C Compound


By Pete Harrington

This third chapter was inspired by the kind words of Richard, Brad, Kymuscleboy, wisperline and bosj55. Sorry itís taken so long to pump out this chapter, fellas. You might want to check out chapters 1 and 2 to get the back story on what effect this C Compound had on Max and Danny Enjoy.

The boys worked out hard through July and August despite the oppressive heat of the New York City summer. And their work was paying off big time. Although Max had only gained 15 lbs. by the end of the summer, he had shed some excess fat in the process and had ripped qualities that not only please him but Danny as well. He had been using the C Compound and spotting his buddy, Rolandas, quite a bit and had taken on the ripped characteristics of that body which he focused on (which is the nature of those using "C".)

Danny, meanwhile, had taken on certain body characteristics of Max. He had gained at least 18 lbs. which seemed to be nicely distributed over his 6í frame. The bis were measuring in at a little over 17 cold, the chest was a solid 45. His ass and legs had definitely taken on a much more rounded shape. His daily focused workouts with Max had also changed his hair to a dark auburn not only on his head but his pubic regions as well. This delighted Danny. He had always found Maxís body hair to be a big turn on and now his own chest, leg arm, ass and cock hair all had become more plentiful and a number of shades darker. All these changes in his body were, in some form or another, due to the "C" and his intense training with Max.

As the guys flexed in the locker room mirror after a training session, Danny actually felt he could see a slight resemblance in their facial features in his own. He loved this. Max had that butch, hyper-masculine, Mediterranean quality that turned Danny on. And now, at least in his own eyes, Danny began to look like that as well.

So September had come to the city and, with the change of season came an influx of gym members; some new, some back from summer vacation. One in particular came in the form of one Alex Tsicunov, a 23 year old Russian guy from Brooklyn. Though not as tall as Max, Alex tipped the scales at 280 and packed it on to a big boned, 6í2" frame. If you didnít have any background info on this dude, you would have sworn he was right off the beach at Malibu. Ash blond hair, crystal blue eyes, a blinding-white set of choppers topped off a body that was contest ready. Tanned, shaved down and buffed to perfection.

This package of man muscle would normally been a big turn on to the boys, but the shit that came out of Alexís mouth ruined the visual. He constantly berated all the other men in the gym with subtle but, none the less, obvious barbs as to their physical inferiority. And he had a talent of finding just that tiny flaw in each gym member that pushed each onesí insecurity button. And there werenít a whole lot of places in the 4th Street Gym to avoid this big-mouthed monster. Add the fact that he did a split daily routine that placed him square in everybodyís face at least 8 to 10 hours a day and many members were close to dumping their memberships just to get the hell away from him.

He insisted on referring to Max as "a tall drink of water" or "sting bean" even though Max had him by 10 lbs. The 3-inch difference in height gave Alex something to deride. His nickname for Danny was "cutiepie" and he always spoke this with a sneer in his voice. And he always delivered the nicknames attached to a smart-ass comment like "keep liftiní and maybe, if youíre lucky, youíll get to look something like this" or "bet youíd love to worship this mountain of muscle."

Alex was habitually flexing in the mirrors after nearly every set. Not that he wasnít beautiful to watch. He was a stunning man and sexy as hell. And he sure knew how to pose. The man had definitely done his homework when it came to showing off his massive muscle. It was his intention that drove everyone nuts. It was as if no one in the world let alone the gym could possibly measure up to his masculine form and prowess. In Alexís eyes he was THE MAN and everyone else was there to marvel and praise him.

Max had had enough and was going to do something about it.

"Follow my lead, Danny. I think itís time Alex here met his match. Perhaps his match times two."

The boys stepped up to the incline bench where Alex had just finished a set presses. As usual, he hopped off the bench to do a few "most musculars" in the mirror when he noticed he boys watching him. Thatís all he needed. Alex broke into a full fledged chest posing routine, goading the boys with "you like this, donít ya?" and ""wish you had all this beef!"

To his surprise the boys didnít turn away in disgust or humiliation as most of the members usually did. Instead Max and Danny agreed with his every comment. They were actually being complimentary towards the boastful Russian. Rather than finding this unusual, Alex redoubled his posing efforts and reveled in the adulation. Max and Danny just locked their gaze on the muscle giant and focused on his every flex. When they told him they didnít want to interrupt his workout, it was almost more than Alex could do to go back to his set.

"Glad to spot you if you want to bump up the weight" Max offered. But before Alex could defend the weight he had on the bar, Danny jumped in with "Iíll bet he could add 180 more pounds with out any trouble with all that muscle heís packiní." Vanity overcame machismo and soon Max stood up and over Alex on the spotting platform attached to the incline. Again the boys verbally encouraged, counting the set aloud and urging him on. Alex had no idea the effect that all this was physically having on the boys. Both of them felt their chests tighten and pump and Alex moved through his set. Both men felt their upper chest, shoulders and arms expand as they focused in on Alex. Unaware of this phenomenon, Alex let Max grab the bar as he finished twelve reps and again leaped to his feet to pose again.

"Feel this chest" Alex almost demanded.

