Going Berserk!

By gallant

Edmund Thorson woke from his doze with a start. He’d had that dream again. The one where he was a Viking warrior preparing for battle instead of some mediocre university professor in Scandinavian studies to a bunch of brats that couldn’t even be bothered to turn up for tutorial. Edmund sighed and looked at his reflection in the glass of his bookcase. A middle-aged nerd with brown hair and eyes with a slim build in a non-descript grey suit with brown shoes stared back at his with a look that made him even more depressed. He took his exams on Viking culture, literature (such as there was left) and mythology wishing to have been one of them. A Viking war hammer and shield took pride of place on a shelf, he’d only had it a week and been dreaming of being in battle ever since. It had been sent to him soon after his fellow lecturer went missing after exploring some warrior’s burial site in a cavern in Greenland. He took them off the shelf and with effort placed them on his desk. He had a thought about smashing the lazy, good for nothing student who’d wasted his lunch hour when he felt a surge of power like a bolt of lightening hurling though him. Gasping for breath he gripped the side of the desk and felt a warmth fill his stomach, it flowed down to his crotch and to Edmund’s surprise he felt aroused. His balls ached as his testicles and penis felt like they’d doubled in size! His gut began to bulge and swell and his shoulders stretched outward becoming broader as something started to pull and push at his face. His face itched, Edmund looked into the glass of the bookcase and the face of a Norse warrior looked back. Facial hair sprouted and began to turn blond, his hair was now flowing past his neck and a beard was a growing, curling and impressive bushy sunshine blond addition. Edmund noticed his eyes had turned a deep blue before he felt cramps all over. He felt his shoulders bulk up, his back fill out and his chest expand with a sense of strength and power he’d only dreamed of. His brown shoes split open as fur skin boots held together with course leather thongs pushed through, his grey trousers were slowly shredding to revel leather trousers concealing powerful thighs beneath. By now his shirt was in definite trouble as his chest and biceps burst free of their 21 st century constants and they didn’t stop swelling gain sheer mass and definition as his muscles became bigger, rounder and more prominent. Blond body hair now started to grow all over Edmund, until now he’d never had much but now with bulging muscles pumping like pistons his shirt exploded Edmund was the bare chested image of a Viking warrior, bare chested with long blond hair, blue eyes and an impressive bushy beard. Edmund stopped and looked around cautiously, his surroundings looked strange and unfamiliar. He looked in front of him to see his war hammer and shield. Edmund shook his head as if to shake off some weird thought and armed himself with them. “Sorry I’m late prof!” Came a young insincere voice. The student barged into the office and froze in shock, there was a middle-aged fearsome blond madman hefting a hammer and shield! He didn’t get much further as Edmund Thor’s son raised his war hammer and with a mighty battle cry charged at the offending student with war hammer raised. •

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