Nate's Magical Christmas Story

Peter meets Nate


By tfwizard

At that very moment, Peter had just returned from swim practice at school. He was still wearing shorts and a t-shirt and he had a bath towel hanging around his neck. He was on foot, since it was only a ten-minute walk home from his high school.

“Ryan! What is the meaning of this? What happened??? WHO DID THIS??” Dustin began to shout at the muscle boy.

Peter finally reached the house and walked on the drive way when he noticed the shape that the house was in. He gasped when he realized that there was a fire. He was immediately relieved when he saw Dustin talking to Ryan, and another boy.

“Dustin, I can explain… I was washing the car with Nate… Then we went upstairs to the bathroom, I wanted to show Nate something… Then we went to the basement and I let Nate ride your treadmill…” Ryan began to explain.

“You are in BIG trouble, mister! Who’s going to clean up this mess? Who’s going to rebuild and repair my house, my car, and my garage?” Dustin shouted back. Obviously, Dustin was furious!

“I’m sorry, Mister Dustin. It’s my fault…” Nate began to explain. Neither Nate nor Ryan was aware of Peter, who on the other side of the yard, walking towards them.

“YOU! Didn’t I tell you to go home? GO AWAY! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!” Dustin shouted at Nate.

“I AM OUT OF THE HOUSE! I’M STANDING OUT ON YOUR FRONT LAWN!” Nate shouted back, clearly getting irritated with Dustin.

“Oh yeah…” Dustin said. He paused for a second to think. “Alright then. GET OUT OF MY SIGHT! GO HOME!!”

At that very moment Ryan turned around and noticed Peter while he was walking across the lawn towards them. Peter had no clue to what was going on, much less was he aware of the fact that Nate was visiting them.

“PETER!! YOU’RE HOME!!” Ryan shouted. Nate immediately turned around and started running towards Peter, crashing into him and holding on to him both his arms wrapped around his torso. Nate started crying out loud when he saw Peter.

“PLEASE!! DON’T MAKE HIM SEND ME AWAY! I JUST WANTED TO SEE YOU AND UNCLE RYAN FOR CHRISTMAS!!!” Nate sobbed out loud. Peter looked down at the boy, but he could only see his blue cap, he couldn’t see his face because it was already dark outside.

Peter gently pushed Nate away while he squatted on his knees so that he could have a better look at the boy.

“Who are you? Do I know you?” Peter wondered, as he tried to get a glimpse of his face.

Then Nate grabbed his blue cap and removed it from his head.

When Peter looked at the boy for the first time, a chill ran down his spine. Peter saw his big, blue eyes, his nose, his mouth, his face and his jaw, and somehow this kid seemed very familiar. When he stared into the boy’s blue eyes, his psychic powers went crazy! Suddenly, all his senses were telling him that he was looking at himself, or a younger version of himself.

“Of course you know me. I’M YOUR SON!” Nate replied.

Both Dustin and Ty gasped when Nate revealed that he was Peter’s son. Ryan smiled, for he already knew who Nate was.

Peter’s jaw dropped wide open. His eyes began to fill up with tears, as he examined the boy. Dustin and Ty were standing there, in total shock, waiting for Peter to react.

The powerful transformation wizard instinctively traced down that particular kid, he checked his mind looking for any sign of possible lie, but to his own shock it felt like hitting a brick wall, his powers bounced back so fiercely carrying tons of images, true images of that boy’s life, the very moment where he was conceived, his magical labor, his first step, word and birthday party, and especially the image of his proud, beloved, enchanted father! It was himself, Peter felt like he was looking at a mirror, his heart filled with love, and he felt the chills all over his spine. Every time Peter looked at the boy, he saw himself, but six years younger. Finally, tears started rolling down Peter’s face, as he pulled the boy towards him and embraced him lovingly.

“Nate! My son! I can’t believe it… You’re my son! You’re my REAL son!” Peter said, as he held on to the boy, without wanting to let go. Peter began to cry, as time seemed to stand still while the teen came face to face with his very own child, for the first time.

“But how is this possible? Why are you here? You’re not even supposed to be born yet!” Peter wondered, as his mind was completely filled with questions.

“I came from thirty years in the future! You were on an assignment and traveling, so you suggested that I come here to visit you now, in this time, while you’re still a teenager!” Nate began to explain to his father.

“You must tell me everything! Please, Nate…” Peter requested.

“I will tell you everything you want to know. But I need to take care of Dustin’s house first.” Nate replied. “He’s already upset with me, it’s my fault that your house was destroyed, and now I must fix everything…”

“But Nate, it’s too much work for you alone. Don’t worry about it; I’ll take care of it. You can’t possibly repair Dustin’s whole house all by yourself…” Peter said calmly. Peter was not aware of the fact that Nate had inherited his transformation powers.

“Come on, Dad! I can do it. Just trust me. Here, let me show you!” Nate replied, as he turned towards the house. He extended his right hand in front of him and moved it around, like a conductor who was leading a band or an orchestra. Power was released out of him, as Nate slowly but carefully restored everything to their original state.

Dustin’s car flipped around from its upside-down position, and landed on its tires. The four doors were opened, and all the water that was in the car got drained out of it. Then the interior of the car was magically cleaned, the upholstery was fixed and repaired, and the cracks in the dashboard were fixed.

The doors were then closed, the cracked windows were repaired, and the dents on the bumper and the roof were eliminated. The tires were shining like new, and the outside was suddenly looking like new again.

Next, Nate turned towards the garage. The big gap was quickly eliminated when the hole closed up with new beams, plates and tiles. The fire damage was repaired, the walls were restored, the garage door was fixed, and the fireworks were restored to their original state as well. The walls now looked like the garage had been painted all over again, and the floor was now shining like new again.

