In For a Change


By Bradley Hatcher

John was not proud of the way he'd treated his brother, Brad. Earlier in the day, an unknown force caused the young men to swap ten years in age, making the grown-up Brad an adolescent and turning John into a quite-grown man. Now, the brothers were getting a taste of each other’s medicine, and neither liked very much the flavor. John had had to discipline his little big brother because Brad snuck off to the park and was caught smoking by a hot young police officer. Only John's quick thinking and Brad's ability to catch on kept the boys out of serious trouble.

As he changed the sheets in his new bed, John reflected on the events of the last few hours. He'd given Brad a quick spanking and didn't think that he'd hurt anything more than his brother's pride. John was just reacting to his fear of something bad happening to the good life that the boys were building together. Nonetheless, Brad had never laid a hand on John before, and he'd screwed up big time by sneaking his brother's cigarettes. John was beginning to feel like he’d matured both physically and mentally over the course of the day.

John was also conflicted about his sexual attraction to his older brother. He was now aware that Brad was bisexual at the least, but he thought that he himself was more likely gay. While John had always enjoyed seeing his brother Brad in the buff, his curiosity had magnified a hundred times since the boys' age swap. The thought of he and his brother together sexually reminded him so much of his favorite jack-off fantasies that it made perfect sense that it turned John on. He rationalized that it was normal for siblings to experiment. John only hoped that Brad would feel the same way.

For his part, Brad was sulking in John’s, or his, depending on how all this played out, room. He was beating himself up over the choice that he’d made to sneak out. Glancing in the mirror over the desk, he saw his reflection as others would see him; small, defiant, and way too young to be smoking in the park. Who am I kidding, Brad thought. My former life and all the freedom that went with it is over. Brad was tired of the changes that he’d been through and hoped that it would end soon.

In the kitchen, John began to get dinner ready. It was a job that he did every day for he and his older brother. As he was cooking burgers and fries, he opened a beer and lit one of his brother’s Marlboro Reds. John decided that the only real advantage to his new body was the freedom that it gave him to do what he wanted, when he wanted to do it. He called to his brother to come to the kitchen.

Brad stopped off at the bathroom to pee and wash his face. He was amazed at the small size of his dick and balls, and the small patch of hair above them. As he washed his hands and face, he could seek only from the top of his shirt to the top of his head in the mirror above the sink. All the little things that remind us of our place in the world.

“Thank you, sir, for letting me out the dungeon,” Brad said sarcastically. He looked up at John with defiance. Brad was glad to see that his little brother was cooking dinner. At least one of his needs would be met this evening. Seeing one of his cigarettes burning in the ashtray on the table, it took Brad a great deal of self-control not to pick it up.

John noticed his brother’s attention focused on the ashtray. “I really am sorry, Brad, for what happened earlier,” John began. He moved from the stove to his brother’s side and leaned in for a hug. Brad felt good in his brother’s embrace and hugged back. “I really don’t want us to fight. This thing that’s happened could be a lot of fun for both of us, if we’d just be a little more, uhm, grown up about it.” Brad felt his feet lift from the floor as John hugged him tighter; Brad felt like a teddy bear.

“That’s easy for you to say, kid-o,” Brad said. He was getting used to his brother’s strong grip as John placed him back on the floor. John gave his brother a loving kiss on the cheek. Brad felt the rough beard against his smooth skin and smiled up at John, who broke the kiss and tousled his brother’s hair. “Seriously, you’re right. Until whatever this is undoes itself, or whatever, we’ll have to be more sensitive to each others’ perspective.”

John walked to the table and took a drag from the cigarette. He handed it Brad. Brad just looked at it, not even reaching for it. “Is this a trick?” asked Brad. He eyed John suspiciously.

“No, it’s not. We wouldn’t have had our fight before if I wasn’t being a jerk,” John said. “You’re a grown up and it belongs to you anyway. I was just wanted you to feel how I felt when you busted into my room and started bossing me around.” Brad sensed that his brother was being honest, and took the offered Red. He enjoyed having at least a small measure of his freedom returned to him.

