Battle of the Transformation Wizards, The


By Muscl4life

Somewhere, hidden among the interdimensional escapes, lays the Fortress of Mind - the residence of Prince - Archimage of Transformation. He is responsible for keeping the Balance of Powers within our reality ever since the dawn of times, Prince watches and interferes with the facts unknown for most of people, exception made for very few ones like Peter, Tyler and Jace, young men related to the former Transformation Wizards – the elite guard which used to help Prince many eras ago, before the Betrayal.

Since Peter and Ryan retrieved the Transformation Ring, the Archimage feels a little less worried, because now he knows the artifact won’t end up on the wrong hands, Prince watches on his Puddle of Sight, everything going on our world, especially the innocent lives of Ryan and Peter, looking for the best opportunity to alert them, but without scaring such young persons with the terrible future ahead of them. Suddenly, Prince feels something interfering with his interdimensional window – blurring the view of his loyal subjects and almost immediately the Archimage was attacked by a powerful energy ball which appeared out of nowhere.

Fortunately, Prince was able to duck at the last possible moment, and he jumped almost twenty feet up in the air, reaching the highest part of his temple. “I AM HERE PRINCE, YOU’D BETTER SURRENDER NOW!” A deep, dark, powerful voice echoed terribly around the fortress. Prince felt his spine freezing – “How did he escaped? I should have been warned!” he thought as his body assumed a different form. Prince’s body grew stronger, his arms were longer, and his legs got thicker and more muscular, his hair got dark and longer, his face assumed a feline form, then, from his ribcage two powerful wings grew quickly, his nails got darker and longer, sharper than the sharpest blade ever made. His tail soon appeared as his clothing disappeared quickly merging into his deep golden fur coat. When the transformation was completed, which took only a few seconds, Prince assumed his Sphinx form, the same legendary aspect which frightened people on the stories, but also the most eligible being for combat purposes, strong and powerful as the lion, fast and smart as the birds of prey.

The immense Sphinx jumped from his spot, and quickly hit its target, a tall thin man, who couldn’t resist the immense power of the enormous animal and the limp body was easily ripped by the sharp teeth of the mythological beast.

“YOU THINK YOU CAN FOOL ME? WHERE ARE YOU? THIS IS NOTHING BUT AN EMPTY CORPSE!” The Sphinx roared and threw the dead body away. “I can see you’ve improved your skills, master!” The man said as his body recomposed from the shadows behind Prince, soon the tall, thin, dark haired man dressed in black clothing appeared in from of the enormous beast, with absolutely no fear at all.

“Well, well, well, I guess you like this form don’t you?” The man teased as the Sphinx roared in anger.

“HOW DID YOU ESCAPE?” Prince said walking around his apparently easy prey. “My dear Prince, you should know me better than that! You really think I would let such an opportunity escape from my hands?” said the enemy with a hateful smirk – “While you were too worried with the kids and their precious Ring of Transformation, I could gather my power to break free from my prison, and you didn’t even notice!”

Prince showed his consternation, now he could figure it out, Slupor was nothing but a dummy decoy, and he was used to distract Prince from the real intent of his enemy.

“YOU WERE ABLE TO BREAK FREE, BUT I WON’T LET YOU ESCAPE FROM MY FORTRESS, THIS WILL BE YOUR TOMB!” The Sphinx jumped to attack the man once more, but as soon as it reached the proper distance, the prey disappeared in dark smoke, causing the enormous beast to hit the column, destroying the huge pillar and bringing down the upper floor over itself, but it was nothing for such a powerful creature.

“You couldn’t destroy me then, and you can’t do it now!” The man said as his body was already half way through his transformation. The body got huge and the muscles grew enormously powerful, quickly losing the human shape, the extra powerful legs grew right after that, then a powerful tail appeared and the man’s upper body was so immensely huge and powerful only the extra sets of legs could support it. Right in front of the raging Sphinx appeared a 15’ feet tall muscular Scorpion-man with a huge claw for his right hand, leaned forward like it was paying one last homage to the powerful Sphinx.

The battle started right after that, the Sphinx flew higher than the Scorpion’s head and then reached for his neck, trying to finish the struggle once and for all, but the enemy was really tricky – the Scorpion’s poisonous tail successfully pierced the Sphinx thick skin releasing the dangerous venom inside of Prince’s body who roared in agony, downing his guard which gave the opportunity to the Scorpion’s powerful punch and soon the Sphinx was sent against the walls.

Prince breathed heavily and with enormous difficulty, due to the venom, but he wouldn’t give up, he flew even higher and then while the Scorpion tried to attack him with his lethal tail, the Sphinx ducked and attacked the end of the enemy’s body, the base of the tail, ripping the deadly appendage from the rest of the Scorpion’s body.

“ARGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHH!” hissed the man as he noticed his tail shaking many feet away from his body. The Scorpion-man showed his yellow teeth – “YOU’RE GONNA PAY FOR THAT!”

Soon, the Scorpion-man changed once more – growing even bigger and more powerful the man regained his former face, but his body was even more muscular, the shade of his skin changed into a dark red resembling leather, and he grew huge wings, he also grew two huge horns and then attacked the Sphinx which couldn’t use the precious moments that the Scorpion used for his transformation given the toxic effects of the venom, Prince used those moments to store his strength, but it wasn’t enough time because the demon-like creature which attacked the sphinx fiercely, bringing it down with extreme violence.

The entire floor was destroyed given the deep impact, a cloud of dust was lifted and when it finally came down, the body of the Sphinx laid almost lifeless covered by huge shreds of the former building. The giant demon, in the other hand, seemed unharmed and he walked towards Prince.

“Although I was imprisoned, I was able to develop my powers so much, even you or your foolish kid can stop me! I will drain to the last drop of life from this Realm and then I’ll become the most powerful Wizard ever, I will become one GOD! The universe isn’t enough for the NECROMANCER!” He said with a sinister laughter.

Prince allowed his body to get back his human form, shrinking fast and regaining the human shape, he tried one last time to face his enemy, but the venom finally paralyzed his whole body.

