Nate's Magical Christmas Story

Nate tells them about the future


By tfwizard

“Well, daddy, this is how I REALLY look, no transformation I can assure you!” Nate said seeking for his father’s approval. He just stood there, looking straight down at his shorter father.

“WOW! This is you real form? What do you eat in future?” Peter said, while admiring the incredibly muscular figure of his son.

“Oh, dad, you’re embarrassing me!” Nate said as he began to blush. “In fact, the reason I got this BIG is because of HIM!” Nate said, while pointing at an astonished Ryan!

“Me? Why? What have I done?” Ryan said frightened.

“You see dad, in the future you let Uncle Ryan take care of me quite frequently, even though my “baby sitter” is a 200 feet tall muscle titan man! He is the strongest creature ever born, and since his strength is EVER increasing he thinks I should be able to defend myself, so he’s always pushing me harder and harder while making me eat all this protein and healthy food. As a result, I just keep packing on and becoming more muscular! Prince said that I would end up just as big as Uncle Ryan, even before I turn 15!” Nate said still blushing.

“Y-you mean, you actually train with Ryan, in the future?” Peter asked with his eyes wide opened.

“Sure! We train everyday at least three hours, then I go study with Grand – erm, I mean Prince, for the rest of the morning. After that, I have the afternoon free, but I mostly resume training or just spending time with Uncle Ryan!” Nate replied.

“You don’t see Peter at all?” Ryan asked while he kneeled so he could see Nate’s face.

“Oh I do! Dad is away for most of the time, but we can be together any time! He and I are very close, but you know, he has to take care of the Balance!”

“WOW! Peter, I can’t believe! You’re the Keeper of the Balance?” the behemoth smiled.

“Nate, I know it was not your intent, but please don’t reveal our future to us. It doesn’t seem reasonable.” Peter said while smiling at his taller son.

“Prince told me the same thing before I left, so don’t worry dad, everything I said is completely safe for you and for everyone else!” Nate said while he began to hug him, engulfing Peter’s own brawny frame with his incredibly large muscles!

“Don’t worry, big guy! I just wanted to be here with you for Christmas! You were even the one who suggested that I travel in time to visit!”

“I Did? Why?” Peter responded; feeling shocked at that revelation.

“Well, you had to! Let’s say, you and mom had “extra work” and you couldn’t be with me during holidays. And since you also had to take Uncle Ryan with you, you said I would be alone and all… So you decided to send me back in time for a while!”

“Okay, okay; I got that part. Nate, can you please loosen up a little, you’re squeezing me!” Peter said, while he began to feel the strain of his son’s grip on him.

“Oh, I’m sorry, dad! I did it again! Whenever you are at home you’re always telling me to loosen up, that you are not naturally hyper strong like me and Uncle Ryan!” Nate said, once more feeling a little embarrassed.

“Don’t worry, champ!” Peter said comforting his son. “I am PROUD OF YOU! I’ve never thought that my very own son would become so BIG, so STRONG and so POWERFUL!”

Peter hugged Nate tightly and the boy lifted him over a foot off the ground, with Peter’s feet dangling in the air.

“I am proud of you too dad!” Nate replied joyfully.

Ryan watched everything and he almost cried, but he wanted to play cool, so he just smiled and grabbed both Peter and Nate in his hands and hugged them too.

“I love you two guys!” They all laughed and started talking for at least one hour, than Peter suddenly had a sudden idea, he excused himself and went flying away.

“Why did he have to leave?” Nate wondered but soon Ryan asked.

“Nate, you said you train with me? But you also said I will be 200 feet tall by then! How can you do it?” Ryan asked the red hair muscle boy.

“Oh, I have to grow myself a lot bigger, but I am hyper strong in my normal size, that’s why you train with me! You and I have the same kind of power – I mean, my dad has the transformation wizard skills, and gave it to me, I also have something from mom, but apparently I also have inhuman physical strength, and I have been training with you, Uncle Ryan, since I was four years old!” Nate answered right away.

“You mean, you’re just as powerful as Peter AND you’re just as strong as me?” Ryan asked surprised.

“Well, kind of – You are WAAAAAAY stronger than me in the future, but then you’re much older and more experienced than me! But I could say that in this time we are just equally strong!” Nate concluded.

“Well, Nate, I don’t want to brag, but I am ULTRA STRONG! I have done amazing things, you know?”

“I know! I ask you to re tell the stories over and over! I am you BIGGEST fan, Uncle Ryan!”

“Really? Is that true?” Ryan wondered out loud.

“YES! When we train, we always give it all! I want to be just as big and just as strong as you, Uncle Ryan! And you want that too! You’re always saying that I need to be there for my father, because he may be more powerful, but we’re immune to any harmful magic.” Ryan explained.

“Are you immune to magic too?” Ryan asked shocked “Gawsh! You are just like Peter, but with my size and strength! You are a very REAL POWERFUL KID!” Ryan said dropping his jaw.

“Oh, come on Uncle Ryan! You know you are the strongest being ever born! I still have a long way to go to meet your accomplishments! You and Dad had faced the worst enemies and won them all! Once father froze an entire ocean and you LIFTED it and threw over the Fire Sorceress…” Nate shut up quickly – “Oops! I shouldn’t have said that!”

“Let’s make it our secret, okay?” Ryan said smiling and Nate blinked.

“Okay, Uncle Ryan!”

“I still can’t believe you’re just strong as me! I mean, just look at my size!”

“Well, Uncle, I can grow to 100 feet tall easily, but my strength is natural! I am just as strong in my normal size as I am in my giant version!” Nate said, pretending to be serious.

“We can test it later, right now I am STARVING!” Ryan grabbed Nate on his hand – “And you gotta eat too, you are looking so skinny to me, I’ll fix you a huge plate so you can pack more muscle in not time!” Ryan said without even looking at Nate’s face. “You and mom are always stuffing food down my throat!” Nate tried to protest but he knew he was always hungry and he wanted to be big as his uncle Ryan. •

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