Nate's Magical Christmas Story

The day after Christmas: Nate’s parting gifts


By tfwizard

It was the morning after Christmas. For some reason, everyone was still asleep, except Nate. Nate had wished for everyone to sleep late, until he was done making breakfast for the entire household. He made a huge omelet, pancakes and toast, as a way to thank everyone for allowing him to stay there. He had a hard time sleeping that night, for he realized that this was the day when he had to return back to his own time. He looked forward to seeing his parents in his time, although it seemed so cool to him to be able to spend time with his father while his father was still a teenager himself. But he began to feel sad when it dawned on him that the moment for saying goodbye was approaching fast, and the tunnel of time would appear on the lawn in front of the house around noon that day.

The breakfast was done and the table was set. Nate then wished foe everyone to wake up, except for Peter. Ty and Ryan were the first ones awake, and they immediately came down to the kitchen, where their breakfast awaited them.

“Wow! You made all this?” Ty asked Nate, as he looked over the dining table.

“Yeah. This is my last meal with you guys before I have to travel back to my own time!” Nate replied, reminding Ty and Ryan that his time was short. Ryan tried not to think about it yet, and decided to spend as much time with Nate as possible, before he had to leave. Dustin finally made it downstairs as well, and he was very surprised to see that Nate had cooked breakfast for everyone. Dustin was usually the one who did all the cooking in the house, so he was very pleased and surprised to see what Nate had done.

When everyone else was finally downstairs, Nate asked to be excused and slowly walked up the stairs to Peter’s room. He quietly opened the door and walked in, closing the door behind him. Nate stood besides Peter’s bed and got down on his knees, as he quietly wished for Peter to wake up at that moment. Peter slowly turned around and groaned for a moment, and he sat up straight as soon as he had opened his eyes and noticed Nate looking at him with a smile on his face.

“Hey, Nate…” Peter said quietly, as he made himself comfortable on his bed. He was just wearing a pair of shorts, but he had no shirt on.

“Good morning, dad! Did you sleep well?” Nate asked his father, who was just a teenager himself.

“Yes, I sure did. Why are you up so early?” Peter asked him, not realizing how late it was.

“It’s not as early as you think, dad! It’s already 10:30 in the morning! I just wanted to spend some time with you because… I will need to leave pretty soon” Nate replied, as he became sad while he said those words.

Peter got out of bed and stood up, as Nate stood up as well. Peter looked up at his son, who was several inches taller and towered over him. They just stared at each other in silence, when Nate suddenly noticed a tear coming from Peter’s eye. Peter immediately extended his arms and embraced Nate.

“I love you Nate! You’re awesome, you’re the coolest kid I’ve ever met, and it has just been like the greatest Christmas present ever for me to meet you. I’m so lucky to be your father, even though I would have to wait another twenty years before you will be born into this world” Peter said, as he embraced his son. Then Peter pulled back slowly as he looked up at the red hair kid with freckles and ice blue eyes.

“Nate, can you tell me… Can you give me the name of your mother?” Peter asked his son.

“I’m sorry, dad. Prince has given me strict orders not to tell you. I’m sorry…” Nate replied, while tears came rolling down his cheeks as well.

“That’s alright… I can completely understand. But I can imagine that she must be very beautiful, because she has produced such an amazing kid like you. You’re so tall, big and strong… I’m just so happy knowing that I will have a son who will turn out so well and who will grow up to become you. I must be the luckiest person on earth right now…” Peter whispered.

“Dad… I have a few gifts I would like to hand out to you and Uncle Ryan and to Dustin and Ty, but I need to hurry because time is running out. Can we go outside for awhile?” Nate asked Peter.

“Sure, Nate. Give me five minutes and meet me downstairs while I take a quick shower, okay?” Peter replied. Nate immediately went down stairs and told Dustin, Ty and Ryan to meet out in the front lawn, for he had some gifts he wanted to hand out to them while he waited for the tunnel of time to reappear on the front lawn in front of the house. Nate only had one more hour left, and he wanted to give some very special gifts to the group so they had something to remember him by.

At first everyone was feeling sad over the fact that Nate was leaving. Nate picked up on that, and decided to do something about it. Only Ty, Peter, and Ryan where waiting outside. Salvador had just joined the group, while Dustin went to the grocery story to buy something to eat for the group. A small go-away party had gotten underway, although the mood seemed a bit sad and gloomy. Ryan and Ty just sat on the steps in front of the house, while Peter and Nate were throwing a football to each other.

“Gosh, dad… Why aren’t you happy today?” Nate asked Peter, as he caught the ball from him. Nate was happy and upbeat, while Peter seemed quiet and withdrawn.