“You’re so noble, Prince, never giving up, not even when you’re obviously defeated! I’ve studied every movement of yours, for the past thousand years, you think you could surprise me?” The demon also got back his human size and form, and then he showed a black piece of crystal – “Remember that, Prince? You used this same magical onyx stone to imprison me right? Well, you forgot one important thing – you gotta keep your friends close and your enemies even closer!” Saying this, the man enchanted some words and a dark light shone fiercely, engulfing Prince’s body and then it shrank down until it became the size of a black pearl. The man opened his had and the thing went flying towards him, he produced a magical chain and soon he had Prince’s body tied around his neck.

“NOW, I WILL DRAIN YOUR POWER AND GET EACH TIME MORE POWERFUL!” The man said and his muscles quickly grew thicker and bigger, his large clothing were being quickly filled by sheer mass of muscles and power, the size on the man increased by the seconds, his skin was losing the pale shade and gaining a vivid powerful tone, his head became bald with only one long single trance and his diabolic goatee. His muscles kept growing as the man absorbed Prince’s power soon he was 15 feet tall and titanic muscular. He brought his arms on his hips and laughed as his powers increasing.

“THE NECROMANCER IS BACK!” – He yelled as his muscles kept on growing and his incredible evilness increased by the second.

Peter woke up feeling strong and better than ever, like he’s been feeling ever since he gained the Ring, he felt so good, and almost omnipotent. He went downstairs and judging by the mess on the table, Ryan had already had his breakfast and headed to the park, because all the kids wanted to play with the 9 year old muscle behemoth. Peter smiled as he mentally ordered the dishes to wash themselves.

The 6’ tall 220 pounds of muscle transformation Wizard decided to enjoy the beautiful sunny morning lurking around the pool. Peter wished himself in his bathing suit and soon he was enjoying the warm sun and the cool breeze.

Peter stayed there for quite some time, when suddenly, a bird landed right in front of him. Peter opened his eyes and noticed how brave that little red bird was, it just stood in front of him – “Hello, little friend! You’re a brave little guy aren’t you?” Peter almost wished to transform himself in a similar bird, but then his mind was flooded with a sudden fear, like someone was calling for him – “PRINCE?!”

“Calm down child! I am an astral projection from Prince’s true form, sent at the last possible moment to warn you! Prince had been defeated in combat and now he’s imprisoned!” the voice seemed to come from the little bird and peter felt his stomach revolving inside his body.

“It’s not time for rush attitudes, brave young man! Prince knew exactly what he was doing, and he is not dead, at least for while, the enemy has other purposes for him, but the last facts anticipated the things. You’ll have to develop your powers into a much greater standard, much more than you already have!”

“Why? I’ve got the Ring now! My powers are already much bigger than they’ve used to be!” Peter mentally argued with the projection.

“The ring is important, but he’s not the one who’ll fight the menace, you are Peter, along with Ryan!”

“Ryan? Oh, master, please let’s leave Ryan out of this! I know he’s big and he saved me from the last time, but as you’ve just said, I will face much powerful enemies!”

“Ryan is the key for your victory, young Peter, you still don’t understand how deeply connected you two are, and that’s why Ryan didn’t develop into his next stage!” “What are you trying to tell me, Prince?”

“You’ll soon to face powerful enemies – Slupor was nothing compared to them, they’re the REAL Dark Wizards!” The mental image of Prince told his pupil.

“What?” Peter almost fell down the pool chair.

Peter’s mind was flooded with images from the Forgotten Ages – “a time when Wizards and Mages habited the Realms of Existence. Peter learned that Magic was a fact of life, used by anyone willing to dedicate to the crafts. To avoid a complete chaos the Wizards decided to establish the Inner Circle - some kind of Mage Court which should decide whenever the usage of magic could interfere with the balance of Cosmos. Each member of the Inner Circle was chosen to represent one kind of Magic; Conjuration, Summoning, Manipulation, Transformation, Divination, Alteration and Necromancy – Seven different crafts represented by the noblest member of each Group.

For ages, the Inner Circle decided their affairs with wisdom and fairness, but it didn’t mean there were no internal disputes and conflicts among their members, quite the contrary – the Inner Circle was known by the political content of its decisions.

Prince, the Great Master of the Transformation Craft, was elected to be the Leader of the Inner Circle for the next millennia, and since he was known by his sense of justice, the Circle willed that it would bring the peaceful times of then. Prince had a younger brother named Dreknor, which dedicated his life to the arts of Transformation Craft as well as his older brother, which is why he was chosen to take the seat of his brother while he was in the Leadership of the Inner Circle.

Dreknor was a good noble young man, but he was far too precipitated and judgmental – he believed the Inner Circle was such powerful institution that it could not tolerate the way some of the members behaved, judging the affairs according to their own conveniences and personal profits – he wanted to establish a new era, to get rid of the old corrupted Mages and retrieve the former glory of that institution. Little did people know that Dreknor believed that the Transformation Craft should take the control of the Inner Circle once and for all, he wanted Prince to shut down the Inner Circle and establish their own government system, to correct the errors from the past.

Prince got both disappointed and scared when his younger brother started to reveal his new behavior towards the other members of the Circle, and he decided that his brother should no longer occupy his place on the Circle, mostly because Dreknor defied the members for challenges of power, just to prove his point, forgetting all about the true intent of the Circle. The raging mage had a terrible fight with Prince because of that, but the decision was final, Dreknor could only come back as when a member of the former Council retired, which shouldn’t happened for many eras, and it caused the wrath on the young powerful wizard, he disappeared for quite some time, but he would be back with a terrible novelty - Dreknor had killed the Great Mistress of the Necromancy Craft in a cruel manner and showed her decapitate body on the Court, claming the control of the Necromancy Craft to his own, the Leader had not other choice then banning his insane young brother and the Necromancy Craft from the Circle, which meant that the Necromancy Craft should never be taught or learnt anywhere in universe otherwise, the Inner Circle would chase and punish the perpetrators merciless. Unfortunately, it didn’t stop Dreknor or the Necromancer since he neglected his own family name and inheritance and adopted this new identity.

For many eras, the Necromancer had developed a powerful dark magic, which combined the most powerful craft from Transformation and Necromancy, and secretly spread his dark lessons to the most sinister and dangerous mages, known as the Dark Wizards. This “army” of powerful wizards attacked everything and everyone which stayed in their way to absolute power, and even the Great Masters of the Inner Circle weren’t sure if they could win Dreknor in combat, most of them was too old and tired for that matter, so they decided to start a new era – one by one, the great masters transferred their powers to Prince, since he was their leader and yet a young powerful wizard. Since then, Prince is the ultimate Wizard not only from Transformation, but of all the Ancient Crafts except for Necromancy.

