Failed Revenge

By GiantGuy

I couldn't wait until tonight. I would finally have my revenge. Joe Bullperl had embarrassed my in front of the whole school! He had done this manytimes throughout our High School years, but he had never done anything this bad to me. It was almost the end of our senior year and I couldn't wait to be away from all of the jocks in my school. You see, I'm gay and not many people knew it. Some how, Joe, one of the biggest jocks in school, had found out and told the whole school. He even proved it one day when he pulled down my pants one day the locker room and showed everyone that I had a big hard-on. The word spread though out my school and I almost everyone gave me really weird looks (except for a few guys who came on to me).

Nothing could go wrong. I had planned everything so carefully! I Joe that I had his English paper done (he had threatened me before the incident, either I write it or I was a dead man). I would sit him down and get him a coke while I went to get the paper. But, instead of a coke, I had made a special formula that would change him from a good looking, tall jock into a short, fat guy. Nothing could go wrong! I couldn't wait for the Joe to come over!

At 6pm, my parents left for the dinner party they were invited to. I knew that they wouldn't be home until late tonight, so it was perfect. Just one more hour to go! I turned on the TV and the time flew by. Finally, I heard the door bell ring. 7pm, Joe was right on time. I walked to the door and opened it. Joe stood about 6 ft. and was pretty thick. He had started working out from the beginning of High School and he really showed it. He was wearing a loose T-shirt and loose jeans. That was very good, I wouldn't have to give him clothes after he became fat.

"Where's the report?" he asked.

"Up in my room, I'm just need to print it on the computer. Come in!" I tell him.

"Alright, but hurry up! I don't want anyone to see with with a fucking queer like you!" he says, while grabbing me by the collar.

We walked into my living room and I offered him a seat. I ran to my room to print out his report on my computer, I had written it a long time ago. I came back into the living room with two glasses in my hand.

"Here, have some coke. The report will take a while to print out, "I said, as I offered him one of the glasses.

"Thanks," he replied while grabbing the glass from me.

I sipped my glass, which really had coke in it. I watched him as he guzzled his glass. I watched and nothing happened. I waited and waited, but nothing happened.

"Isn't it printed out yet?!" he angrily yelled at me.

"Ummm... I'll go check," I said as I headed towards my room.

I could not understand why it didn't work. I had planned out everything perfectly! As I was about to tear the paper out of my printer, I heard a scream from my living room. I ran in and found Joe gripping his chest and trembling.

"Errrr.. What's happening to me? It hurts... What did you do to that coke?!?!?" Joe yelled as I entered.

"It wasn't a coke, it was a formula I made. Your gonna be one ugly mother-fucker before you leave!" I laughed at him!

"Why? Why did you do this to me!?"

"Revenge! I couldn't believe that you would tell the whole school that I was gay! I was unpopular then, but now..."

"I'm sorry... I really am. I didn't know it would be so bad. Now, give me the antidote!"

"Sorry? SORRY?! You? You've never been sorry in your whole life! Your just want the antidote! I ain't ginving it to you!"

"I really am sorry! Pl... please! I'll do anything.. ANYTHI.. AAHHHHHHHHH!"

I watched as he he fell to the flour and started to shake even more violently then before. I laughed loudly at his expense! I couldn't wait to see my formula in action. I could just see him as a short, fat, ugly guy... not being able to get any girl or be in any of the sports he loved so much. All of a sudden Joe stood up and started laughing.

"Heheh... This is starting to feel good! I feel charged... energized my masculine energy!" Joe said, then started to laugh harder.

I looked at him and couldn't believe it. What was happening... Joe looked different. Not fat and short, but bigger than before. I realized that the formula must have back fired! I looked at Joe and couldn't believe it!

Joe started to get taller and taller. He had shot up to 6'6" in just a few minutes. His muscles were getting bigger than before. His pecs were really starting to show in his T-shirt. His jeans were getting tighter. I couldn't believe how fast he was changing! I looked up at his face. It looked like a model's face, strong and square. I looked at his whole body and realized that he must be 7' now... he had grown 6 inches in about two minutes! I looked towards his chest. His shoulders were broad, they looked like bowling balls were stuffed in them. His pes were huge... large as those giant bodybuilders. His shirt looked like it was painted on his body. He was soo tall that his shirt didn't cover his lower abs.

