Blue Glo, The

By JMH02003

Allan wandered trhough the main drag of the mall. He didn't remember coming there that day, and couldn't tell what time it was. He was confused, and somewhat in a daze. As he walked through the dark halls, passing closed store after closed store. Had he even gone home the night before?

He noticed a strange soft light coming from the end of the hall, and a small store called Curios. He wandered in, feeling something beckon out to him. The store smelled strangely of a mix of herbs, and oddly, he could smell cinnamon. It was filled with odd knick-nacks, such as chuckling gargoyles and masks, rusted suits of armor, colored oils and strange sculptures. In the middle of the shop sat something particularly out of place. A soda machine.

The machine had a strange moniker. 'Glo' it read. He looked the machine over, and it began to hum. A small glass bottle fell from the dispensing slot onto a silk covered pillow, and without thinking, Allan retrieved it. He heard steps behind him, and he turned to see a very short woman, who appeared to be in her 50's. She was dressed in Victorian style, and was wearing a pleasant grin.

"So that's why the machine is here. I've been waiting for you." She said in a cheerful voice. "Just let me get you a sales slip, Allan dear." she waddled over to the cash register, letting her wooden soled shoes click the entire way. She pulled out a piece of paper, and handed it to Allan.

Getting past his confusion, he went to retrieve his wallet, only to be stopped by the little woman. "No Allan, you're money is no good here. You can't charge for an item like that. Just try to use it responsibly." Allan nodded, and went for the door. He exited into a now busy mall, packed with people. He turned to thank the woman, only to find the store now gone. It freaked him out so badly that he ran home, not stopping for breath.

The house was quiet. His mother and father still on their cruise, his youngest brother was at a friends, and his oldest brother was probably still sleeping off a hangover. He decided that he should take a shower, since he was a bit rank from the long run home. He entered the bathroom with the blue bottle still in his pocket.

He began to strip down for his shower, and after taking off the pants he found the bottle and it's slip. He hadn't been dreaming, and he had actually been in the store! He read the slip carefully, trying to decipher it's somewhat cryptic instructions.

'Blue Glo. This elixer has the ability of change. Allowing the body of the ingestor to be altered with a single command. Blu Glo will always cause the alteration you imagined, it will never fail. This bottle will never empty.' He tried to understand what it meant, but to no avail.

He became suddenly aware of his reflection. He was a pretty average eighteen year-old. He was blonde-haired, with green eyes. He never felt that he was either ugly or good-looking, just simply average. He took note of his body though, and he was becoming painfully aware that he was unhappy with it. He was quite short, standing only 5'6" he was also somewhat dumpy in appearance. He was suddnely hating himself.

He thought of the slip, it talked about altering one's body. He picked up the bottle, worried about drinking it, but it was calling him, he NEEDED to take a drink. Putting the bottle to his mouth, he took a big swig of it. He swallowed the sweet water and took a look at the bottle once more, and it was just as full as it was before. He thought of what to say, hoping the transformation would work. "I want to be 6 feet tall, 210 pounds, muscular."

He waited, nothing was happening. He felt no different. He tossed the bottle into the laundry basket, with a bit of dissapointment. He didn't know why he had thought this would work. As the bottle hit the dirty towels, Allan was taken by a pain in his stomach. He looked at himself in the mirror, watching his face turn redder. He watched the reflection in the mirror beginning to change. His torso was elongating, as were his legs. His arms were growing as well.

He stumbled about, trying to move properly in his lengthening frame. He saw the reflection bulking up as well. His chest was swelling larger and larger, a crevice growing between his meaty pecs. He saw his thighs convulse and tense as they developed into cut quads. His back started to spread, pushing his burgeoning biceps out on his lats. He felt his boxers grow tight about his waist, which was becoming more defined as well.

Cut abs trailed down from below his chest to beneath the band of his once looser boxers. He felt his legs fill the holes in the boxers, along with his expanding butt filling the seat. The size smalls were just that. Small. He watched his body getting seriously meaty, his veins pumping on his forearms as they swelled. It felt intense, the pain had subsided, leaving only the feeling of the pumping, which suddenly ended.

Allan looked into the mirror with a feeling of amazement. He looked almost completely different. His face had filled out, becoming more masculine and squared. He looked at his thick neck, leading down to solid shoulders, resting atop the body that looked like a greek god statue. His entire body was completely defined. His jaw had nearly dropped, and without another thought, he dug into the laundry basket for the bottle of blue glo. He retrieved it and decided to do more testing.

He dug into his brothers closet for some clothes to fit him, and ran to kitchen before Scott would wake up. Scott was his oldest brother, and was a bit sleepy from his hangover. Allan threw on a pot of coffee, and put in a dose of the blue water. He wandered into the hall and called for Scott to come down.

Scott was 6 feet tall as well, and weighed in at a substantial 170 pounds. He thought of himself as a bodybuilder. Allan hid from his brother, so as not to alarm him from the new body. Scott entered the kitchen in a pair of shorts, pushing his hand through his dirty blonde hair, he poured himself a cup of coffee and sat at the table with a yawn on his breath. Allan waited for him to put the coffee to his mouth and take a drink. Scott took a good gulp, and burped. Allan ran into the kitchen to surprise his brother.

Scott looked up with a shock, seeing his brother standing half a foot taller, wearing his clothes, and even making them look small. "Holy crap, Al! What happened to you?" Allan shrugged "I don't really know, so we're going to try something out. You should get fat, Scott. Try putting on 100 pounds of fat." Scott looked at his brother with a look of confusion, then doubled over in pain.

Allan watched his brothers stomach begining to swell. He was growing fast. His chest began to balloon along with his gut. His flat abs were now being covered by a layer of jiggling fat. Love handles bunched up on his sides, his waist began to stretch his shorts band. He saw his brother's butt filling up the seat of the shorts, pushing them tighter and tighter. His gut looked like a beer belly, and overlapped onto his groin. Scott's beefy arms dissappeared under his accumulating girth, and his square jaw was replaced by the soft contour of a double chin.

His shorts began to burst at the seams. His large butt forced the seam of the seat in twain, as did the seams that held his enlarged thighs. He sat there, watching his body growing, without any way to stop it. It seemed as though it wouldn't end, but it did. Scott stood in his briefs, which made an effort to hold in his massive backside. They weren't totally successful, and his butt showed up above the broken waist band.

"How did you do this Allan?!" The once athletic Scott yelled. "And how do you reverse it?" Allan pulled out the little bottle and showed it to him, and explained the dream he had. "There might be a problem though. I don't know if I can reverse it." Scott was devastated by the answer. He sat down in a chair in the kitchen, which groaned under his saggy bulk. He hung his head and began to mumble.

Allan suddenly felt bad, he didn't think the change was too drastic for the big guy, that and he didn't think he'd notice from the hangover. He handed Scott the coffee. "Take a drink, Scott. I'll see what I can do." •

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