Prince gathered his own pupils and gave them incredible powers, trusting to them the legacy of the Transformation Masters which should be carried by their own blood and flesh through the eras, and left alone to face his own brother and worst enemy ever.

The Transformation Masters could beat almost every Dark Wizard but five of them, the ones who learnt directly from Dreknor – Rishad, the Unforgiving; Sheeba, Mistress of Mist; Ruthar, the Slaughter Giant; and finally Crassus and Zoster; the demoniac Duo. Those ones were too powerful and composed Dreknor’s personal elite guard, which had to be defeated before finally facing their powerful leader.

Prince had to fight all of these at the same time, but he finally managed to win that almost impossible obstacle and was ready to face Dreknor at last. The battle lasted over three hundred years, and it seemed the whole universe would be destroyed no matter who won the War. While Prince was still more powerful he couldn’t stand the idea of killing his own brother, but Dreknor had gone mad so long time ago, Prince meant nothing but another one in his way that should be eliminated.

Finally, Prince gathered all his powers and managed to knock his brother off with a powerful strike. Prince used his Sphinx form, a powerful transformation spell developed to confer to him all the power and advantages to fight even such fierce enemy as Dreknor. He was exhausted but, above everything, he was sad and disappointed to do what he was about to do – Prince convoked the Vortex of Oblivion, the very meaning of destruction to get rid of his brother, his body would be turned into infinite little parts and spread around the whole existence, erased from the existence once and for all. Prince knew what had to be done, but he couldn’t do it, Dreknor was his brother, his family.

The Archimage then decided that he should imprison Dreknor’s body inside of the Onyx crystal, so he would never be able to escape by any magical means, Dreknor was locked inside the Onyx jail and was kept inside the old building of the Inner Circle, which was protected by the most powerful protection spell that ever existed, only Prince himself could dispel the barrier.

Nevertheless, Prince knew Dreknor’s pupils, the real Dark Wizards managed to escape and they would never rest until they freed their master, and even Dreknor would be thirsty for revenge – that’s why the wise Archimage decided that the best way to finally destroy the Necromancer was by the hands of other people, but no one would be that powerful, at least for now.

Despite Prince’s efforts to remain alert, the Dark Wizards are indeed tricky, they’ve came up with a very good plan and managed to fool even the Archimage – the whole attempt to retried the Ring of Transformation was a plot to distract Prince’s attention from their real intent, which was to break into the Inner Circle and free their master. They even trained this sixth Dark Wizard, Slupor, and sent him after you and Ryan, everything was a lure to get me off guard, they were able to break into the prison and somehow they got Dreknor free once more – and before Prince could notice the escape, the Necromancer attacked him, using the surprise element as an advantage. He imprisoned Prince’s body into the same onyx crystal and is absorbing his powers little by little, growing stronger and more dangerous by the second, he’s becoming the most powerful being in the entire universe, and there’s no one who can stop him but you two, Peter and Ryan!”

“What can we do? What Prince wants us to do?” Peter said accepting the mission

Peter was about to see anything he could never imagine – Using his divination powers, Prince could foresee the birth of two boys – two baby boys separated from only six years of difference, but close as if they were twin souls, while one would carry the inheritance of the Transformation Masters in his blood, and, although the other seemed normal and weak, only seemed, because it kept an internal strength and love, perfect for Prince’s purposes.

Uniting those two he would finally be able to destroy the menace of the Necromancer, Prince commanded the surviving Transformation Masters to build the Ring of Transformation, so he could accelerate the training of the older boy, and he used his own powers to establish one powerful link between the two boys, this way, the power given to one would automatically feed the other and vice-versa.

“You and Ryan are the two halves of the same POWER! While you have the inheritance in your blood, Ryan carry his nobility inside his heart, you two were awaited because only you two can defeat that menace! Using your powers you’ll grow more powerful as well as Ryan will become stronger and the stronger he gets more you’ll be able to develop your own powers, young Peter – you are witnessing Prince’s legacy, he trusted you two the fate of the whole life as we know it! It may sound a bit rash, young man, but it is the only hope!”

Peter opened his eyes once more – he felt like he had been listening to that incredible story, but only one second had passed! The transformation Master stood up and wished his clothing to appear, when he heard someone entering the back door, and before he could escape Dustin called for him “PETER! HEY PETER!” The boy couldn’t avoid but looking at him. “Hey, cousin, wassup?” Dustin said entering the pool yard along with a beautiful young girl. She had dark long hair, and a clear skin color, she had a lean body and little beautiful hands, with delicate fingers. She had this enigmatic look on her face, which almost immediately charmed Peter – “This is my friend Sheryl, I just knew her on the mall, isn’t she cute?” Dustin said almost dumb folded.

“Oh, Dustin, don’t say that! We’ve known each other for the last couple of years, you tried to ask me out on a date almost a million times, but I only accepted this one!” Sheryl said with her cheeks blushing. Peter couldn’t help but laughing, she sounded so charming and sympathetic.

“Anyway, Sheryl said she wanted to meet my famous cousin Peter, how could I refuse introducing her to you?” Dustin blinked and Peter blushed at the same time. “Sheryl will join us for lunch, are you okay with that Peter?” Dustin asked silly as he went inside to get some refreshments. Sheryl looked at Peter and smiled “He’s something isn’t he?” Peter only nodded.

“What’s wrong with me? I look so stupid!” Peter asked himself and at the same time he knew he should waste time! Prince was in danger and those dark wizards should be anywhere, why couldn’t he just have wished himself to go? “So, Peter, I’ve heard so much about you!” The young girl said with a shining smile on her red lips – “I had to meet you!” she said approaching the young man – “You look far more muscular than on TV! Have you been working out?”

Peter blushed once more “Where is Dustin with those refreshments anyway?” Peter said already finding an excuse to get out, but Sheryl quickly grabbed his hand.