“Well, I think we’re already making progress,” said Brad. “But, the fact is, while I’m an adult, when I came into your room this afternoon, you weren’t.” He sat at the table and finished the cigarette while he continued to talk to John. “I know that’s pretty hypocritical of me, since I started smoking and drinking way before I was old enough. I just don’t want you to end up like mom is all. We’ve had a good thing going here this summer since you’ve moved back from grandma’s. I’d rather not have it fucked up by stupid shit.” The words made perfect sense to John, but he smiled at the rough language coming from the small boy.

Brad started to set the table while John finished cooking dinner. He got himself a Coke from the refrigerator. He honestly wanted a beer, and now believed that John would have no objection. But, at his new weight, he knew that unless he wanted to fall asleep during dinner, he’d better stick to the low octane stuff. John placed the food on the table and helped his big brother reach the plates and glasses in the cupboard. John’s shit-eating grin threatened to piss Brad off again, but he let it slide. How many kids out there get to help their big brothers reach stuff? “Beer or Coke?” Brad asked his brother, who’d sat down and started fixing plates.

“Better make it a Coke for me, too,” John said. “I have the body for beer, but I’m not at all used to drinking it. I’d hate to drink too much and have you take advantage of me!” Brad blushed at the comment and actually enjoyed the attention from his big little brother.

Brad thought of a good comeback. “Seems like you were taking advantage of yourself earlier when I was out in the park,” Brad said. It was John’s turn to blush.

“Hey, I don’t know how long this will last. I’m a red-blooded horny kid at heart,” John replied. “You take your dick for granted; it’s not every day I get to play with something so big.” John emphasized his point by grabbing his crotch under the table. Brad reasoned that his brother had a point.

Dinner for the Hatcher boys was relatively uneventful. Afterwards, John and Brad split a beer and smoked on the back porch as the heat of the day began to wane. “You know,” said Brad, “this all began when we both, essentially, wished that the other knew what it was like to be us.” John shook his head and indicated that Brad should continue. “Do you want to give it a shot again and see if we can’t change back?”

John leaned back in his chair, hearing it give a slight creak. He marveled at how much space he now took up and considered if he was willing to give it up. John knew that he’d have it back in a few years. At least, that’s how nature’s course usually flowed. “I’d be lying, Brad, if I said that I was ready to switch back to the way things were.” Brad got a panicked look on his face and he started to speak. John cut him off, “Hold on, don’t get that pouty look! It’s Friday night, right? You don’t have to work this weekend; I surely don’t have anywhere to be. Can we just see what happens for the rest of the weekend, please?”

Brad was won over by his brother’s charms. His smiled and said, “I don’t see what choice I really have in the matter.” He got up and sat in his brother’s lap, and curled up against the strong chest and arms that he found there.

John was surprised by this turn of events, but pleased. He wrapped his arms around little Brad and held him tightly. “Oh, you have a choice, Bradley,” John said. “You can choose to enjoy the time that we have like this… or you can choose not to.” Brad put his head against his little brother’s pecs and nuzzled into them, his choice, obviously, made. John held his brother with one arm, and with the other finished his cigarette and downed the last of the beer.

Moments later, John could tell that Brad was asleep in his lap. Poor little guy. Can’t hold his alcohol. Gently, John shifted his position and lifted his brother into the air, cradling the once-massive man to his body. He again was amazed at how easy it was to lift his big brother and carry him through the house. He must weight less than ninety pounds, thought John.

Brad was deposited into John’s former bed. John leaned down to kiss his brother on the cheek, as Brad had done for John so many times when he’d tucked his little brother in bed. Brad stirred and mumbled from some far-away place, “Goodnight, daddy.”

John was caught off-guard, but said simply, “Night, night, tiger.” John turned off the light and closed the door. He went to the fridge for another beer and back out to the porch for a smoke. He was 24, alone, horny, and free. He found himself wondering where friendly Officer Bill Jackson might be found.

Having put his diminutive big brother to bed, John stood outside and enjoyed the dusk. It was getting cooler already and the evening would be a nice one. John’s thoughts turned to the hunky young cop that he’d met earlier that day, while pretending to be Brad’s father. Officer Bill Jackson cut an impressive figure in his police uniform. He was no-nonsense and very stern with Brad. Officer Jackson caught Brad on the trails of Piedmont Park, smoking. He knew the boy was too young to be in the park alone, and was concerned that he might fall victim to one of the many men who often cruised the park looking for sex partners.