“I don’t know… I guess I’m just feeling sad because this might be the last time in twenty years that I’ll get to see you…” Peter said calmly, while he was waiting for Nate to throw the ball back to him. Nate grabbed the ball with his right hand, placing all his fingers on the laces, as he pulled his arm behind his head and hurled the ball right back at his father. Peter caught the ball, but he needed to use both hands, since Nate had thrown it with great force at him.

‘Oh daddy, please don’t look at it like that! I may surprise you some day!” Nate said, while waiting for Peter to throw the ball back. Nate looked around and noticed that Ty, Ryan and Dustin were also feeling sad. Nobody was saying much, and everyone seemed quiet. Nate had enough and decided to do something about it. He caught the ball from Peter, but decided to hold on to it before throwing it again. Then Nate turned towards Ty and Ryan, and addressed the group.

“Oh come on, guys! Why the long faces? It’s Christmas! Why is everybody so sad today?” Nate shouted to the group. He looked from left to right, and decided the group needed a change of attitude.

“Let’s have everybody stand up and line up in front of the house! Ryan, you go stand in the middle!” Nate said out loud. Ryan stood up, clearly being the tallest person present. Then Ty, Salvador and Peter stood next to him. When the group was standing together on the lawn, Nate closed his eyes and suddenly Peter, Ty and Salvador began to grow! Salvador began to grow taller and taller, as his arms and legs grew bigger. He quickly went from 5’7” feet to nearly 25 feet, making him as big as Ryan!

Peter and Ty were next. Both boys gasped as they looked down and noticed that they were growing taller. Luckily, their shoes and their clothes grew along with their bodies, so that the three young men continued to grow in proportion and were able to keep their clothes on as well. Within a few minutes, Ty, Peter, Salvador and Nate were now just as tall as Ryan! Not only that, but the four guys were big and muscular as well. All four of them then turned to Nate, wondering what he had in store for them.

“Now, Ryan won’t feel that lonely since we’re all his size. I hate the idea of leaving you guys like this. I don’t want this to be my last memory of you! You’re all sad and gloomy! Please, let’s lighten up! Maybe we all just need to sing a few Christmas songs together, before I leave. Just remember, I may come back sooner than you think!” Nate explained, while trying to cheer up the group.

Just at that moment Dustin had arrived from the grocery store, and carried a box with a chocolate cake in it. He bought this for the guests at the party. He placed the cake on the table on the side porch of the house, before walking towards the front lawn, wondering what everybody was doing.

As soon as Dustin turned around the corner and stood on the lawn, he saw Salvador, Peter, Ryan, Ty and Nate all as 25 foot giants!

“OHHH MY GOODNESS! YOU’RE ALL GIANTS!!” he shouted, as he almost freaked out when he saw them. “NOW YOU’RE ALL LIKE RYAN!!”

“There’s Dustin! Let’s run after him. EVERYBODY, RUN AFTER DUSTIN!!” Ty shouted out loud! Dustin turned towards the street and began to run for it, while be chased by a giant Ty and Salvador in hot pursuit.

“AAAAHHH I’M BEING CHASED BY GIANTS!!!!” Dustin screamed, as he tried to get away as fast as possible. Of course he couldn’t get far. Ty, being the 25 foot giant, just took a few steps and reached down with his right hand. Ty gently wrapped his giant fingers around the tiny Dustin, and he placed him on his giant hand. The four giants then huddled up together, as they laughed at the tiny figure of Dustin in Ty’s hand.

“HEY GUYS, MAY I EAT HIM?” Ty asked Salvador and Ryan. Ty then grabbed Dustin with his fingers and held Dustin in front of his face.

“OH No... NO, TY! PLEASE DON’T DO THIS! HEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPP!!! NOOOO!!!” Dustin began to scream, as he trembled of fear while being imprisoned by Ty’s mighty fingers.

“Don’t worry, Dustin! It’s Christmas! I got a cool present for you! Go ahead and put him on the ground, Uncle Tyler!” Nate instructed Ty.

Ty quickly set Dustin back down on the grass, and made a step back so that he stood right in between Ryan, Salvador, Peter and Ty. Nate came forward and closed his eyes. Immediately Dustin felt a tingling sensation through his entire body, as Dustin began to grow rapidly and within a few seconds, he found himself standing at the same height as the other four young men.

“Wow! I’m a giant!” Dustin shouted, as he looked down at his huge body.

Nate quickly allowed Dustin to join the group, and he walked in front of them and turned to face towards them.

“Okay everyone, now that we’re all 25 foot giants, I feel very confident that the entire neighborhood will hear our singing for sure! How about we sing a few songs together? I want you all to be HAPPY! Afterwards, I have a few parting gifts to hand out to you!” Nate shouted at the group. Then Nate directed the group like the director of the choir, and Salvador, Peter, Nate, Ty and Dustin began to sing several Christmas songs together. The rest of the neighbors came out to look, and pretty soon the five giants were joined by almost a hundred people from around the neighborhood, as the group enjoyed times of joyful singing and fellowship. •

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