“Actually, I asked him to leave the two of us alone, you see I wanted to get to know you better, after all you’re a living legend!” the girl added already brushing her hand down Peter’s 21 inches biceps – “You’re so strong now, but I am sure you were nothing but a little boy just a little time ago!” She looked back at him again with those same charming blue eyes – which looked even brighter and more charming, Peter felt funny, it was like he couldn’t do anything but listening to that incredibly beautiful green eyes – “Green?” I thought they were blue!” Peter asked himself a little confused.

“How old are you, Peter?” She asked with a smooth voice

“I’m 15 going on 16!” He said right away.

“Really? Well you’re becoming a young man, aren’t ya?” She said brushing her hands down Peter’s thick muscular thighs, Peter could do anything but feel her gentle touch getting down his legs, he felt something different, some sign of alert.

“HEY! Listen, I appreciate you’re kindness, but I have an appointment right now, I have to go!” Peter excused himself and was about to leave when the girl said roughly.

“You’re gonna give me the ring, or I’ll kill your little cousin Dustin!”

Peter got shocked. He looked back to the kitchen and Dustin was GONE!

“Who are you? What did you to Dustin?” Peter asked already wearing his clothing of Transformation Master.

The girl laughed one sinister laughter, then she delicately gestured “no” to Peter. As she did that she turned into a mysterious figure, her clothing went dark, and her dark hair was now complete black, and her skin color is a pale white, with devilish red lips.

“I am Sheeba, Mistress the Mist, one of the Real Dark Wizards, and I’ve come to get the ring from you, little child!!” she said assuming an offensive tone.

“I am a Transformation Master, lady, you should be careful with your tone!”

She laughed and then her face quickly changed into Sheryl’s – “Uh, I am sorry Peter, did I offend you?” and when she laughed once more her face had already changed back into the dark version.

“Where is Dustin?” Peter asked once more, while he mentally scanned the place sensing for Dustin’s essence.

“You won’t find him, young Peter, I’ve sent him to a far dimension, and you’ll never be able to get him back, unless you give me the ring of Transformations!” She said with a superior look in her face.

“You want the ring? Okay I’ll give it, but first you bring Dustin back safe and sound!” Peter ordered with a powerful tone and the Dark wizard just smiled and with a gesture she made Dustin reappear out of nowhere, he was a little confused, but quickly Peter sent him to a safe place, out of Sheeba’s reach.

“WHAT?” She said astonished with Peter’s incredibly fast spell.

“I suggest you to leave now, before you get hurt!” Peter said already feeling his combat skills sharpening.

“It’s you who’ll regret if you don’t handle the ring NOW!” She said and started changing into one huge snake; Peter said nothing and just looked as the snake attacked him. Then he simply wished an invisible shield around him and the snake bounced strongly and was repelled by Peter’s magic.

Sheeba quickly returned to her human form – “Very well, you seem to be a worth challenge, but why don’t we make this a little more interesting?”

“I have nothing to do with you, witch!” Peter said out loud but suddenly everything around him turned into a thick mist. He felt strange, his reflexes were slower, and his body felt tired, the vision was blurred; his ears could hear nothing but this sarcastic, strident laughter.

“What’s the matter little Peter? You don’t like my Mist?” the voice of Sheba echoed into the teen wizard’s mind.

“Face me like a real wizard!” Peter ordered as his members felt incredibly heavy.

Sheeba quickly materialized in front of Peter and hit him with a powerful energy ball which burnt Peter’s skin and almost made him pass out.

“This is my MIST, the mystic essence of my true power which makes my opponents weaker, confusing their senses, giving me the necessary leverage upon them!” Sheeba bragged about herself while her body disappeared into the fog once more, then her face appeared at the same time in many different places – “Give up, little Peter, you’ll never be able to get rid of my mist!”

It was a beautiful morning; the park was full of children, mostly because all of them wanted to play with the amazing muscle giant boy. Ryan liked all the attention, he stood there flexing and lifting people asked him to, cars, boulders, trucks, anything, he felt so easy pleasing the people and yet it was really fun to be that strong.

Right now, Ryan flexed his enormous arms with not less than 7 little boys sat along it, he kept rocking them as his powerful arms barely felt the effort. The boys cheered as Ryan pretended that he would drop them, but not only kids were Ryan’s fans, he had also many teenagers, especially those who are starting to working out a little ago, they’re shocked with the size and definition on Ryan, after all our gentle titan is 10’10” 5850 pounds of sheer muscle, his arms are thicker than two huge bodybuilders tied together.

“WOW! Ryan, you’re just amazing!” The teens said as he flexed his gigantic pecs.

“Thanks!” He said blushing, then he hit a most muscular pose and all the kids in the park went “OOOOOOOOHHHH!!!” Ryan smiled as he felt someone poking his leg. It was his old friend Cory, the same one who used to boss him when he was just a little kid. The kid looked embarrassed but Ryan was more than happy – “HEY CORY, MY MAIN MAN!”

The black titan kneeled and made his friend sit on his enormous hand. Cory smiled and sat on Ryan’s hand.

“What’s up my friend?” Ryan asked happily.

“Nothing much, I just heard that there was a giant playing at the park, and I knew it was you!” Cory said admiring how much bigger and stronger Ryan seemed – “You’re even bigger than the last time I saw you!”

“Thanks! I’ve been working out, you know with dragons and stuff!” Ryan smiled but his friend was just shocked – “You could really do it if you want!”

Then another boy yelled – “Hey Ryan, flex your arm again!” and the audience went “YEAH!” Ryan nodded his hand “OK!” And he flexed his arm, while he brought his other hand closer – “Look at this Cory!” Cory stood up at Ryan’s hand noticing the peak on the titan’s gun was almost taller than himself. Cory just dropped his chin and hugged Ryan’s biceps strongly, and then he got up onto the huge rock – “HEY GUYS, YOU KNOW THIS IS MY BEST FRIEND CORY? HE PLAYS BASKETBALL REALLY WELL!” Ryan said with Cory sat on his biceps.

“Hey Cory, you wanna shoot some balls?” the boys asked from the courtside, Cory looked at him and Ryan nodded – “go for it, Cory, I’ll be there in a while, I promised the kids I would play a little more with them!” Ryan said with a shiny smile and gently he allowed Cory to get down, and the other kids cheered as Ryan just pretended to be a monster.

