Nate's Magical Christmas Story

Nate’s gifts


By tfwizard

As soon as they were done singing, Nate closed his eyes and allowed Ty, Dustin, Peter and Salvador to shrink back to their original sizes from their giant 25 foot height. Every body was normal again except for Nate, who was still as tall as Ryan. They all sat down on the grass, as Nate addressed the group one more time.

“I have some gifts to hand out before I leave you. Notice that I didn’t shrink back because I have to be 25 feet tall in order to present my first gift. My first gift is for Uncle Ryan!” Nate said, as he pulled a little, blue ball out of his bag. Ryan stood up and walked up to Nate, who was still as tall as him.

“I know how much you love being big, muscular and strong. I also know how big you will become in the future. I figured that it would not hurt much to help you out with your growth, for I know how much you love to grow. So, right now, you will gain another 1000 pounds of muscle!” Nate said out loud. Everyone gasped as Ryan felt his already giant, muscular body as it began to grow an additional five feet in length. Not only did Ryan become noticeably WIDER, but his muscles had expanded a little more, making him truly the biggest human on earth!

“WOW! Thanks NATE!” Ryan grabbed him and they hugged very tightly causing the ground to shake a little

“Yeah, everything we needed a BIGGER RYAN!” Dustin said as he poked Ty who just waved his head.

Then Nate held up a blue ball, which was about the size of a tennis ball. Nate took a step back and tossed the ball at Ryan. As soon as the magic ball struck Ryan’s huge, muscular chest, a large blue basketball jersey materialized on Ryan’s chest and torso. It had the number 99 printed on the back, along with the name “RYAN” printed above the number.

Nate then proceeded to shrink his own body back to his original size. It took just a few seconds for Nate to shrink back to his still very impressive height of 6’10” inches tall. The boy then grabbed another ball out of his bag and held the green ball in his hand as he called out the next name.

“I would like to ask Dustin to come forward!” Nate said, while looking over the crowd. Dustin immediately stood up and walked up to Nate, who also stood about 9 inches taller than him.

“I know how important Dustin is to this household, because he is the one who does all the cooking. And I can imagine, with a kid like Ryan in the house, that Dustin ends up cooking quite a lot of food every day! So my first gift to Dustin is a complete cooking set!” Nate said out loud. The crowd applauded as Nate tossed the ball in the air. When the ball landed in front of Dustin’s feet, it materialized into a huge stack of brand new pots, pans, kitchen utensils, and just about any other kind of kitchen tool that Dustin could use to cook with.

“Ooooooh!” everyone in the crowd said, as they all looked at the very impressive display of gifts that Nate had awarded to Dustin.

“I know that when I first came here a few days ago, Dustin became very upset and angry with me when I nearly destroyed his house! He was impressed when I used my powers to fix everything, so I decided to give Dustin one more gift. Since Dustin is the one who does all the cooking around here, I figured that he could use a little magic so that he could do things faster and easier!” Nate explained.

“Wow!” everyone said when Nate walked up to Dustin and placed the palm of his right hand on Dustin’s forehead. Nate closed his eyes and concentrated, and within a few seconds, there appeared a bright, white glow around Dustin. Nate opened his eyes and lowered his hand, and then he turned towards Dustin and smiled.

“Do you know what I did to you? I just granted you the same powers that Ty and my dad have! You can now transform or change anything or anyone. You will have this power as long as my dad allows you to have them. My dad will be the only one who can take these powers away from you, once I’m gone.” Nate explained, much to the surprise of the entire crowd. Dustin felt the power surge inside of him, and he realized that he now possessed the same powers as Ty and Peter! Dustin felt great, and he thanked Nate before he sat down in the crowd.

‘Uncle Tyler is the next person to receive some gifts from me!” Nate said. The crowd erupted in applause as Ty stood up and walked up to Nate.

Nate grinned when Ty stood next to him. Looking down at the teenager who was a foot shorter than him, Nate displayed the evil grin on his face, the same one that Ty was famous for. The whole crowd began to laugh, while Ty became a little nervous while he wondered what Nate had in store for him.

“When I think of Uncle Tyler,” Nate began, “I think of the funniest person I know. He’s a clown and a joker, although he has proven to be very loyal to his friends and he is very helpful when you’re in need. Ty will punish you if you’re mean, but he also rewards those who help others. His wishes are often misspoken and fun, but Ty is one of my favorite relatives in the whole wide world! I found out what he likes, and I discovered that he loves music. So I brought him this gift from the future!”