I moved my glance down to his Jeans. They were so tight that every muscle in his legs were outlined. I looked at his shoes and realized that they had torn apart, and I could see his feet growing. As I moved my glance upwards, I saw his crotch. It had a major bulge in it! I couldn't believe his pants could hold it. I just stared in amazement!

I hard a ripping sound. I looked at his shirt and saw it ripping to shreads. I saw his muscles bulging through, tearing the shirt as if it were wet tissue. I glanced at his biceps and saw that they were tearing though the shiet sleeves. i couldn't believe it! They must have been 30 inches! I looked back at his pecs.. They looked as if they had pillows stuffed in them! And his nipples... Not only were they huge, but they were hard!

I heard another ripping sound and looked down at his jeans. They were tearing off! His legs were huge... they looked like tree trunks. His legs were filled with veins. I looked at his boxers and saw them rip apart. His cock was HUGE! The largest I've evre seen... including any editted pics I had gotten. And his balls looked like they had oranges stuffed inside them. I realized that his cock and balls were growing at a faster rate than the rest of his body!

I fell back into a chair as I watched him grow. I looked at him and couldn't believe how tall he had gotten! He must have been 8'... And he was shooting up! I watched... 8'4"... 8'8"... 9'!!! All of a sudden he fell to the floor. He stood up and smiled at me! His biceps had to be 45"! His pecs looked like they each had fat pigs stuffed in them. His face looked like a statue of a greek god. His legs were the size of giant trees! His cock had to be 12 inches.. And it was flaccid!

"Heheh.. you like what you see, don't you?" He said as he glanced at me.

I looked down and saw that I had a hard-on. Compared to his cock, my cock looked as if it were only a childs. He started to rub his cock and balls.

"Ohhh... This stuff has made me so horny! Looks like you will have to do!" He said as he walked towards me.

I tried to resist, but I wasn't fast enough. He grabbed me with his huge hands and moved my head to face his meat. I giant load of cum shot in my face! I wiped it off and reailzed it was clear... It was only a some Precum!!!

He rub the precum all over his cock. It became hard instantly and it was at least 25 inches! It was veiny and EXTREMELY thick! He shooved it into my mouth! I thought that it would rip me apart, but it tingled. The precum had done something to my mouth so that I could take his thick cock! I shooved it all the way down my thoat... and still had a lot to spare. I heard a slapping sound and looked at his balls. They were the size of watermelons! They were slapping against his legs. I could almost see the cum being pushed out of them every time they slapped his legs!

Joe let out a giant moan! I felt the whole room shake! Precum was pouring out of his cock! I was traveling all the way down my throat and into my stomach! I could feel it warming me up! My cock let out jets of cum all over the floor... but my whole load was not nearly as big has a load of his precum!

He puled hi cock out! I tried to get my mouth over it, but he stopped me.

"Hold on there... Do you really want my cock that bad?" He asked in his deep voice.

"Oh yes! It feels so great!!!!" I yell in lust.

"Ok... But turn around!" He said in a playful way.

I did as he said. All of a sudden, I felt his cock lunge up me! His precum was doing the same thing to my ass! I could actually take his thick cock! I plowed it into me. It felt like some one was shoving a lance up me... but MUCH thicker! He pulled it out and lunged it back in! I screamed in pain and pleasure! I shot another loads out of my cock. I looked down to the floor and saw a lake of cum down there. I realized that massive amounts of precum was coming out of my ass! I heard another moan and looked up at Joe! His face had an expression of ectasy on it! He moaned and moaned! The room felt like it was in the very center of an earthquake! His might cock started to shake and loads of cum came into my ass... most of it pouring out and onto the floor. I started to count the loads, but I couldn't keep count past 20. It felt so good... the jets were so powerful! He pulled his cock out of me and I collapsed.

"looks like you revenge failed!" Were the last words I heard him say as I passed out. •

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