Twins No Longer

By j575

Josh and Jake were twins and best friends. They shared everything together, including their love of running spring track. The day of their 16th birthday they ran the 4 x 1 mile relay and the team came in first. They were pumped. Everyone congratulated them and they were the last ones back to the locker room. As they stripped and got ready for the shower they noticed their bodies. They had hit puberty about two years ago and had a slim frame but with some developing pecs.

Josh started wishing they could be more popular, like they had been today after they won the race on their birthday. "Man, I wish we could bulk up a little more, be more like the guys who run the 400m who get all the chicks"

"Yeah, that would be cool. Our bods are pretty good though. Some of the girls like how we have some whisps of chest hair already"

"It may turn some of the girls on, but I think body hair's pretty gross, I've thought of shaving it off, except the treasure trail, that's hot"

This was one of the only things they disagreed about. As they hoped in the shower they both kept thinking about how their bods could be better. They thought about it so much they when they turned around they noticed they each had a raging hard on. They laughed and started gently stroking their tools in the shower. They did in fact share everything and normally whacked off together. The hot water running down their bodies made it espeically fun and they shot a huge load all over the shower wall.

That night when they blew out their birthday cake each had the same wish in mind, they wished they could have the body of their dreams. Josh thought of the assistant track coach who sometimes showered with the team. Girls were always after him, though it seemed he always got a ride to and from practice by his brother or something. All Josh could think of was his muscled, smooth body with a trail that no girl could resist. Jake thought about their Math teacher. He had never seen him shirtless but the mid-thirties guy screamed of manliness. His muscled frame was visible under any clothing he ever wore and given the strong musk he emitted in class Jake thought he must have a hot hairy chest that girls would fall over. Jake could never figure out what he never got remarried after his divorce-- probably too busy playing the field.

After the party they were feeling very tired and went to bed early. At exactly midnight they each woke up, they swore they felt a bolt of electricity rush through their body. They started talking and both seemed to have felt the same thing. They were fell asleep so early that they didn't enjoy their usual j/o session before sleep. Jake said he was hot an threw the comforter off him, and Josh quickly did the same to his. Josh was so hot he took off his boxers too, he was sweating bullets. He lie there naked and immediately started stroking himself. Both of them felt kind of off but what better time to whack it. Jake started up too as they both started feeling even stranger. As they got hard their dicks didn't stop at their normaly size, growing from 5 inches to at least seven.

"Jake, is this happening to you too"

"I think so man, must be a fucking growth spurt, never heard of one in the nads, but I'm not gonna complain that I'm four inches bigger"

"What do you mean 4?" Josh looked over and his twin brother, who always looked exactly like him, now had a 9 inch cock compared to his newly enlarged 7 incher. Jake started laughing and noticed how much lower his voice was getting.

"What's going on Josh?"

"I don't know, but you're getting taller too" Jake was now stretching from his 5'8 self he guessed he was now at least 5'11. Something else though, "OHHHHH!" he screamed as he started growing huge muscles.

While he was busy staring at his brother Josh had also grown, though not as much as Jake. Josh was now 6'0" and was feeling his muscles get plump as well. They then both experienced a pain so intense it knocked them unconscious.

They woke up an hour later. "Josh, you up?"

"Yeah man, though I'm kinda cloudy, your voice sounds really weird"

"Yours too. Hey man I'm gonna get us a drink of water"

"Cool" As Jake turned on the light they both leaned up in bed "HOLY FUCK" they said at the exact same time as they saw each other's new body. They then realised for the first time in their lives they didn't look exactly the same, they were struck by their own massiveness and their huge new cocks.

Jake couldn't believe he had the body of his math teacher, "Damn, we're like a couple of fuckin studs"

"Fuck yeah!" Josh said as he explored the muscled body of his assistant track coach.

"Looks like I'm the bigger and older one though, guess you'll have to take orders from me" Jake smiled as he pushed his brother slightly, which made him feel good in a way he didn't expect.

"Yeah, whatever smooth boy" knowing that Jake was hoping for a thick mane of chest hair.

"Hey, I may not be hairy but I could kick your but now" Jake lunged for his brother and the two fell on the floor wrestling still naked from before they were knocked out. The two went back and forth for a while but Jake's stronger, bigger body eventually subdoued Josh. He felt powerful and stayed over him for a while.

"Dude, get off of me man, and what the fuck is that? You're huge fucking hard on is sticking into me, what are you gay"

"Umm, why don't you look at your little pecker there too man." Suddenly it hit them like a ton of bricks, they were really enjoying the hard muscle and smell of the other man, the bodies the had choosen must have been attracted to other guys. Josh even enjoyed how he was overcome by this bigger, hunk of a man. They stared at each other for a moment. Then Jake slowly leaned in and kissed the hot younger man pinned below him. The two were no longer twins physical or now mentally as well, they were two muscled hotties having hot passionate sex. Their tongues explored each other's mouths. Finally Josh couldn't take it anymore, he needed to have this large hot man's cock inside him.

Josh pulled away for a second and looked longingly upward at Jake, "I want you inside me." Jake seemed to know instinctively what to do. Jake spread Josh's legs apart and pulled him toward his body. Josh's own member throbbed as he felt the long, hard rod slowly enter him, he had never felt more complete and alive in his whole life. One Jake was completely inside him Jake leaned over and started kissing Josh as he started pumping in and out. They continued for over an hour as Jake came time after time. After he was done he slowly started stroking Josh's cock until it was rock hard, he then gently kissed it, and started slowly sucking it until Josh came as powerfully as any man ever could. Jake savored every last bit of the salty warmth. They lay down together in the same bed for the first time. As they held each other they had no idea what tomorrow would bring, but they knew that were twins no longer, they were lovers. •

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