Feeding Frenzy

By ShadowRaver

It just so happened that Josh was your average 16 year-old high school sophomore. He was a slightly above average student, earning consistent ‘B’ grades in his classes. His physique was neither impressive nor slovenly, and his overall look was that of an ‘emo skater.’ In truth, he did enjoy skateboarding occasionally, and he did like bands in the vein of Thrice and Thursday, and he had several friends who did the same. Josh wouldn’t say ‘no’ to the occasional sip of alcohol or bowl of pot. So, overall, Josh was nothing more than a typical, run-of-the-mill high school student with his run-of-the-mill adolescent problems. This situation changed abruptly one day during lunch. Josh was in the lunch line and he was moving forward to pay. He and his friends had gotten rather stoned before lunch began, however, and Josh walked smack-dab into the person in front of him. Luckily, it was his friend Steven who just giggled as did Josh. Josh stopped giggling, however, he noticed the chicken sandwich that had been in his hand had suddenly disappeared. Confused, Josh looked down at the floor and found nothing. He looked to the side and also found nothing. Josh had distinctly remembered that the hand holding the chicken sandwich had been shoved into his chest. That did not explain where the chicken sandwich had gone. Josh tapped Steven’s shoulder. “Dude, where’s my chicken sandwich?” “How the fuck should I know?” “I bumped into you, and my sandwich was gone.” “I don’t have a mouth in my back, bro, so I don’t know what happened to your sandwich.” Josh groaned, got out of the line, and went back for another sandwich. As he snatched it up, the stoned teenager had a glimmer of thought. Leaving serving area, he ducked out of the lunch room and went to a secluded corridor where he was sure no one would find him. Curious, he lifted up his shirt and looked at his chest. Nothing different than from this morning, he thought to himself as he took inventory of his chest hair. Josh then placed the sandwich on his chest and pushed. And much to his surprise, it seeped into his body. The startled skater yelped with surprise as he saw the still-wrapped sandwich enter his body and felt an odd sensation throughout his being. It felt like he was expanding, as if someone had just pumped a little bit of air into him. That was when he took note that his shoes were a little tighter than before, as were his pants and shirt. He even felt slightly taller. Initially, Josh dismissed this as a side effect of smoking, but he soon realized that no drug he had ever done – save that really good acid his boy Kyle had gotten that one time – could ever make him feel that way. Maybe his body could actually absorb food, and instead of digesting it, it increased his mass, making him bigger than before. As this slowly dawned on Josh, a smile of mischief and wonder crossed his lips. He knew he could not do this in school; that would cause too much of a ruckus, even for the normally slightly deviant Josh. Giving into his desires, Josh ran to his locker, pulled out his skateboard, and quickly escaped from the school grounds. Home was, thankfully, only a few blocks away. Josh skated his fastest to his house, and nearly dive bombed right through his front door as he leapt off of his board and shoved the key into the lock. Bursting through the door, he bee-lined for the kitchen and chuckled. “This is gonna be fun,” Josh smirked. Taking off his white tee-shirt, he made for the refrigerator to start. Eying over its contents, Josh saw his first victim: a large canned ham. He tore open the container, discarded it, and promptly shoved the ham right into his chest. Just as the chicken sandwich had done, it melded into his body. The sensation, however, was stronger than before and Josh visible watched himself grow; his fingers extended outward, his muscles pumped out, his shoes were even tighter, and he could see over the top of the refrigerator. He cackled with glee and he started shoving whatever food he could grab right into his chest. Josh didn’t stop as he heard his feet rip through his shoes, his pants tearing in several places and the room becoming smaller. Once the fridge had been almost emptied by the ravenous skater, Josh stopped to survey himself. His head nearly touched the ceiling. His body, overall, was covered in well-proportioned muscle. His hands and feet had swollen to become huge. His pants, aside from being almost completely shredded, were now above his knees. Josh laughed with uncontrollable glee. He was huge and he loved it. The teen turned his eyes to the rest of the kitchen and to the door to the adjoining pantry. Josh was still very hungry. •

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