed tone. Danny did just that Ė did exactly what he loved to do with this big body builder.

"Could this really work," he thought as his fingers massaged and squeezed the rock hard pectorals of his muscle buddy. Even though he had seen the slightest increase in his biceps he still hadnít quite grasped the concept. It was so new, so impossible, and so freaky!!

Max knew he was not giving him 100% worship so he started in with some nasty talk to fire him up. "Thatís it fucker. Feel up Maxís big fuckin chest. Yeah! Thatís the way, boy. Look at your cock boning up all nice and hard over my big fuckiní muscles. Yeah, boy. Kiss Ďem. Yeah. Thatís right. Lick Ďem. Oh yeah, you love all this big beautiful muscle donít you, fucker."

Now Danny started to really get into it. He forgot about the C, about the lab guy and the chameleon bull shit and got totally lost in worshiping this big naked body builder.

"Just my chest, fucker. Donít go anywhere else but my fuckiní thick, rock-hard, masculine fuckiní pectoral muscles. Suck the nipples. Lick the sweat. Make love to my big chest. That a gooood boy!" The whole scene was getting Max boned up, too. After all, he did love having his body worshiped.

A good 10 minutes passed and there they stood in the middle of the living room. Danny had his arms wrapped around Maxís waist, slobbering over his mighty chest, his rock hard cock punching up into the big manís balls. Max was digginí it, too. His cock was upright between Dannyís pecs and he could feel something happening. Max couldnít wait to see the results and called a halt to Dannyís love making.

"Check it out, bro" he ordered as he pushed Danny off his chest and once again led him to the mirror. "Look what you got now, buddy."

Danny was in total shock. His chest had gained a good inch, maybe 2. He flexed it and broke out in a wide grin.

"Flex it like this, bro" Max instructed as he stood beside Danny. He placed his balled up fists on his hips and ballooned his chest up. Danny copied the pose.

"Fuck" Danny whispered as he saw his chest expand even a little more Ė right before his eyes. Both men just stood there flexing their chests, glued to their reflections in the mirror.

With his rock hard dick pointed straight out, Max turned to Danny. "Now how about some lat worship" he murmured to the smaller man.

Two hours and one large meal later, Max and Danny headed off to the gym. Danny couldnít wait to weigh in. •

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