Nate grabbed a yellow colored ball out of his bag and tossed the ball at Ty. As soon as the ball touched him, a futuristic electric guitar materialized, while hanging from a strap around Ty’s shoulder.

“Oh Nate! This is awesome! I always wanted an electric guitar! Thank you!” Ty said, as he touched some of the strings of the guitar, letting out a loud twang. Ty turned around and was about to walk right back to his seat, but Nate stopped him.

“I’m not ready yet, Ty! I have one more thing to give you…” Nate said, as Ty suddenly found himself unable to move. Nate pointed his finger at Ty, and then signaled Ty to come back on to stand right next to him. Ty felt his body responding to Nate’s magic, and he immediately stood right next to him, while he had his mouth open in surprise. Nate then walked up to Ty and placed the palm of his right hand on Ty’s forehead.

“I’m going to increase your powers, Uncle Tyler, as your reward for showing such loyalty and friendship towards me, my father, and Uncle Ryan” Nate said, as he closed his eyes. Immediately there appeared a light blue glow around Ty, as Ty felt a great surge of power overcoming his entire body. After a few seconds, Nate opened his eyes and removed his hand from Ty’s forehead. Ty just looked at Nate with amazement, as he began to realize that the tall, young, red hair boy had just greatly increased his transformation powers.

“Thank you, Nate… I’m honored beyond words…” Ty began to say, with a tear rolling down his face.

“The honor is all mine, Uncle Ty! I’m very honored to have you as my uncle. I love you, Ty!” Nate said, as Nate and Ty embraced one another before Ty walked back to his seat with his guitar in his hand.

“And now, last but not least, I would like to ask Peter to come forward!” Nate said out loud. There was a thundering applause coming from the crowd, as Peter stood up and walked over to his son from the future.

“Nate, you really didn’t have to get me anything…” Peter said to his son. Nate grabbed hold of Peter’s hand, making Peter stop talking.

“Daddy, you have given me everything I have. You will be the best father a kid could ever ask for; there is no way I can even come close to giving you as much as you have given me. I’m proud of you, dad, and I just want you to know that I love you very much…” Nate said calmly, while facing his teenage father.

Peter just stared at his taller son with astonishment, while Nate continued to speak. He was completely in awe of the gratitude, seriousness, and maturity of his son. It made him very happy, knowing that his son would end up like this.

“Dad, you are known to be a very powerful Transformation Wizard. You were always strong, but legend has it that your powers were dramatically increased on the day after Christmas, when you were still only sixteen years old!” Nate explained, as if he was revealing a prophecy. Peter gave him a confused look back.

“But, Nate… Today is the day after Christmas, and I am sixteen years old right now…” Peter wondered out loud.

“Exactly! Since I got my powers from you, I wanted to give something back. But since I came from you, I will make myself stronger when I make you stronger. I will double your transformation powers, and that will cause me to become stronger as well!” Nate replied. Everyone in the crowd gasped, as Nate placed his hand on Peter’s head and began to concentrate.

Immediately a red glow surrounded all of Peter’s body, but Nate began to glow as well! Both Peter and Nate began to glow with a light that was so intense, that everyone who saw it had to close their eyes or turn away. For a moment, Nate and Peter began to levitate in the air, as the great magical powers began to surge through both of them. Several visions and images of Nate’s life flashed through Peter’s mind, and he began to understand the significance of this event and he now knew why Nate was so special. There was a reason for his actions, and Nate increasing his powers served a purpose. For a split second Peter was able to see why Nate had done what he did, before it became forgotten and disappeared from his memory. Peter wasn’t supposed to know it yet, and he would remember it one day in the future. After a few seconds, the glow had disappeared, and Peter and Nate were lowered back on the ground.

“This is my gift to you. Merry Christmas, daddy!” Nate said. Peter and Nate embraced each other. Peter tried hard to fight back the tears, but it was no use. “I love you, daddy!” Nate whispered in his ear. They both pulled back and laughed, as they realized that they were now both crying of joy. The people got on their feet as Peter and Nate received a standing ovation from the crowd. Ryan, Dustin and Ty were becoming teary eyed as well, and they were all impacted by Nate’s generosity.

Dustin quickly grabbed his instant camera in the house and pictures of Peter and Nate, and one of Ryan and Nate. He figured that it would be cool to have a photo of Nate, so that Ryan and Peter could have something to remember him by. Then Dustin took a photo of Ty, Peter, Ryan and Nate and he gave the photo to Nate, for him to take back with him to the future. •

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