“ARGH! I WILL EAT YOU LITTLE PEOPLE, BE CAREFUL WITH THE MOSNTER!” he said as he started chasing the other kids, who screamed in ecstasy and a true feeling of fear, even if they knew Ryan would never harm them, a 10’10” tall giant man running right after you in not a comfortable situation, but everything seemed just perfect, until the peace was disturbed by someone very, very dark.

He appeared out of nowhere, a huge tall dark man, with bulging muscles even if covered by that sinister cloak, you could see he was REALLY muscular. His skin was dark and shiny as the onyx, he had the head completely bald and a huge golden nose ring. Ryan looked at the man, he was still puny if compared to him, but even so, something felt wrong. The man crossed his arms at chest level – “HEY KID!”

Ryan just smiled and asked – “Yes, sir? You wanted to talk with me?” Politely as ever, but the man just kept looking – “what are you doing with those imbecile kids?”

“We were just playing sir, I am sorry if it bothered you, we can keep it down!” Ryan excused to the raging man – “YOU MISERABLE KID!” The man said with a smirk, but Ryan just took a deep breath and turned his back on the man – “I don’t want any trouble with you okay?” Ryan said as he gently pointed the kids to go far from that strange guy.

“IT’S TOO LATE KID! YOU HAVE ALREADY FOUND TROUBLE!” The man said removing his cloak – his body was covered in muscles and scars, he looked very muscular and strong, but no way could he stand a chance against Ryan’s uncanny figure, the enormous muscle kid slowly turned his back and faced the man, well although the bully was tall he was at least three whole feet shorter than Ryan.

“Sir, I really don’t understand why you’re being so rude to me!”

“YOU ARE PATHETIC! YOU HAVE THESE AWESOME MUSCLES AND YOU USE THEM TO PLAY? THAT’S DISGUSTING!” The man poked Ryan’s chest. “SIR, PLEASE, LET’S NOT BECOME VIOLENT!” Ryan said focusing not to hurt the man; he should be probably jealousy of his muscles.

“BUT THAT’S JUST WHAT I LOOK FOR!” The man said laughing a sinister laughter. Then he gestured and suddenly the trees of the park seemed to gain life, the oaks got thicker and strange things seeming like huge thing paws grew quickly, each and every child who was at the park was held into the sinister tree monsters. Ryan looked at everything in despair; his little friends could get hurt! He roared and tried to destroy the evil trees, but just as he was about to do it the man said once more!

“If you touch in just one leave, the rest of the trees explode, destroying your precious little friends!” The man announced.

“What you want with them? They did nothing to you!” Ryan almost cried.

“I want nothing with them, I wanna finish with you, you miserable freak!” The enemy said drilling with anger and rage – “You and that stupid Peter, he thinks he can make you so big huh? But there’s no one bigger and stronger than RUTHAR, the Slaughter!”

“Who, who are you?” Ryan asked looking at his beloved little friends, they were screaming and crying, and it hurt more in the huge kid than any enemy could imagine.

“I am a Dark Wizard, you miserable fool! I came to destroy you and you so called brother once and for all!” Ruthar said with an arrogant attitude!

“YOU WON’T HURT PETER!” Ryan said as he punched the man with a fierce blow who sent the enemy one thousand feet away hitting a construction yard. Ryan just watched as the man calmly got out of the place, he seemed unharmed, and most of all, he surely looked bigger and more muscular!

“YES, LITTLE RYAN! THAT’S WHAT I WANT! GET MAD AT ME! HATE ME! PUNCH ME, KICK ME, SHOW ME THE POWER OF THOSE HUGE MUSCLES!” he sounded even more arrogant than a little time ago, but Ryan couldn’t care less for that matter, he was worried with his little friends and his brother Peter.

The enormous kid grabbed Ruthar by his shoulders – “LISTEN, YOU ARE GONNA RELEASE THE KIDS RIGHT NOW, OR I WILL BE FORCED TO HIT YOU EVEN STRONGER!” Ryan shook the man violently, holding him in the air.

Ruthar nothing said, he just kept smiling in his arrogant way while Ryan struggled trying to make him release his friends, and it took a few seconds until the titanic boy realize what was going on, Ruthar was growing! Each time his muscles bulged bigger and thicker, more ripped and powerful than ever, each vein was abnormally pumped; his muscles actually produced loud noises while they kept growing. The kid got a little scared and loosened his grip, which was more than enough to drop the huge man, who just used his feet and Ryan’s chest as a bouncing spot, he gave a reverse somersault and landed magnificently a few feet in front of Ryan’s astonished look.

“What-, what is going on here?” Ryan mumbled.

“What’s the matter Ryan, you didn’t think I could have my own late growth spurt?” He laughed with his hands in his hips, while his body kept growing. Ryan got even more scared, and decided to attack while the man was still smaller and weaker than him.

The huge musclebound kid roared and launched into the enemy, Ryan stroke powerful punches, capable of pulverizing concrete walls into Ruthar’s also immense figure, but the harder Ryan hit him, the harder it felt to our hero boy, it was like Ruthar got bigger and stronger, more muscular and more powerful. In fact, he didn’t even tried to escape the blows, he just kept there with his hands crossed on his chest and teased his enormous attacker – “Come on! Hit me like a man!” or “You punch like a little girl!” or even “You think you can protect Peter being so weak!”, each time Ryan punched, kicked, threw Ruthar over an abandoned building, pinned him on the floor, Ruthar didn’t even groan, he only looked with his same arrogant smile and teased Ryan some more, and the muscle kid just kept hitting him with hate and anger, feelings that Ryan rarely expressed, his heart was racing inside his chest, his limbs were burning so tired and hurt they were, but mostly Ryan was emotionally exhausted, he wanted to save the kids, but also to check on his little brother Peter, everything pushed him to hit Ruthar harder and harder.

When Ryan finally stopped punching Ruthar, he just couldn’t it anymore, he was exhausted, but unfortunately, Ruthar had changed drastically.

“SO WHO’S THE BIGGER MAN AFTER ALL?” he asked with a powerful intimidating voice. Ryan’s inexperience and lack of strategy made him fall directly into Ruthar’s trap. The man had used his magical powers to feed on Ryan’s anger and hate, his violent instincts, each blow Ryan hit Ruthar, instead of hurting the enemy ended feeding Ruthar with more and more magical muscles. When the huge boy could strike no more, he opened his eyes and realized his terrible mistake.