John and Officer Jackson had a pleasant conversation and John knew that there was an attraction between them. Foolish as it might seem, John decided that he would return to the park in search of Bill. But first, he went to Brad’s room and found something appropriate to wear. John led the officer to believe that he was actually older than his body’s true age. Given his size and the growth of beard on his face, and Brad’s relative youthful look, it was a ruse that worked.

John found that he was actually a little bigger than Brad had been before the change. Since Brad was done growing by the time he was 19, that meant that one day, John would naturally be larger than his big brother. This was a nice thought to the teen, but it made finding clothes to fit all the more difficult as he went through Brad’s closet. John settled on a pair of jeans that bulged obscenely in the crotch and a black polo that he left unbuttoned, showing chest hair. With some effort, John was able to get into Brad’s black cowboy boots, which caused him to appear even taller than we was. When he saw the stud that he’d become staring back at him in the bathroom mirror, the bulge in his borrowed jeans grew even more obscene. He had to find Bill Jackson.

The walk to Piedmont Park was uneventful. John entered the park at the western gate and headed back to the general area where he’d caught up with Brad and Bill earlier. On his way, he enjoyed passing men who hours before would have towered over him. More than one man held John’s gaze with hopeful expectation. While he found a number of the men he encountered attractive, he was focused on finding one man in particular.

After several minutes of aimless wandering, John stopped near a water fountain and lit a cigarette. He was beginning to rethink his decision to look for Bill in the park at all. Maybe I should just be contented with the short hottie that just passed me? John thought.

Turning back in the direction of the last man he’d passed, John spotted someone who looked familiar to him. It was Bill Jackson! But he wasn’t in uniform. He was coming out of a bathroom building, and he was walking toward John. “Well, hello there, Mr. Hatcher,” said Officer Jackson. “Got one of those for me?” he asked, indicating John’s Red.

John’s face lit up as he produced a Marlboro for the hot young cop. “Sure thing, uhm, Bill,” said John. “Are you undercover, or something?”

“Uh, yeah, something like that,” replied Bill. John got the impression that Bill was being coy and that could mean that there was more going on than seemed. “So, what are you doing back out here so soon, John? That boy of yours get away again?” John thought quickly and came up with yet another cover story.

“Nah, he’s back at home. All that excitement earlier must have taken its toll on him,” John explained. “After dinner, he was out like a light so I decided to get some fresh air.” John decided to take a chance. “It’s really good to see you. If you have time, when you get off duty, maybe you’d like to come by my house for a drink? Cold beer’s in the fridge.” John, who lacked experience in seducing anyone, tried to affect a comely demeanor. He’d seen enough movies to mimic the dance.

Bill considered John’s offer and said, “Well, I’d hate to disturb your son.”

In for a penny… John said, “Oh, he’s a heavy sleeper. No worry there.” John knew that this was completely untrue. But maybe the beer and exertions of the day would leave Brad sleeping through whatever might go on at the Hatcher home this evening.

The men walked back to the park’s gate and covered quickly the distance back to John’s house. Along the way, they exchanged small talk. John continued to build a convincing cover story and Bill seemed to be buying it. This would be even easier than John thought. At the house, John ushered Bill to the back porch, stopping in the kitchen to grab two bottles of Miller Light. Bill complimented John on his taste in furniture and art.

John sat in the porch swing and Bill sat close at his side. The men drank their beer in the darkness. Tentatively, Bill put his arm across the back of the swing, eventually wrapping it around John. John was thankful that Bill was making the first move, because he was a little out of his league. “I’m really glad you invited me over,” Bill said, leaning his head on John’s large shoulder. “Hopefully I’m not out of line here.”

John’s nervous laugh became one of elation as he put his arm around the smaller man and drew him closer. He said, “Nah, not by a long shot, Bill. I’ve been hoping for something like this… since I met you earlier today.” John placed his free hand on Bills face, and traced the man’s strong jaw with his index finger. “This is more than I could have hoped for.” Bill’s face felt as smooth as John’s had the day before. He took a chance, and more forcefully angled the man’s face up toward his own. He leaned in for a kiss, first barely touching the officer’s lips. Bill’s mouth opened, as did John’s in response. The men’s tongues wrestled for control as John placed his left hand on the back of Bill’s head and drew the man even closer with his right.

