Like Father, Like Son

By wishboi2002

“Hurry up David or you’ll be late for school!” a voice yelled from the bathroom. In his bedroom, David threw off his towel and pulled on a pair of briefs. Then he clumsily put on socks, a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, and tied some sneakers on his feet. He didn’t want to go to school today. Not that he really wanted to go any day, but especially not today. Last night David had a fight with his dad and he just felt like crap today. David’s parents had divorced 3 years ago and his mother ran off with another man, leaving him with his father. David loved his father and they usually got along very well, but last night his father had come home really late from work after he promised to take David out to dinner for a “guy’s night out”. Instead, David made himself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, did his homework, and was walking to his bedroom when his father finally came home around 9:00pm. In his anger, David began yelling and screaming at his dad and ended the night by going to his room and slamming his door.

David walked into the bathroom to see his dad dressed up in his suit and tie, brushing his teeth. “I’m ready whenever you are dad.”

His dad looked over at him and then spit into the sink. David continued, “I’m really sorry about getting all angry last night. I know you’re busy right now with work.”

His dad patted his mouth with a towel. “Yeah, it was a long day and I guess I just lost track of time when I went out with some buddies after work”

“What? You went out with friends after work? I thought you were working until 9 and couldn’t get home!”

“David, calm down…let’s not have a repeat of last night. It was a rough day and I just needed a little time to relax.”

“That’s so unfair! You can’t take me out, but you go out with your friends. Man, I can’t wait to be older so I don’t have to sit at home and just wait around for my dad to take me to do things. Then I’d leave you at home all by yourself. I wish I was your age.”

David looked into his father’s eyes. As angry as he was, he knew he still loved his dad, but at this moment he could just feel himself get warmer and warmer as his temper flared. His father stood there, not knowing what to say. Suddenly his dad looked down at himself as he felt a tingle all over his body. His pants began to bunch up as the seemed to get longer…and his sleeves fell over his hands. The tie around his neck loosened and began to droop. “David!” his father said with a crack in his voice, “What’s going on here?”

David giggled a little, “I have no clue.”

His father’s muscular build seemed to deflate in the large suit he was wearing. His dad was usually a little over 6 feet tall, but right now David would have guessed that he had shrunk down to 5 and ½ feet. His face seemed more youthful too. The stubble he usually had, even after just shaving, seemed to disappear and leave his face soft and smooth. He continued to shrink down and lose his masculine size. He turned and looked in the mirror.

“David,” he said is shock, “This is what I looked like when I was your age! I’m 13 again…this can’t be real. Something strange is going on.”

David laughed at his father, but like a jolt he stopped and got a look of surprise in his eyes. “David, you ok?” his father’s new pre-pubescent voice asked.

David shook his head “no” and looked down at his sneakers. He could see and feel his toes pushing up on the front of his shoes. The laces began to pull tighter and tighter. His t-shirt began to pull tight across his chest, which seemed to be developing from flat to muscular pecs. His pants started to rise up his ankles as they tightened around his thighs and calves.

“Dad, I think I’m growing!” his gasped as his voice deepened. His biceps filled his t-shirt sleeves and quickly with a loud tear busted free. David’s pants tore at the seams along his legs. The sound or tearing rubber filled the room as David’s boyish feet finally outgrew the kid’s sneakers containing them. The laces separated and his toes pushed out the front. The widening shoulders and back caused a tear right down the back of David’s shirt. With a grunt, he tore the remains of the shirt from his torso.

David’s father just stared at him. His son no longer looked like a 13 year old kid, but rather a muscular college student. David’s little belly had flattened out and abdominal muscles were emerging from his stomach. Hair sprouted on his firm pecs and slowly made a trail down the middle of his abs, around his belly button, and down past his waistband into his jean. The button on his jean popped off and flew across the room as the zipper opened too. David reached down and in one tug, pulled the tattered jeans off his lower body. He stood before his father in just his child-size briefs, as the front of them filled with a large bulge.

David continued to pack on muscle, growing from a 100 pound 13 year old to his current 200 pounds. His face began to become more angular and handsome and fuzz slowly filled in where a beard would grow. His biceps and legs continued to strengthen and bulge. The 6 pack on his stomach rearranged and formed into an 8 pack. His shoulders broadened wider than David’s father had ever seen. David smiled and hit a most muscular pose as he towered over his father.

In a deep, masculine voice David smirked, “Looks like I got my wish dad.” •

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