Ruthar had tricked Ryan into making him grow, and now the Dark Wizard was even BIGGER than our hero boy, at least 13 feet tall and over 7000 pounds of pure and sinister MUSCLE! Ruthar kept there with his arms crossed and smiling, but Ryan could no longer hurt him.

The enemy kept laughing, and his powerful low voice sounded like thunder, he just looked at himself and flexed his gigantic muscles – “NICE! VERY NICE LITTLE RYAN! YOU’VE MADE ME EVEN BIGGER THAN YOUR PATHETIC SIZE!” Ruthar said as he walked towards Ryan and lifted the boy from the ground.


Peter knew she was right, that stupid mist almost knocked him down, he couldn’t stand for too long if things didn’t change, the teen strong wizard exhaled and the mist around his mouth seemed to get a little thinner. Peter focused his last energies hardly, he felt his own body getting lighter and lighter, soon his clothing were vanishing into the mist and his own being seemed to be diluting into the thick mist. Sheeba never knew what hit her, Peter’s body seemed to disappear, but then a strong wind started blowing into the mystic fog, and each second it was faster and stronger. In just a few moments, it was a REAL hurricane with hundreds and hundreds feet tall, connecting the sky and the earth, blowing everything away, including Sheeba’s so precious mist.

The dark fog was blown in just a few seconds since the hurricane started, and then all the dark fumes gathered at some point, and Sheeba’s material form appeared. She screamed in agony as her body was falling apart.

Pete’s face appeared in the middle of the hurricane – “I was right about you, Sheeba, your most powerful feat is also your weakest point – you transform your body into this for to intoxicate your enemies, but at the same time you can’t recompose yourself quickly enough, that’s why I could blow you away making myself into a class 5 hurricane!”

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!” She screamed as her body kept getting thinner as she felt being carried by the hurricane, Peter felt that she was almost finished but something was wrong, he could be so trickery as the witch. Then the giant hurricane calmed down and the weather got sunny once more.

Sheeba’s figure seemed tired and worn out, but Peter was aware of her trickery personality.

“I’ll challenge you, Sheeba, you can attack me by transforming yourself in every animal you want, and attack me, see if you can surpass my transformation skills!”

“HA! You’ll regret that, miserable punk!” Sheeba said as she quickly stood up and made herself in a giant hawk, and flew up in the sky, while Peter was almost transformed, his lean body got even leaner, and his body grew fur instantly, turning Peter into a weasel.

“He’s mine!” Sheeba said out loud when she attacked the apparently inoffensive animal, but when the hawk reached only a few inches from its prey, the weasel jumped out and turned around it’s own spine, lading precisely onto the neck of the bird. Using the sharp teeth he attacked the unprotected spot of the enemy, which screamed in pain and flew even higher, throwing the weasel into the ground. The mammal seemed not to fear the dangerous fall, it just started changing into another animal, the skin around the little paws formed a kind of cape , and it became even littler, Peter turned into a flying squirrel, thus, he managed to plane avoiding the lethal fall, gracefully landing atop the tree while the hawk hit the floor with a loud bump – “Hey, Sheeba, what you think now huh?” Peter said to the bird, the woman said nothing, she just focused and her body turned into a powerful leopard form, in just seconds it launched the fearsome attack into the little animal, but once more Peter had fooled her, he was quickly changing again, his size increased awesomely and soon it was bigger than the biggest bull, the fur got even darker and thicker, the horns grew almost immediately, and the incredibly powerful muscles assumed control over the impressive animal. When the leopard finally attacked, his target had changed drastically, Peter had turned himself into a water buffalo, and even the powerful feline couldn’t even scratch the immense bovine, then the huge horns sent the inconvenient animal almost a hundred feet away. Peter looked at her, and quickly changed himself into his human form while he walked towards the once again defeated enemy.

“Are we trough? I don’t think you can beat me at all, lady!” Peter said a little concerned with Sheeba’s wounds.

“You’re wearing your ring, it makes you more powerful!” Sheeba said almost complaining.

“Oh, the ring? You think I can’t beat you without it huh?” Peter got it out of his finger and threw it away. Right then, Sheeba pretended she would attack Peter who ducked at the time, but she just ran into the ring and reached it with her hand – “HAHAHAHA!!! YOU FOOLSIH KID!” She said as inserted the ring into her own finger – “NOW I AM THE MORE POWERFUL…”

“Sheeba, darling, the ring is useless on you!” Peter said almost at the same time as the wizard realized her powers didn’t increase as she thought they would. “I am the Master of the Ring, it doesn’t belong to anybody else, even if it’s not on my finger, it is still mine!” Peter just waved and the ring let a powerful charge of electricity into Sheeba, knocking her out and quickly floated into Peter’s hand.

“You are a poor miserable lost soul!” Peter said as he started changing Sheeba into a little harmless being, she shrank quickly, and her body got even thinner, her beautiful thick black hair tuned into petals, shiny black petals, of the rare Black Orchid. Peter gently grabbed the weak flower – “I know you can still hear me Sheeba, once this evil influence is over, I’ll free you from this, I promise, but you still have to pay for your crimes.” Peter wished the flower to be properly adjusted into the big tree – “Until there, you stay here and be a nice girl!”

Suddenly, Peter felt something happening with him, he noticed his whole body tingling and his powers increasing, then, from the black Orchid came out a huge energy sphere, floating in the middle of the air. It was first black at first, but little by little, it turned into crystal light blue, and when the sphere was there floating over Peter’s face, he heard the voice of his master in his mind.

“Peter, you’ve conquered the power to yourself, by defeating the dark wizard the proper manner! You fought Sheeba with honesty and with fair chances, and it proved you are worthy of her mystic energy, her raw magic essence was evil, but thanks to you, now it was purified and left Sheeba’s body to join your already incredible power! You must understand the lesson you’ve just got here my pupil! The dark wizards are not just enemies, they’re the key for you and Ryan to gather more power to fight Dreknor, you have to find the best way to defeat each and every one of them, this is how you’re gonna be capable of defeating our true enemy!” The sphere entered Peter’s body and he felt the warmth sensation on his guts, he felt his senses enlightening, the mind get clearer, his body more sensitive to the things around him. He felt so free, so incredibly soft, so light, it was like his mind was free from the rest of his body, he closed his eyes and felt himself improving with the power he just conquered, when he noticed he was there floating over 10 feet in the air.