Bingo! Max and Danny winked at each other as they accepted the innocent invitation to grow. This was going to be fun.

For the next 10 minutes the boys worshiped Alex with not only their eyes but their hands as well. Just when it seemed like Alex would poop out on his posing, Danny would give him a "dude, those tris are so huge" and away Alex would go with a series of triceps poses. Side, behind the head, outstretched; he was actually creating triceps poses to impress his newfound acolytes. And, of course, Max and Danny had their hands all over Alexís arms, squeezing and rubbing the hot, flexing muscle.

"How do you get thighs that dense and ripped at the same time" and - bam! Ė Alex was into a whole thigh routine. Max and Danny squatted down to fondle the huge, sweaty quads.

"Jesus H. Christ, this is intense" Danny grunted in an intense whisper. Alex took this as a heartfelt compliment and redoubled his leg flexing. Max grunted, experiencing the same feeling in his thighs that Danny was.

At that moment Alex grabbed his lycra shorts and yanked them up so the boys could bear witness to the full length and girth of his monster quads. Damn if he wasnít sporting some major wood in those shorts and a big wet spot where that Russian cock head was tenting the fabric.

"Check it out" Danny whispered to Max Ė Alex sure that the boy was overwhelmed by his musculature.

"Check yourself" Max shot back and, with his eyes, suggested that Danny look at his own crotch. Danny followed Maxís eyes and, much to his horror, saw the head of his own cock poking out the leg of his shorts and dripping bodybuilder goo all over the gym floor. Alex caught this as well.

By this time all three men were dripping with sweat and pre-cum. More than a few gym regulars had noticed the muscle worship exhibition when Max spoke up. "Dude, we gotta hit the showers and get out of here. Thanks for your inspiration, bro. Great bod." Both boys stood, arranged their hard cocks in their respective shorts and sauntered toward the locker room.

Shocked that his muscle worshipers had ended the "service" so quickly, Alex followed them into the locker room. He quickly grabbed a towel and nearly ran to join the boys under the hot spray. Never had any of the men at the gym paid him such unabashed attention and Alex was quite literally drunk with the adulation. The cloud of steam blurred his vision of Danny and Max as he began to pose again in earnest, now stark naked and sporting a handsome hard on.

His posing vanity was short lived, however. After finishing a massive back lat spread he turned to face what appeared to be mirror images of himself. "Fuck!" he muttered as Danny and Max met his gaze with a matching biceps pose that blew him away. Without uttering a word the boys seized the opportunity to get into the arrogant Russians mind and do a little damage.

They didnít even have to encourage his hands from guiding all over their newly muscle-packed bodies. It was as if Alex was actually able to worship his own body two times over. Drunk with unknown muscle lust, he fell to his knees on the wet shower tile, stroking, kissing, pounding and hugging the massive calves, quads and glutes of the soaking wet giants before him. He would even take a cursory lick or suck of their cocks and scrotums to show his new found appreciation but his focus was on muscle, not genitals.

The testosterone level in the shower was off the charts as Danny and Max reveled in their reversal of fortune. "Feel my bis" Danny insisted as he shot a double. As Alex reached up in a reverse grip, Danny was pleased to note that the "C" had pumped his biceps to an amazing 22 inches. Alex groaned as Dannyís cock twitched and slapped him in the jaw. Max looked over the kneeling Alex and gave Danny a loving wink and a cock flex of his own. This was going better than either man could have hoped for.

Somehow the boys newfound size had Alex drugged and much in need of muscle sex. Max reach down and clamped his big paws on the Russianís waist, drawing him up to his feet as Danny flexed harder and lifted his massive arms up. Suddenly Danny felt his cock engulfed in a warm socket.

Unreal! Alex was blowing him right there in the gym showers.

Max had reached over and lubed up his rock hard bone with some soap and was now working it between the bowling-ball glutes of the Russian dude. That muscle hole was tight as hell but not resistant to a hard cock, much to Maxí surprise. He kicked Alexí legs further apart and with a few hip thrusts, gained total access to the Russianís Tunnel of Love. He let the hole get used to his girth, grinding his wet pubes into the outer ring of muscle. Danny caught Maxí eye and the two giants flexed for each other as the skewered muscle hunk between them groaned in appreciation.

In a wet muscle orgy, the three men went through some extraordinary muscle contortions to please both themselves and each other. The shower spray keep their bodies gleaming as Danny and Max fucked Alex from both ends while laying him down on the tiles, twisting him around like a muscle pig on a spit and generally getting as creative with their muscle fuck as their dirty minds would allow. The few gym members that dared to enter the shower area quickly fled in terror or just stood and jerked off, dumfounded, at the erotic scene in front of them.

When the trio had finally blasted multiple loads of cum and cooled down in refreshing shower spay, it was Alex that broached the subject of working out with the again. "You guys are fucking amazing" he admitted as he toweled off. "We got to do this again soon. You will grow as big as me if we train together."

"You just might be right" Danny answered with a wry smile and flexed his big guns at the Russian. Max grabbed their backpacks and the boys headed off into the New York night. •

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