Lester and Mikey



Lester stood in front of the motel room mirror and flexed. He was intensely jacked-up from tearing apart that asshole's car. His muscles responded to his slightest movement, so when he actually crunched down hard into a pose, the thick fibers nearly exploded through his skin, swelling and throbbing with power. Veins snaked all over his body. His massive reflection was turning him on. He cupped his swollen pecs and hoisted their heaviness. Then he made them bounce. Over and over, heaving the pecmuscle higher and fuller. He noticed the thick black hair sprouting on his neck and back, and it turned him on even more. Yeh, he thought, turning into a goddam Gorilla....only bigger and stronger. He pounded his chest with his big fists, just like a massive silverback male. He brought his fists down onto the motel dresser, and smashed it into a pile of rubble. He was so horned up. He looked over at Angela, still passed out on the bed, but starting to rouse. He knew he would break her apart if he raged into her as hard as he needed to, so he turned back to the mirror. He flexed his King of the Jungle mass, the biggest superheavyweight musclehead he'd ever seen, glistening with sweat and sinew. Veins bulged up and down his 25" neck. He jacked off as he got into his own muscle, his strength. Every second, he felt even stronger. Bigger. Unstoppable. Freak Powerhouse. He let go

of his cock and reared his arms up into a double bi. As he watched his lats spreading out from behind, filling the mirror with their insane thickness, his cock shot, rope after rope, hitting the mirror like a super soaker. "MutherfuckinsonofabitchYEHHHHHH!!" he roared, unloading every drop from deep in his churning bull balls. The mirror looked like someone had thrown a quart of yogurt on it. "Guess I needed that," he said, very self-satisfied. Then he went into the bathroom and took a shower. When he came out, he got dressed, picked Angela up and threw her over his shoulder. He put her in his truck, then he reached into the glove box and pulled out a small satchel. He pulled out a prefilled syringe, lowered his pants, and jabbed himself in the ass. He tossed the syringe aside, then pulled out a vial of white powder. He opened it up and snorted down the entire contents. Then he got in the driver's side and pulled out of the parking lot. "I don't know why I'm so wiped out," said Angela. "That's ok, babe, I'll take you home." Besides, Lester thought to himself, that brother of yours is gonna get a workout. Lester felt a surge of power raging through his body that nearly obliterated any other sensation. They got back to Angela's apartment. Lester lifted her out of the passenger side and carried her to her front door. Mikey opened it before they got it to it. "What the hell you do to my sister," he said to Lester. "It's alright, Mikey," said Angela, "I'm just tired." Lester made his way past Mikey, and into the house. He took Angela into her bedroom and laid her down. Mikey was still outside when Lester came back out. The two huge men stood nose to nose, although Lester was several inches taller, and outweighed Mikey's 390 by another 50lbs. Lester's nostril flared and his pupils were dilated. "How fucking stoned are you, freak?" said Mikey, noticing Lester's eyes. Lester snorted. "Stoned enough to pound you to a pulp," he said, bumping into Mikey with his huge chest. Mikey bumped back and held his ground, but then Lester put his big hand on Mikey's thick traps and squeezed. His steel-crushing fingers dug in deep, and Mikey felt the pain searing thru him like lightening. Mikey had never felt strength like this, not even with Mr G, and Lester knew it. No one could match his muscle, especially when he was cranked up. "I've got ten times your strength," Lester snarled. He grabbed onto Mikey's trap harder. He knew he had enough strength in his fingers to tear the muscle from the bone, but all he wanted now was to take Mikey down. He shook Mikey's enormous shoulder back and forth with his one hand. Mikey grabbed Lester by the wrist, but couldn't shake the hold. Lester's forearm was expanding with size as he used his power. Mikey tried to hold out, but Lester just kept getting stronger, cranked into high gear by the crystal. He took Mikey down to his knees. "YEHH," he grunted, holding Mikey down. "Look at you now, boy. You think your sister was the only one I wanted back in high school? I've had my eye on that jock ass of yours ever since you used to strut around with your football buds. Big corn-fed jockboy muscle, from the rich part of town, with poor white trash Lester just waiting in the wings to pop that cherry of yours." Lester put his other hand on Mikey's other shoulder, securing his hold on him. He pulled Mikey into his crotch. "Now look at you." "Fuck you, asshole," Mikey gritted thru his pain. He hated to admit it, but he'd had a thing for Lester ever since he was a freshman, and saw him swaggering thru the hallways at school, taking shit from nobody, not even the teachers or principal. 'Loser Les' they used to call him behind his back, since