“What? I didn’t wish that! How come I am flying?” Peter noticed that now, his body was free from the gravity, he could float 24 hours if he wanted, without even focusing – “Hey, that’s cool!” He thought as he also felt that his mind now developed its own eye, which means he can see things that his eyes couldn’t, he focused on Ryan and saw that his brother was in serious problems!

“IT WAS NEVER THAT EASY!” Ruthar bragged as he held Ryan in a crushing bear hug. He squeezed Ryan with all his might, but yet the wonder muscle boy could resist bravely, he fought with the very remaining energy.

“RYAN!” the kids screamed in terror and agony “Ryan you can do it!” they tried to cheer, but the horrible tree monsters held them strongly and theirs screams seemed to hurt the muscle kid even more. He finally made to break free of the enemy’s grip.

“I SEE YOU STILL GOT SOME POWER ON YOU! FAREWELL, COME AND GET ME LITTLE RYAN, OR I’LL MAKE THOSE KIDS SUFFER!” Ruthar said preparing to get even bigger, but Ryan was no fool – “I won’t make you even bigger!” he thought as he tried to figure out a way to defeat that monster.

Ryan had a brainstorm – using his powerful legs he jumped almost 200 feet from the enemy and reached an old truck. Ryan lifted the vehicle with one hand and threw it against Ruthar who just punched the ting and smashed it immediately.

“YOU GOTTA DO BETTER THAN THAT!” He mocked, but Ryan proved his point, he couldn’t hit Ruthar directly, but he could still hit him!

The 10’10” kid went to the street and inserted his hands and pulled out the a water pipe, then he kept pulling and pulling until he had almost 100 feet long, then he used the pipe to hit Ruthar violently in the guts, then he used the other end to hit the electricity wires and a huge explosion occurred, sending Ryan almost 50 feet back. The huge ball of fire and smoke could anyone, but Ruthar wasn’t that easy to beat, as soon as the kid thought about that Ruthar was there holding him by the throat and lifting him from the ground.

“YOU’RE GONNA PAY FOR THIS!” he said as punched Ryan heavily in the stomach, sending the muscle boy over 500 feet away.

“I can’t do it anymore!” He thought as his whole body hurt.

“Nonsense! You’re the STRONGEST man in the world!” It was Peter’s voice in his mind.

“PETER? WHERE ARE YOU!?” Ryan asked marveled.

“I’m right here!” Peter said and Ryan felt his hands on his shoulders – “Listen carefully Ryan, this guy is a dark wizard, one of our enemies, he wants you to feed his power, but he’s nothing if compared to you, he may be a little bigger now, but you gotta trust me, you are not accepting your true power!”

“What?” Ryan asked in his mind, realizing that to the outer world he was defeated, not even one muscle was moving – “Ryan, when you wake up you’ll accept ALL the power I have to give you! You’ll never believe how different you’ll become!”

Ruthar laughed and looked at the kids – “SEE THAT KIDS? YOU HERO IS NOTHING COMPARED TO ME!” He threatened and approached Ryan’s body. The kids cried of anger and sadness, the Dark Wizard had finally won. He grabbed Ryan’s body and lifted over his head, ready to get of rid him at once.

Then something unexpected happened, Ruthar heard something and noticed his tree monsters quickly became normal oaks again. At the same time, all the kids were released from their horrible prisons.

The enemy roared and threw Ryan’s body back in the ground


“I am over here Ruthar!” Peter said floating on the air – “but I think you have BIGGER problems than me!” Peter said and pointed somewhere behind the huge wizard.

“WHY DON’T PICK UP SOMEONE YOUR OWN SIZE?” Ryan said with his eyes growing with intense green energy irradiating from them.

“WHAT?” Ruthar looked dumb folded.

“Well, my brother withheld himself until now, he couldn’t risk to hurt the kids, now that I got rid of this little problem, he can get the time to teach you a lesson or two…” Peter said as they both looked at the incredible growth on Ryan.

He already was over 12 feet tall, but his muscles seemed to double their original size, his veins and definition were just uncanny. Each fiber was visible, Ryan was more muscular than Ruthar and it was just the beginning.

Ruthar tried to attack, but he found himself being held by the roots of the nearby trees – “I hope you don’t mind, let’s just watch this for a while shall we? Look at my little brother growing!” Peter said pointing to Ryan who seemed even bigger than a few seconds ago. “RYAN! RYAN! RYAN!” They cheered as Ryan kept on growing, his muscles grew bigger in huge violent spasms, he just smiled as hi deltoids bulged, the traps got wider than ever, the pecs filled with muscle and power, the legs got even thicker the shoulder inflated with sheer size and the biceps swallowed freakier and freakier.

Ryan’s figure widened by the seconds and he kept growing taller too, his muscles grew even faster now, he just looked as his arms grew longer, touching the land, they were just as thick as his legs, his shoulders ballooned and the power on his abs only got more evident as the abs popped out like never, they were more ripped than ever.

The look on the boy’s face was calm and peaceful, as his body reached titanic proportions he just stood there relaxing and enjoying the view from his ever growing body.

Even the kids who were used to Ryan’s former size, got impressed with his new upgrade, Ryan was so wide and muscular that his look wasn’t human anymore, he was MUSCLE, the ultimate expression of MUSCLE, each fiber of his powerful being was infinitely strong, his feet were giant, his arms, gargantuan, his chest, awesomely bloated with two immense pecs, his legs grow bigger and thicker.

Even Ryan’s look changed, his eyes got brighter, he had this intense green glow and his face got even tenderer, the face of a 9 year old on the body of a muscle titan never looked so right before; it was like Ryan achieved his true and natural form. Then some strange clothing appeared on Ryan’s enormous and ever growing body, some kind of lion cloth and a pair of huge silver armlets with strange symbols, a huge muscle belt with an enormous symbol made him look even bigger. Ryan’s hair was bigger now, higher in the flower power look, matching perfectly with his new improved look.

