Changes: A Factory Full

By Ulanka3

I was always the last picked in P.E, When the jocks were chosen i watched helplessly as they strode pass me. Then the average people we picked, followed by the geeks, and then me. But all that was about to change, as was my small, scrawny and unsporty body. I was a 90lb weakling, i wanted to be big, not just big big huge. I wanted to be tall, have large hands and feet (i always had a thing about large hands and feet.) and to be musclebound. I was already good looking.

I wanted to change soooo badly, i searched the internet, yellow pages and local newspaper daily, looking for a promising advertisement. One day i found the ad i was looking for. "Tall muscular male seeks small growing partner. Tel ..... I dialled the number, a deep masculine bellow answered " Hello, who is it? " " Steven York, i saw your ad..." I started before he cut me off. " Meet me in the abandoned factory on Davies street at 9 tonight " He said before the line went dead.

I Obeyed his commands and was at the factory at 8:55pm, 5 minutes passed and there was no sign of anyone. I was thinking of leaving at 9:10pm when a mountaion of a man approached me. He was everything i desired and everything i wanted to be. He was around 7'3, 350lbs of pure tanned ripped muscle. He was wearing a white snug tank top which made his pecs look god like. He also had humongous ham like hands and fett i predicted were " Steven? " He said in his masculine voice, it was so powerful it sent shivers down my spine and made my Jonny hard. I nodded, as soon as my head stopped moving the urban giant bundled my small, weak frame into a bag and took me to a secret location.

When we arrived he took the bag from around my face and tride to cover my mouth with his huge hand, His hand was so big it covered my mouth, nose, eyes and forehead! He then tied my hands together and pulled down his shorts and pants, exposing his 13 inch flacid manhood, no Gianthood! " Your going to need some new shoes little man! and some new threads! You want to be big right? " I nodded " Do you want to be bigger than me? " I nodded again He prepared a green liquid, about 200ml and said " Here drink this, Ill get you some of my clothes. " I drank the liquid, it was nice, it tasted like alot of fizzy drinks mixed in one, It was the sweetest nectar i had ever taken. He then said " Now we need to start the reaction " And winked as he pinned me against the wall with one of his oversized hands. The giant then began to shove his flacid gianthood into my behind. It hurt at first. It took him around 5 minutes to get going.

And then he came, I felt a strong pins and needles feeling flow through my body, which was soon replaced with Ecstacy. " Sir, whats happening to me? " I asked him " The names Ryan, and your about to start your growth spurt " he replied jokily. I was about to question him when i felt a sharp pain in my hands and feet. I keeled over watching my hands. My palms began to expand, growing double, then quadrouple their former size. I was distracted by a tearing sound. I looked at my feet and saw a large, beefy toe poking out of the end of my size 8 trainers. My feet began to growq until they were around size 28! I looked back at my hands o see that my fingers were lengthening. From a few centimetres long to over 30!. I tried to lift my new large hands, Their new weight was immense. I glanced down at my feet again, they were wide, their width destroyed my dainty size 8 trainers. They were so big and attractive. There was only one word for my feet. COLLOSSAL!

I was brought back to reality by Ryan saying " Not enough juice " he said this as he was hoisting my small frame with out of proportion hands and feet onto his knee, where he began to bum me again.. After he came againI heard Ryan unzip my flies and play with my 6' boyhood. It responded by exploding with cum. Then it began to lengthen. Only a few millimetres at first, then whole centimetres per second later. The gentle giant and I stared at my previously average Jonny in Awe. I was breathless as he began sucking it.

As he began blowing I saw why he needed me. He began to grow. His feet grew around 5 sizes. He gained around a foot in height. He rose around 75lbs to 425lbs, of huge rippling muscle. His tanned muscles grew to herculean proportions. His slab pecs jutted out even further making his chest look even more impressive. He flexed his oversized gunas and I watched in amazement as they grew to new, unimaginable proportions. His abs became tighter. They looked so tight they looked like someone had sewn the out of solid rock.

Soon after Ryans gianthood followed suit. I watched open mouthed as it inflated. Bigger and bigger until it reached the massive flacid lenght of 20 inches! It had a diametre of 6 inches, as big as my erect Jonny before tonight!

Last but not least to expand were his thighs and leg. His already beefy thighs greweven more muscular. Soon they had an unimaginable surface area. His lower leg going through a similar change. His lower leg was so big it was the same size as most professional bodybuilders thighs!

We were so distracted by his growth we never noticedmy legs and spinal cord lengthen to make me a giant 7'5. Neither did we notice my top rip to shreds because of my godlike pecs or the rest of my clothes stretch to the seams because of my 380lbs of muscle. Ryan made me look like a pre-pubescent boy when i stood next to his new, larger 8'5 muscle bound figure.

" Thank you " I said as he walked closer to me. My voice much deeper than it used to be. " The best has yet to come " he said as he ripped the remaining shreds of my pants and then jerked of my 22 inch erect cock. I soon reached a mind blowing orgasm. Ryan and I were so busy fondling each others gigantic Jonny's that we didn't notice the crowd of onlooking male studs around us. Many of which were jerking themselves or others off at sight of the muscle giants playin with each other.

Ryan and I stood up, beckoning forth two members of the crowd. We filled them with the green nectar I had drunken earlier. then blew and bummed the guys until they were around our size. We continued this until their was a factory full of giants! •

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