Then Nate turned towards the top story of the house. Nate moved his hand around, as power flowed from his finger and struck the façade of the house. Ty’s badly burned room had been restored. His stereo, bed, desk, and computer were suddenly made new again, and his burned walls were restored. The smoke and the ashes disappeared, his window was fixed, and the holes in the roof were eliminated.

Nate turned towards Ryan’s room and the bathroom. All the water in the bathroom and Ryan’s room were drained, and the soap was gone. The bathroom floor was cleaned, the tub was shining again, and the floor was all dried up. Everything that was damaged by water in Ryan’s room was restored again, and all his broken furniture was fixed.

When Nate turned towards the bottom floor, the over was clean and the door was shut. All the banana shake, pop corn, and cookie dough disappeared. Instead, the chicken that was in the oven was now ready to be eaten, just a little cookie dough had been used to bake a dozen cookies, and the shakes were poured into plastic cups and the blender was cleaned and put away. The twenty live chickens disappeared, and all the water that was on the floor had disappeared as well.

Finally, the burned Christmas tree disappeared, except that one small branch was left on the floor. The branch was magically blown onto the Christmas tree stand which Ty had set up by the front door. From there, a small tree suddenly sprouted, growing taller and taller, until there was suddenly a brand new tree standing in its place.

While Nate was busy fixing everything, Peter, Dustin, Ty and Ryan just stood there in awe, watching the boy as he repaired all the damaged that was caused that day. They could not believe what they were seeing. Nate almost made it look easy, as he was sending silent commands to the house and the garage. All the rock, wood, pine, glass and steel obeyed Nate’s commands, as everything worked together and in harmony to repair everything that was broken. Neither Ty nor Dustin could believe what they saw. To them, it just seemed impossible for this little 10 year-old boy to possess such power!

When all was said and done, Nate turned towards Dustin and bowed his head. He began to cry, as he quietly walked up to Dustin and stood before him.

“I’m sorry for what I did…” Nate said to him. “I apologize for what I’ve done to you, and I accept all responsibility for it. Don’t blame or punish Ryan, for this was my fault and my fault alone. I realize that you have every reason to be very angry at me, and I don’t blame you. So, if you want me to leave, then I’ll leave. I came from the future, and since my house has not even been built yet, I really don’t have any place to go”.

Nate slowly turned towards the street and walked away. Peter was about to go after him, but Dustin began to run after him first.

‘No! Nate! WAIT UP, NATE!” Dustin shouted, as he ran after the little boy. When he caught up to him, he squatted down and looked him straight in the eye as the first tears began to roll from his face.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you! I didn’t mean it. Please forgive me, Nate, for I had no idea of who you were! Why didn’t you tell me you were Peter’s son? Of course you can stay!” he said to the boy.

“Why, Peter was the one who allowed me to get the money so that I could pay for the house in the first place! This house is as much his house as it is mine, and since you’re Peter’s son, I can’t allow you to be out on the street! You’re more than welcome to stay, Nate!” Dustin explained, much to Nate’s relief.

Then Dustin and Nate walked towards the house, where they joined Ryan, Peter and Ty. The Christmas tree was already decorated and lit up when the boys walked in. Dustin, Ryan and Ty decided to prepare dinner so that Peter and Nate could have some time alone. They went up to Peter’s room.

“This is so unusual! It never happens that one can meet his own son or daughter while still being a teenager! So you came from the future?” Peter asked his son, while he sat down on his chair. Nate took his shoes off and jumped on Peter’s bed.

Moments later, Ryan opened the door and asked if he could join Peter and Nate, since he was also considered to be part of Peter’s family, since he was his adopted brother.

“Wow! That was amazing! I had no idea you had powers like that!” Peter said to his son. Peter was very used to all kind of transformations – but this time even him, the most powerful transformation wizard of all times, was impressed to such revelation, that this little red-haired boy, wearing a blue cap and very baggy clothing, just looked at him a little embarrassed.

“Well, dad, I chose this little size because I was afraid you’d become too scared if you were to see me in my true form!” Nate explained.

“Nate, please, you can trust me, I want to know you better, your REAL form!” Peter said, while comforting the little kid who still wasn’t sure of this.

“Okay, remember you asked!” he warned out loud. Then Nate closed his eyes and concentrated on his own body.

Nate started growing taller, bigger, more muscular, and he was soon about 5’6” and growing more muscular by the second! Soon he was close to 5’10” and it was already too much for a normal size of a 10 year old boy, but he kept growing taller and much, MUCH more muscular, he was already over 300 pounds of mighty muscle, he kept growing until his head was up to Peter’s 6’2” level and then he surpassed it!

But his muscles were growing much faster now, his biceps were over 30 inches and his chest had to be over 70 inches around his legs tapped at 50 inches and his waist was only 26 inches around. Nate’s face kept the same sparkling and smarty look, his vivid eyes and freckled high cheek bones, and he kept on smiling while he grew, as Peter started to look up to his taller son, who was standing right in front of him and who now began to tower over him.

Nate was now over 6’5” tall but his muscles grew faster than his height, in just a few seconds this “boy” who claimed to be Peter’s son directly from the future, grew so much massive and muscular, that he completely eclipsed his already brawny 250-pound father who just opened his mouth and watched as Nate grew more and more impressive, when the red muscle boy reached the remarkable height of 6’10”. Even though it appeared like his growth stopped, his muscles continued to pack for a few more seconds until they finally achieved their “normal” state. Nate was now 6’10” tall and he weighed almost 500 pounds of muscle! •

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