Bill began to moan through the heavy making out and wiggled his left hand free of John’s back. His hands found the crotch of John’s jeans, where he’d been leaking precum. He rubbed the massive rod of flesh beneath the straining denim material. It was John’s turn to moan. John broke the kiss and looked down into Bill’s green eyes, in disbelief of his luck. John had made out with girls and boys alike back in Florida. He’d even convinced one girl to put his dick in her mouth. He knew that tonight, with this hot cop, he’d get more than a sloppy blowjob.

“Wow,” John whispered. Bill reached up and played with the rough stubble on John’s face. “You’re a really good kisser, Bill.” Bill leaned up and pecked John on his cheek.

“You’re not so bad yourself,” Bill replied truthfully. “But your tongue is maybe the biggest I’ve ever seen, or felt. Is there anything about you that’s not huge?” Bill asked.

John smiled a goofy smile. “You tell me,” John said, placing Bill’s smaller hands back on his crotch.

“Yeah, I noticed that, too,” Bill said. Reaching into his jacket pocket, Bill removed his own pack of cigarettes. Newports. He lit one and offered it to John. “Try a menthol?”

John took the offered cigarette and inhaled. It was his first menthol and it felt cool to his mouth. He smiled and thanked Bill.

Bill lit his own, and leaned back into his large friend. “You’re welcome,” Bill said. “Figure that I owed you at, least one. Sometimes it’s nice to change things up.” John had to agree. When the men finished their cigarettes, John stood up and looked down at the hot cop.

“Care to take this inside?” John asked Bill. Bill nodded his head to indicate yes. John, drunk from the drink and the foreplay, hefted Bill over his broad muscled shoulder and smacked the smaller man’s ass playfully. “Awesome!” John exclaimed. Pride, excitement, lust, and wonder were coursing through his veins just as surely as blood. He couldn’t wait to manhandle the studly older cop.

Bill played it off by saying, “Whoa, there, stallion! I would have gone willingly!” The men laughed as John carried Bill to Brad’s former bedroom. He placed the cop back on the ground and looked down at his good fortune. Bill, who got off on the power of his uniform, badge and gun in his role as a police officer, actually enjoyed letting his sexual partners take control, though few did. The masculine cop had no idea to whom he was planning to surrender.

John crossed his arms and grabbed the hem of his borrowed polo. In one motion, he removed the shirt, leaving Bill eye-level with John’s fur-covered pecs. Bill leaned in and buried his face between the hard mounds. He rubbed his face on John’s chest and playful nibbled on a nipple. John went wild and asked, “Hungry?”

“Yes, for so much,” Bill said. He removed his own shirt and kicked off his shoes. John sat on the bed and held up his boot-covered foot to Bill, hoping for some help. Bill removed each of the large boots in turn, and admired John’s size 13 feet. “Yeah, nothing small about you.” John stood back up and placed his hands under Bill’s armpits. He easily lifted the smaller man, standing him on the bed. John proceeded to unzip Bill’s khaki’s and lower them, exposing the respectable six-incher straining Bill’s white briefs. John just stared at Bill’s crotch, transfixed.

Bill crooked his finger in John’s direction. John broke from his fascination with Bill’s bulge and stood directly in front of Bill, looking up into his eyes. Bill guided John’s face to his briefs and John licked the hard cock through the white cotton, making it wet. Bill lowered his briefs and John tentatively licked the circumcised head of Bill’s dick.

Bill jumped down from the bed and pulled John’s jeans and boxer briefs off in one fluid motion. John’s honest-to-God nine-inch, thick cock stood proudly at attention. Bill knew that this would be buried, to the hilt, in his ass before the night was through. Breathlessly, Bill said, “Hello there, Mr. Hatcher.” He reached out jacked on John’s meat.

“He’s happy to see you, Bill,” John said, laughing. John grabbed Bill by the shoulders and drew him closer. “Why don’t you get better acquainted?” And Bill did. Using both his hands to jack the monster in front of him, he bent slightly to put the bulbous head into his mouth. Bill was rewarded with the sticky-sweet flavor of John’s precum, which was ample.

John made sounds that weren’t intelligible as he enjoyed the best blowjob of his life. John knew that he wouldn’t last very long like this, and wanted to prolong the blissful experience. He pulled Bill off his cock and pushed the smaller man back onto the bed. John felt like a giant, looking down at the compactly built, nearly hairless young cop. Aside from the light hair in his pits and that over his cock, he was naturally smooth. Power flooded John’s brain and instinct took over. The hours he’d spent beating off to internet porn helped where instinct was uncertain.

