Royal Marine

By gallant

Just belted this one off! I have some weird fanasties and this is one of my favourites. I could'nt think of a good title at such short notice and I felt if I did'nt post this now I never will. Its brief and I don't have enough skill to really bring it to life. I hope you at least get the essence of the TF and if anyone does a similar TF story to do it better than I have here.

Jack grabbed the paper as soon as he saw the headline “Royal Marines confined to barracks in bazaar sex scandal” Jack bought the paper and sat down at the roadside services café and read about how Royal Marines were being targeted for their sperm by magic practitioners. The paper went on about essence of a warrior being needed for most powerful types of spells and the sperm from the Royal Marines being effective and until now not too difficult to get hold of.

Jack couldn’t help but laugh as he read this and he folded the paper before throwing it down on the table and heading back to his car.

He hadn’t gone far down the motorway before he noticed an attractive raven-haired woman leaning against her car by the roadside. Ever one to aid damsels in distress Jack pulled up behind her and got out of the car “Need any help?” he asked. The women must have been in her late twenties but something made her seem much older. She had deep blue eyes and was wearing a rainbow coloured biki top and tight fitting navy jeans “Yes you’ll do” She said eyeing him up and down. Jack’s blood ran cold and he found himself backing away from this dangerous beauty “What’s the matter?” She asked with amusement “I wont hurt you, you see, now that the marines are confined to barracks I realised I’d have to create my own” She leaned forward and whispered “And guess what, your it!”

Jack found the zip of his jeans pulling itself down and an invisible hand manhandled his manhood out of the zipper and placing it in full display. Jack hid behind the passenger side of his car embarrassed about being exposed by the roadside when something seemed different; he was starting to feel off balance. Jack lifted his left foot up and looked at his trainers, the tread was growing thicker, deeper growing darker. Jack dropped his foot and watched his trainers grow more rounded as they inflated round the toes turning a shiny coal black which spread towards his legs. The trainers stretched up over his shins to become boots but something else was working it’s way up his legs, it reached his waistline before issuing an audible click like a belt being fastened before moving up his torso and over his shoulders and upper arms. Barely having time to register this Jack’s member suddenly became stiff and erect. The invisible force started to jack him off with a slow deliberate movement that made thinking very hard. Jack’s member slowly grew longer and thicker as his balls hurt as they swelled to bovine proportions “Just want to get plenty,” The sorceress whispered. Jack felt a burning in his gut as it expanded outward flowing over the belt of his jeans into a magnificent beer gut that strained his light blue shirt and ripped his belt off. A couple of buttons gave way before his shoulders erupted in agony as the burning filled them while Jack’s shoulders grew thick and broad. Muscles began to tremble as they swelled Jack found he had a splitting headache as his muscles slowly filled his clothes as his gut shrank his chest took up the slack as his shoulders bunched and filled the top of his shirt to breaking point. Jack felt the pain, the burning, the sheer power flowing through him. He watched his biceps strain against his sleeve as his groaned against his massive new muscles, his chest barrelled out as his back filled out and his jeans and shirt were stretched to breaking point. Jack was close to coming; his biceps tore free from his shirt to reveal another olive green one underneath. Jack’s chest and back exploded out of his civilian shirt to show the broad muscle filled uniform issue one he was wearing underneath. His thighs and calves burst out of his jeans to exposed a pair of combat trousers and Sergeant Jack Hunter came harder than he had ever come in his life. The sorceress collected the sperm in a glass vial while Sergeant Hunter smoked a cigar and flexed his new biceps.

“Now you may have noticed you carry the rank of Sergeant. You may be a Royal Marine but remember, you’re my recruiting Sergeant. I want you to find lads with nothing better to do and bring them to me. When I’ve finished with them their yours to command” Sergeant Jack Hunter saluted and barked “YES MA’AM!” The sorceress smiled and said again “Yes you’ll do” With a satisfied smile. •

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