By FanTCMan

"Oh, no, Uncle Joe, not you, too. Where's mom and dad? What did they do to you? You're so big!"

"I'm sorry, Kevin. They're gone. Everyone's got to do it. Can't fight it."

"But I'm just a kid."

"Doesn't matter. That'll change, too. Just like everything else. Can't fight 'em, Kevin."

"What's wrong with you, Uncle Joe? You talk like a robot."

"It doesn't matter, Kevin. They need us for their work. Can't fight it."

"Uncle Joe, you're really scaring me."

"Don't be scared, Kevin. Just breathe from this mask. It won't hurt."

"I don't want to. I don't want to be all huge like you and those other guys."

"We all have to, Kevin."

"No. I don't want to be some giant muscle man. I don't want to get all big down there, either. It's sick. It . . ."

"Just breathe. You can't fight it. Take one breath."

"No. Don't. I . . ."

"See. That didn't hurt."

"I, uh, oh God, Uncle Joe, I feel so funny."

"I know."

"Oh, God. Oh my God. Uncle Joe, I'm . . ."

"Look in the mirror, Kevin. You see? It doesn't hurt. You're already almost a man. Take another breath, now, Kevin. You'll like it. It'll put hair on your chest. Give you muscles to flex. Give you some real meat. Here."

"Unnhh. Oh, please. It makes me feel so weird all inside. Oh, God. It is making me a man. So fast. Ooohh, my God. I feel so funny, Uncle Joe."

"Here. Breathe again. Yes, that's it. Deep breath."

"Ooohhh. Oh, my God. Uncle Joe. Oohh."

"Look at that Kevin. Look at your muscles grow. Look at the hair you're getting. Feels good, now, doesn't it? And down there, too. Look how big you're getting. More than a man."

"Oh, God, Uncle Joe. Look at my muscles. I'm like a muscle man. Look when I flex. Oh, man, it's making me get a boner. It's so big."

"Take another breath, Kevin. Good. Yes. Nice and deep."

"Oh, oh, ooohhh. I feel so funny. I'm getting a beard. Hairy all over. So big. Big muscles. Look. Oh, God, Uncle Joe. Oh, my God, it feels good. Huge muscles. Huge cock. Oh, man. Can I have another one?"

"Just one more, Kevin. Good. Big, deep one."

"Have to do it, right, Uncle Joe? Can't fight it. Oh, God. So huge. Oh, ooh, oooh. Look at me, Uncle Joe. Beard's so thick. So much hair. Dick so huge, so heavy. Oh, God. Look how thick and big, the muscles."

"Yes. Good, Kevin. Just let it cum. Can't help it. Can't fight it. Can't fight them. Now, take the mask and find your brother."

* * *

"Let me in, Jason."

"Who is it? Who's there?"

"It's me, Jason. It's Kevin."

"You're not Kevin. You don't even sound like Kevin."

"I'm not kidding, Jason. Let me in. Now."

"No. You can't be Kevin. Wait, you can't . . ."

"I have to, Jason. We all have to. Sorry about the door."

"Oh my God, Kevin. Is that you? Oh, no. Not you."

"It's okay, Jason. Uncle Joe was here."

"He did that? He did it to you? You're all like a man. Kevin, you're so big!"

"Have to do their work, Jason. Have to be big, strong."

"But, Kevin, you're too big. Look at you. You're even bigger than those huge musclemen. And you got so much hair. How'd you get all that, and a beard and everything? Oh, man, you're scaring me Kevin. You sound so funny."

"It's okay, Jason. Can't fight them. Have to do it."

"Oh, no, please, Kevin."

"Come here, Jason. Can't fight them. Just take a breath."

"What is that mask? No, I don't want to. I'm scared, Kevin."

"Have to. Have to be a man. Strong. Big. For their work. Here. Breathe."

"No, Kevin. Let go of my head. I don't want to. I don't . . . Let go, Kevin. Let . . . Uuunnhhh."

"Yes. Just relax. It won't hurt."

"Oh, man, Kevin, I feel so funny. Oh. Oh, man. I feel really weird."

"Already starting to be a man, too, Jason. Good. See?"

"Kevin, I'm so . . . so . . . Oh, man. My dick's getting big. And all hairy. I'm getting hair, Kevin."

"Here. Take another breath."

"No, wait. I . . . Ooohhhh, God. Oooohhh, my God, Kevin. I feel so funny. I . . ."

"Growing now, Jason. Muscles. Look. More hair."

"Oh, man, Kevin. I'm getting hair all over me. Oh, God. I'm already getting a beard. I'm getting big. My muscles are getting big. Oh, God. So fast. So weird. I feel so . . . Oh, man, my dick feels so . . ."

"Yes. Man like me. Big. Can't fight them. Bigger muscles. Take another one, Jason."

"Make me huge, too, Kevin. So much hair. Let me have it. Ooohhh. Feels good. Strong."

"Yes. Strong. Big. Thick. So thick, heavy, strong."

"Oh, feels funny but so good. How much bigger? Another one? Should I take another one? Oh, God, so big. So hairy."

"Yes. Another one. Dick below knees like this. Bigger balls. Make muscles thicker, bigger."

"Yes, bigger."

"Take big breath. Deep. Good."

"Yes, Good, Kevin. Jason will be bigger than you now."

"Uncle Joe."

"They'll like him. Gorillaboyman. Watch him grow, Kevin. See how huge, the muscles, his cock so big. Look, Kevin. Look how big. Look how hairy. Won't know his name."


"How they want them. All of us. See? Look at your brother, Kevin."

"Jason. So huge. Jason?"


"See, Kevin? Just a huge, hairy ape with a gigantic cock. Look how huge his cock is, Kevin. He doesn't even care that he doesn't know his own name. Watch how much he loves it when it gets hard and cums, like you did. Remember? Remember how good it felt, Kevin? Getting so big?"

"Big hairy ape boy."

"Yes, Kevin. Watch him cum. It's all he cares about now. Listen to him, like a happy, dumb animal. He makes you get hard, doesn't he Kevin. Because you want to be just like him, don't you? It's what they want, Kevin."

"What they want. Can't fight them."

"No, we can't fight them. Take the mask, Kevin. Take it and take a deep breath."

"Make me like a gorillaman, too?"

"Yes, Kevin. Huge, hairy ape boy. It's what they want, Kevin."

"What they want."

"Yes. Good. Big, deep breath. Yes. Good."

"Uuhhh. Uuuuuhhhh. Uuhh, uuhh, uuhh."

"Just let it go, boy. Let it cum. That's it. They'll be around to get us all soon. Now Uncle Joe joins you, too. Give me the mask. It's what they want. Can't fight them."


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