Getting to his knees before Bill, John easily lifted Bill’s legs and ass from the bed. He zeroed in on Bill’s tight asshole. “You liked my tongue on your mouth? Just see what it feels like when I eat that hot ass,” John said. Although Bill liked to bottom, he didn’t get that experience as much as he’d like. He was excited as John licked playfully at his tight pink rosebud. John had Bill begging to be fucked in no time. John raped Bill’s willing ass repeatedly with his tongue, nearly bringing the older man to orgasm time and again. Luckily Bill had more control than his young partner.

John took Bill’s cock into his hand and jacked it as he ate the man’s ass. Bill moaned and squirmed on John’s face. “Fuck me?” Bill asked hopefully. “Got a rubber?” John released Bill’s legs and went to the bedside table. In the top drawer there were condoms and lube.

“Yep, right here,” said John. He tossed one to Bill and stood by the bed. Bill opened the package and slipped the latex sheath over John’s obscene erection like a pro. John took Bill’s hands into his left hand, and led the horny cop to the head of the bed. “Get ready, little guy,” John said as he used his right hand to guide his cock to Bill’s ready hole.

“You gonna fuck this big strong cop?” Bill asked. John responded first by pushing the large head of his dick through Bill’s asshole, being careful not to go too fast.

John took his time, getting a good, although amateur, rhythm going with his fucking. “I don’t see any big strong cop around here,” John said, getting into the act. “Just a dirty little cock-slut.” Bill went wild at the demeaning comment. John kept up his fucking and his act. “You’re not so big and strong are you now, Billy? This big boy is making you his little bitch.” Bill could only moan, his prostate being repeatedly rubbed by the bigger man’s invading spear. John held Bill down to the bed with one hand and with the other, found Bill’s smaller dick. “What’s this?” John asked, jacking Bill’s dick. “The cop’s little dick is hard. Yeah, you’re gonna blow your load with my cock up your ass.”

“Fuck me, fuck me,” Bill panted. John’s stokes were getting longer and harder. His first fuck. He didn’t know how much longer he could hold out. John’s tongue found Bill’s and he fucked the man’s mouth and ass at once. John’s entire body tightened up and he knew that he was close. At that moment, Bill exclaimed, “That’s it; right there! Fuck me just like that.” John was glad to oblige. He continued to slam to the hilt, as he jacked Bill’s dick.

“Oh, God, Bill! Your hole is so hot. I’m gonna shoot!”

At that, Bill made an unearthly sound and John looked down at his cock, in time to see it shoot a respectable amount of jizz between the fucking mens’ bodies. That was all that John could take, seeing his first live cock explode. He increased the pace of his fucking and let loose with the most intense orgasm of his life. “Here it comes; take my load!” John shouted. Bill did. John could feel the rubber filling with his white, hot cum. His strokes decreased in speed and length. Eventually, John’s cock came out of Bill’s ass with the “plop.” He peeled the condom off his dick and threw it onto the hardwood floor.

John collapsed next to Bill on the bed and pulled the smaller man into an embrace. “That was incredible,” John said.

“You’re telling me,” Bill replied. “Thank you.” John reached over the table and plucked two cigarettes out his pack. He lit them and gave one to Bill. The men sat up and held each other in silence while the smoked and basked in the afterglow of their hot sexual escapade.

Unbeknownst to either man, they’d had an audience for their performance. Brad had woken from his sleep when his brother and Bill were on the back porch. He heard them enter John’s bedroom. Brad, weighing very little, was able to creep into the hallway seemingly unheard. The old-fashioned keyhole on the bedroom door gave Brad a view of the whole hot scene.

His first instinct had been to barge into the room and demand that Bill leave. But then Brad began to get into watching his brother ravage the hunky copy. As quietly as he could, Brad beat off and spewed a small amount of his own cum all over the floor outside of the bedroom. Consequences be damned, he then snuck out the back porch. He brought one of John’s Camel Wides with him, and smoked as John and Bill did the same.

