Power Pills

By wishboi2002

Aaron was walking down the street on his way home from school tired and exhausted. It was Friday and he had had two tests today. He was thankful that it was finally the weekend. Only one more month of school and he would be graduating from high school and getting ready for college. Aaron had celebrated his 18th birthday a few months ago, so he was really starting to feel mature and ready to be on his own. At 5’10’’ and 155 pounds, Aaron had a nice trim build that he had developed from four years on his high school swim team. He wasn’t unhappy with the way he looked, but he was just your average guy with short, clean-cut brown hair and brown eyes.

As he walked down Maple Street and passed the shopping center, he noticed a new store had just opened. They had been renovating the inside for months, but there was no sign on the outside of what the store was going to be, until today. Aaron could barely read the large sign that was posted in the window. He squinted and read the big blue letters, “Health Hut.” Underneath the big blue letters were smaller blue letters that read, “You’re one stop shop for everything that’s good for you!” Intrigued, Aaron decided to go check it out. In his khaki shorts and white t-shirt and with his backpack over his shoulders he headed to the store.

Walking in, he noticed a strange odor. It wasn’t bad, just different. It smelled fresh and clean. He looked around and saw several shelves in many rows with everything from foods to bottles, which Aaron guessed must be health foods and vitamins or other supplements. He saw a counter to the left side of the store and as he walked by it, a short and old man popped up.

“Hello young man! Welcome to the Health Hut!” the little man shouted.

Startled, Aaron jumped back a step or two. “Hey. Cool store you got here. I was just walking by on my way home from school and I thought I’d drop by.”

“Well…welcome! Have a look around and see if anything interests you.” The old man said with as a smile appeared on his face.

Aaron smiled back and proceeded to the back of the store, out of sight of the counter and the old man. He looked at the shelves and gave a close inspection of what the items on them were. He looked at bottle labeled “Vitamin C Extreme”. Underneath the title it said, “Get a month’s worth of Vitamin C in every capsule.” Aaron raised an eyebrow as this peaked his curiosity. He had never seen Vitamins in stores with that on them. He looked at some other bottles and realized that everything in this store was your typical health stuff, only it seemed to be much more powerful.

Aaron went to turn around a corner of the shelves when the old man was suddenly in front of him again. Startled once again and gasping for a breath, Aaron asked the old man, “Can you please stop doing that?”

“I just have something that might interest you. Thought I’d share it with you,” the old man said as his excited smile turned to a drooping frown.

“I’m sorry, “Aaron said, “Of course you can share it with me.”

“Well, this here is something that I think might interest a young man like yourself. Just arrived on a shipment today. This was the only bottle in the load that was delivered. They’re called Power Pills. They increase your overall health. Perfect for a young man of your age. They could give you a life-time of perfect health.”

“Thanks,” said Aaron, “but I don’t really think I need those.”

“Oh,” said the old man in a sad tone and started walking back to his counter.

“Wait,” Aaron said with a little shout, “I didn’t mean to upset you. You know, I do have a few extra bucks in my wallet. Why don’t you ring up those pills and I’ll buy them.”

“Ah! Excellent!” the old man yelled. He popped open the bottle and handed a pill to Aaron. “Try one now…I guarantee you’ll feel great!”

Reluctantly, Aaron took the pill and swallowed it. “Oh it’s great.” Aaron said, trying to sound excited to keep the old man’s spirits up. To Aaron it tasted just like an ordinary aspirin and was probably worthless to ingest, but he knew he was making the old man happy.

“My first customer!” the old man exclaimed as he hurried to the counter, rang up the price of the pills on the cash register and had them in a small bag before Aaron could even take his wallet out. Aaron felt good to be the old man’s first customer and to give him so much joy.

“You won’t be disappointed!” the old man said excitedly.

Aaron gave the man $15, thanked him, took the bag with the bottle of pills inside and headed out the door.

On the way home, Aaron felt good he had helped out someone else, but what was he going to do with this bottle of pills? He walked through the park on his way home and left the bag, with the pills inside, on a bench.

When Aaron got home he threw his backpack on the floor and flopped down no the couch to watch television until his parents got home from work in a few hours. He reached for the remote on the coffee table, but he suddenly had a head rush and realized that he no longer felt tired. In fact, he was wide-awake and full of energy.

Aaron sat up on the couch and noticed an uncomfortable feeling in his sneakers. His feet seemed to be fitting pretty snug in them. He knew he had to imagining the shoes being tight because he had just bought them a few weeks ago. He reached down to loosen the laces when he heard a creaking noise, like leather being pulled and stretched. Aaron could see the laces on his shoes starting to pull apart. His heart started beating faster. What was going on? Toes started to push up on the sneakers, trying to free themselves.

Suddenly as he was watching his feet in his shoes, Aaron noticed that his ankles were getting thicker. He struggled to pull the shoes off his feet, but it was useless. His feet had swelled too much and it would be impossible. As he tugged, his toes started to push out the front of the sneakers. His heel was pushing out the back. The top of his foot was pushing the laces apart, snapping them as it freed itself from the shoes. Stunned, Aaron’s mouth hung open as he looked down and the shredded shoes on the floor and at his feet which had to be at least a size 17 now.

In a panic, he ran to his bedroom. It was awkward trying to walk with his new super-sized feet. He struggled, but eventually made it to his bedroom and slammed the door. He sat on his bed, trying to think of what he could do. What was going on? Then it hit. Maybe this had something to do with that pill the old man had made him take. Aaron went to stand up, but noticed instantly that his feet and legs were heavier. Looking down he saw his calves were thickening and he could hear the muscle stretching and crackling as it bulged.

The feeling traveled up his leg and his thighs began to enlarge too as the sound of growth filled the otherwise silent room. The shorts Aaron was wearing began to get snug and finally were filled to their capacity. His bony butt began to firm up and form a nice bubble. As it did, the seat of Aaron’s pants tore open, followed shortly by seam all over the shorts pulling apart to show Aaron thick, growing slabs of muscle on his legs.

“Whoa!” Aaron yelled, filled with a mix of emotions. He reached down and pulled the shorts off, leaving him in just his t-shirt and tighty whities, which looked more like a thong bikini on his expanding body.

Aaron noticed his waist wasn’t changing, but his flat stomach began to widen and thicken. In a matter of seconds he could see large bumps rising out of his stomach under the shirt. He was growing abs! He peeled the shirt up.

“Holy sh..” he began to yell as he got a first glimpse of a tight 8-pack on his tummy.

This t-shirt began to pull apart on his chest as his pecs inflated and ballooned to a size he never imagined on his body. Aaron’s shoulders were stretching wider and his neck thickened. He looked at his arms just as the biceps filled with muscle and tore their way out of his shirt. His forearms and hands grew to match his new size. Aaron strutted over to the mirror. In the chaos of everything happening to him, he didn’t realize he had also grown nearly 6 inches taller. He stood in front of the mirror shocked. Staring back at him was an 18-year old boy, standing in white briefs with a body bigger and strong than any bodybuilder he had ever seen. He hit a few poses in the mirror as the muscles pulled tight and bulged everywhere. Slowly a large smile formed on Aaron’s face.

“Ahh man this awesome!” he yelled.

In the excitement of flexing, Aaron didn’t hear the footsteps coming up the stairs. He looked over at the clock. It was 5 o’clock! The usual time his parents got home from work. Panic hit Aaron as the doorknob to his bedroom slowly turned. •

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