And the growth didn’t end here, Ryan kept on putting muscle after muscle, becoming more than human, more than titan, he was just RYAN!

When it finally seemed to slow down a little even Peter had to take some time to accept the truth – Ryan had grown to an UNBELIEVABLE SIZE!!!

When it comes to unbelievable size, it means that Ryan was now 25 feet tall! That’s right 25 feet tall and he weighed over 65 THOUSAND POUNDS!

His arms were over 550” inches around, his legs 560” and his chest 615”. He had a 24 pack abs and his traps jutted 30 inches up in the air, but his neck was thick enough to make him look JUST AMAZING!

Ryan took a step forward, and the ground seemed shake, the kids smiled and looked amazed, Peter just smiled proud of his little brother, and Ruthar was the only one who wasn’t happy with this – “HOW? IT’S IMPOSSIBLE!”

Ryan was also amazed, he grabbed Ruthar by the waist with just two fingers. He was almost twice bigger than him for heave’s sake, he never felt better, it was like Ryan was born to be a giant among the humans, and he lifted Ruthar at his face level “YOU WERE A BAD MAN, RUTHAR, YOU USED FREE VIOLENCE, YOU TRIED TO HEURT MY LITTLE FRIENDS AND EVEN MY BROTHER I SHOULD JUST PUNCH YOU UNTILL YOU TURN INTO A PULP!”

Ruthar just screamed and protected his face, but then Ryan looked at Peter’s calm face and then back at Ruthar – “YOU WANTED TO BE THE BIGGEST SO MUCH, YOU MADE ME LOOK INSIDE OF MYSELF AND FIND MY TRUE POWER, DO YOU KNOW THIS?” Ryan said with a smile.

Ryan put Ruthar on the ground – “FLEX YOUR MUSCLES!” he ordered and Ruthar felt like hw just had to do it – the 13 feet tall man flexed his uncanny guns but no one was impressed because right after that Ryan was there comparing sizes of his muscles, Ryan was twice taller than Ruthar which meant that his muscles looked more than 8 times bigger than Ruthar’s physique.

“GEE RUTHAR, I THINK YOU NEED TO PUMP SOME IRON! YOU LOOK SKINNY!” Ryan teased and the kids laughed, the Dark Wizard roared in anger and flexed even harder, but then he felt strange, he look at himself and noticed his muscles were shrinking fast.

“NOOOOOOOOOO!!!” He screamed and tried to punch Ryan but it was useless – “Ruthar, you’re just making me stronger!” Ryan teased and the kids laughed, but Ruthar couldn’t care less he kept trying to get his muscles back, but the more he struggled the more he shrank.

Ryan kept flexing his muscles to show Ruthar how titanic he was now, and the Dark Wizard cursed and punched the uncanny kid in a gladiator costume. Ryan laughed out loud and kept playing with the incredible shrinking Dark wizard.

“I AM RUTHAR THE SLAUGHTER GIANT!” He screamed in pain as he felt shrinking faster, soon he was shorter than Peter and smaller by the seconds.

Then Ryan grabbed him and held him in his hand


When Ryan finished speaking Ruthar had shrunk so much the huge kid just closed his hands and engulfed him, when Ryan opened his huge paws again, Ruthar – the Slaughter Giant had disappeared and in his place, a little bug now walked on Ryan’s hand.

Peter floated and looked at the beetle, the same dark energy sphere which slowly faded into a beautiful crystal blue shade entered Ryan’s body and the kid felt his own powers increasing, his muscles got even more powerful and ripped and a huge silver symbol appeared on his bracelets.

Ryan smiled – “It feels funny!” he looked at Peter – “Go for it, bro!”

Ryan felt he was FLYING! He just could fly, not bothering to the fact that he was over 65 tons of pure massive tone! Ryan flew over the clouds and felt the freedom his power gave him; he flew miles and miles and came back with an incredible smile in his face.

“There’s more!” He said as he ran into the other side of the city over 30 miles and returned in less than once second, his speed was so intense the kids had to grab onto the benches to avoid being carried by the wind Ryan produced.

“There’s EVEN more!” Ryan said looking at Peter, then he fired a powerful laser beam from his eyes to the lake and a dense cloud of steam covered the surface of the lake – “Don’t worry I can fix it! Hey kids who wants to go ice skate?” Ryan looked at Peter and the next thing the kids noticed was that their little feet were wearing ice skates.

Ryan then blew a powerful breath which frozen the entire lake in a matter of seconds. The kids screamed in joy and the party began once more.

Ryan looked at his brother, but before he could ask Peter already answered.

“What did you expect? You’re the GUARDIAN! The entity designed by Prince to protect the Good Magic from the Evil!” Peter said floating in the air and sitting on Ryan’s shoulders.

“Guardian? You mean I am a cop?” Ryan asked puzzled.

“Sort of, you see you have the POWER to fight against magic! From now on, no wizard will be able to hit you, your body is invulnerable, you have all those amazing powers I have like energy balls, and other ones only you have! Isn’t that neat?” Peter asked.

“Yeah, but what about my size? You mean it wasn’t just temporary?” The 25’ titan asked with a smile in his face.

“NOPE! I could make you bigger, but no one, not even the necromancer can shrink you or change you in anyway!” Peter announced.

“But Peter, how am I supposed to enter the house?” Ryan asked looking at his eve bigger muscles.

“Well, we can work that out; right now we should take those kids back home and think about a way to fight the rest of the wizards!”

“YEAH!” Ryan said flexing his gun and Peter teased – “I guess we’ll just have to get used to your titanic size now!”

Ryan smiled and went to the lake, taking care to float otherwise the ice would break, then he grabbed all the kids on his giant embrace and flew up in the sky – “Prepare kids, we’re gonna Fly by Ryan!” he said as he carried his little friends into the sky. Being followed by Peter who just grabbed the beetle and kept him in a little bottle, and flew right into the blue sky – “TWO DOWN, THREE TO GO!” he yelled as he approached the flying giant, not realizing the two ravens who stood quietly on the electric wires, the evil glint on their eyes and their strange way. The birds landed and quickly their bodies grew bigger and they lost their feathers, then two tall, thin, bald, oriental looking men were there, they were the spitting image one another and they even spoke together.

“It’s not over yet, Peter, not yet!....” •

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