John thought he’d heard a noise in the hall, and this made him think of his brother. Something told him that his brother was aware of what had happened in his own bedroom. John, in his post-sex frame of mind, thoughtfully considered his brother. He knew that Brad would have enjoyed the hot sex with Bill just as much as he had, maybe even more. John was selfish enough to be glad that he’d gotten to have the experience. He just wished that there were some way that he and Brad could both have this kind of fun, while Brad was young enough to enjoy it too.

Brad sat on the porch and reviewed what he’d just seen and experienced. He was actually very proud of his little brother. What big brother wouldn’t be? It was unfortunate, if they changed back, that it would be years before John would be able to do this kind of thing again. By then, who knows? Brad might not even be around to share the joys with his kid brother. He wished that there were some way that they could share these experiences with each other, as something closer to equals.

And then the brothers got their wish. John on the bed and Brad on the porch found that they couldn’t move. It was faster than before. John was afraid that he would turn back into a young teen right in front of Bill. Bill asked, “John, are you okay?” John couldn’t respond, but could tell that something was different. Suddenly, he could move again.

And he was still big. “Uhm, yeah, I’m okay, Bill. Could you excuse me for a minute,” John asked. Without waiting for an answer, he left the bedroom, nearly slipping on something wet outside the door.

Bill thought there was something different about John. Like, maybe he was smaller than before. Maybe it’s that he’s not in the boots?

When Brad found that he could move again, he jumped up from the porch swing. He could tell instantly that he was taller. He was back to normal, or at least something close to it. He felt his chest, most of the hair was back. His face had stubble. The briefs he’d been wearing were in tatters at his feet. Suddenly, the back door swung open. Standing there was John, Brad’s little brother. But he wasn’t little again.



The young men moved to embrace. They began speaking at once, “I just wished! And then this! And now here we are!” They hugged and were pleased to feel that each of them had strong, grown bodies. John noticed that he was still looking down, just a bit, into his Brad’s brown eyes.

“Something’s still wrong,” John said. “I mean, other than the obvious.” John indicated his body, which was still naked. Brad had an idea.

“I need you to measure me!” Brad exclaimed. John’s eyes naturally were drawn to Brad’s dick. “No, not down there, doofus! Get a tape measure. I need to know how tall I am.” The brothers ran to the kitchen and John found the tape measure in the junk drawer.

“Stand by the wall,” John said. He used the tape measure. “Seventy-two inches.” Brad ran to the bathroom and studied his face in the mirror.

“I’m 18. I know it; I’m 18 again. Splotchy beard, but six feet”. I wasn’t six feet until 18 and then I grew another couple of inches after high school.” Brad did math, John looked confused. “Four years. I’m off four years from my ‘real’ age.” Brad studied his brother. “And so are you. I’d bet anything. You’re 18, too. You added four years. We’re the same age.”

John began to understand. “When I wore your clothes, they were tight. Yes! You’re right! I get – got – bigger than you. And earlier. We’re the same age.” John handed Brad the tape measure. “Measure me.”

“Seventy-four inches. Six feet, two,” Brad reported. “I think we just became fraternal twins. Or something like that. This is weird and awesome. We got our wish.”

“Ah-hem,” came a voice from the doorway. Bill was standing there in his underwear. “Would someone like to explain this?” He indicated Brad and said, “Who’s this?” John and Brad smiled at Bill.

“Well, let’s just say, Officer Jackson, that I am old enough to be in the park alone. And to smoke,” Brad said.

Bill opened his mouth, but no sound came out. John went to him and gave the man a hug. Bill was sure that John was a couple of inches shorter than he’d been before, boots or not. “Let’s all go out and have a cigarette,” John said to Bill. “We have quite a story to tell you…”

The brothers Hatcher brought Officer Bill Jackson up to speed. At first he couldn’t believe what he was told. But, the Hatcher boys quickly determined that this was a special gift that they were given. Which they could use. Even on other people. Like Bill. Whenever the boys wanted to affect an age swap, so long as there was a person from whom to take and one to give, and they agreed, it could be done. Bill learned first hand what it was like to be a kid again. The possibilities were endless.

Brad could still pass for his “old” age, so small was the difference between 22 and 18 years of age. For John, it was a different story. For him, the difference between 14 and 18 was literally massive. Officer Jackson was able to help sort out the identity issue, and John became legally what he was physically. He got his G.E.D. and Brad taught him to drive. Now John could buy his own cigarettes. Bill joined the family as John’s serious boyfriend. They were happy and free. •

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