he'd been thrown out of school more times then they could count, but Mikey knew he had more balls than any of them. They were just a bunch of pampered white kids, compared to Lester's street-smart thugmuscle, with the goods to back

it up, even before he got heavy into lifting and growing. Now he was a freaking power machine, with a background of hundreds of streetfighting victories. Mikey was getting boned up just feeling the heat coming off Lester's jacked up mass, but he couldn't give into it that easy. Mikey wrapped his arms around Lester's legs, and lifted Lester's 440lbs straight off the ground. Mikey stood up despite the crushing pain in his

traps, and brought Lester crashing down onto the sidewalk. The force of Lester's huge back slamming the sidewalk crushed the concrete like a piece of hard candy. Lester released his grip from Mikey's traps, and grabbed him by the neck, then held him at arm's length over him. Lester began to stand up, still holding Mikey's neck, manuevering Mikey's 390lbs like a toy. "Fuckin' jockboy,"

said Lester He was frothing at the mouth with anger. "Goddam junkie," answered Mikey. Lester carried him over to a big oak tree, and pinned his back against it, then slid Mikey up the trunk, still in a chokehold. He let go with one hand, yet held Mikey up. "I'll fuckin' kill you," said Lester. He took his free hand and yanked Mikey's shorts till they ripped off him. Mikey was as hard as Lester, both boned up by their own strength, and his hardon bounced to attention once free of his shorts. "You and what army, freak?" choked out Mikey, who was oozing hard at the sight of the behemoth white trash redneck who had him pinned to the tree. Lester's thick dark hair and multiple tattoos contrasted starkly with Mikey's smooth, hard jock skin. Lester looked up at Mikey, and their eyes met. Then, instead of killing Mikey, Lester started to jerk him off. "Look how turned on you are, boy," said Lester, still holding Mikey against the tree with a one-handed choke hold. Mikey's head was spinning, and he wasn't sure if it was from the crushing grip around his throat, his dick, or both. Lester jacked him faster and harder. Mikey arched into him. "Oh yeh, you're just begging to be my bitch, ain't ya, junior? I'm gonna drive you mad with this muscle, sweet stuff." With that, Lester took Mikey's cock and slid it

into the deep crevice between his two massive gorilla pecs. Lester flexed enough to hold the dripping dick tightly in place. "Gonna take this baby boy for

a ride," he said, then he flexed his chest harder, swelling his pecs up and over Mikey's cock, nearly burying it in the impossibly mounded slabs. Mikey groaned deep and loud, the back of his head arching into the tree trunk as he pushed up against Lester's superhuman muscle. He slid his cock up and down the sweat-drenched muscle tube created by Lester's pecs, the skin so hot, the bristly hair so coarse, the pecs hard as granite. "Fuck this big man's chest, boy...feel me crushing your dick with these monsters." Lester flexed his pecs harder. He looked down at them as they swelled bigger. He looked at the veins, snaking like rivers, all over the mounds. He flexed harder and higher, and smirked as the pec muscle slid over Mikey's dick like two lava flows. "So thick, boy, so fucking strong. I can flatten a lead pipe inside these fuckers." Mikey groaned in ecstasy as he bucked against the powerful chest. He couldn't hold back. No one could have held back against the milking he was getting from Lester's powerful slabs. "Goddam you, you huge fuck," he grunted, as he felt his spunk rising up to his smothered shaft. "That's it, sunshine, show Lester what you got." Mikey let it go. He erupted like a geyser all over Lester's neck and chin, spewing jiz like Old Faithful. Lester rolled his pecs from the bottom up,

milking Mikey's powerful cock from the root to the head. Mikey kept shooting, over and over, until he thought it wasn't going to ever stop, but it finally did. Lester released his pec grip on Mikey's dick, slid him down the tree trunk, and rubbed the volumous cum into his massive chest. "Nice job, grasshopper," said Lester. "Now it's my turn." •

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