Change Would Do Us Good, A

By Zeppo

Whew, wrestling practice today was rough. Still trying to get the hang of it, it's nothing like swimming. I guess I should start from the beginning though. My name's Dave, although technically you should probably call me Tony. Don't worry, I'll explain. It all started at swim practice one day.

I was in the locker room with Tony getting ready for our laps. I didn't know why Tony joined the swim team, he didn't have the build it all. He was a pretty short guy, about 5'2" but what he lacked in height he made up for in size. He was enormous! He always looked like more of a wrestler to me; short, thick, muscular arms and legs, a barrel-like torso and incredibly wide shoulders. He was italian, with a deep tan and swirls of dark hair over most of his torso, although lately he had shaved it for swimming. Incredibly handsome too, girls loved him. So why would this short little muscle man join the swim team? I couldn't wrap my head around it.

Tony took a liking to me the moment he joined, not that I minded. I showed him the ropes and the different strokes and he was alright, but never fast enough. He was just too bulky. Everything about him was big, which was quite easy to tell when he pulled on those speedos. I actually envied him, I had always wanted to be a wrestler. Wearing those hot singlets and grappling on the mat with big sweaty guys. But at 6'5" and 175lbs, I was just too tall and thin to do it. I tried working out but I couldn't gain any mass. I found swimming and discovered I was really good at it, so I kept at it.

Anyway, this one day in the locker room I headed the bathroom and when I got back I saw Tony head into one of the shower stalls. Probably rinsing off before getting in the pool I figured. I shrugged and got back to undressing. I heard a odd moan coming from somewhere in the locker room and suddenly as I was pulling my speedo on a familiar voice said, "Hey Dave, that speedo a little tight on you?" I knew the voice but I couldn't place it, but whoever had said it was right, the suit was a lot more snug than usual, except for the pouch.

I heard footsteps coming and turned around to see, me! "Heya Dave, or more accurately, Tony," the clone said.

Tony? Why would he be calling me Tony? "Who are you?" I asked. The duplicate just grinned and said, "I'm Dave Campbell, high school senior."

At that time, a funny feeling came over me. I felt woozy and tingly all over.

"But," the doppleganger continued, "I used to be Tony Rinaldi, and soon you'll be taking my place. You see I've been going to this weird Chinese lady downtown and she's been helping me create this body switching formula, I swapped suits with you while you were in the bathroom and sprayed the formula onto them. Yours should be taking effect any minute now..."

I couldn't believe it, he stole my body and was giving me his! I should have been angry but I couldn't be happier! I was going to have the body of my dreams! "I always envied you, Dave" Tony said, "The captain of the swim team and fastest member. I wanted to be that so I found a way to do so. Why do you think I've been so buddy buddy with you? I needed to find out more about you so I could pose as you."

The woozyness was really getting bad and instead of looking at my double in the eye, I found I was looking at his neck! It had started and I was getting shorter! I looked down at myself and watched as my arms and legs got shorter and muscle started to grow and swell. My calves ballooned and my quads started to push against each other. I was at chest level with my former self now and I watched as my skin darkened to a deep tan and thick black hairs started to poke through my growing chest. My stomach was completely flat and soon became a 4, no 6, no 8 pack! My shoulders burned and I could feel them growing out wider and bulkier the same time as my back spread and became massive. My pecs were growing by the second and soon I could hardly see over them as my neck was thickening as well. This was beyond amazing, I looked fantastic! I flexed my new growing biceps and saw the masculine black hair filling up my pits. I felt an itch in my crotch and saw black hairs poking up from the speedo and growing into a happy trail. I heard my new deep voice moan out and I looked down to see that the loose basket of the speedo was rapidly filling up... I tugged it down to watch as my balls swelled and hung lower and then I watched as my dick came to life and swelled longer and thicker. Damn italian men are hung! I watched as skin crept up over the top. Tony, no, I was uncut! I smiled and looked up at my giant former self.

"You mean you're happy like this?" the new Dave asked. "Happy?? I'm fucking ecstatic! I've always wanted a body like this!" "Dave" just grinned down at me. Now I knew why the girls loved him, but I never saw him with any. He liked guys like me! I climbed up on the bench which put me roughly at eye level with Dave again. I grinned and leaned inwards. His lips met mine and we made out for about an hour. Afterwards he grabbed my hand and led me to the showers...

It's been a month since that happened and in that time I instantly quit the swim team and was lucky enough to still be able to join the wrestling team. Now I get to do what I've always wanted to do. Roll around with half naked guys, both for wrestling, and with my boyfriend. •

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