Waxing Makes You Bigger?

By eeebygum

Craig waved as his parents car quickly disappeared down the road. They'd left him alone there, well, at least for now. Craig had just moved into his new dorm room, it wasn't what he was expecting. His room wasn't that bad, it was a good size, nice bed, desk, wardrobe, mirror etc. It was the communal bathroom that had him worried. He was alone for now though, he'd arrived a day earlier than everyone else so he could get a lift from his parents.

Craig wasn't a small guy, at 19 he was about 5'10" tall, 180lbs. He had bright blue eyes and jet black hair. He was quite hairy, with a thick covering on his chest, arms and legs, not to mention his crotch. He'd never been that muscled, more thickset, but had started going to the gym to try and get in shape for college, and the 6 months of working out had given him some nice definition.

As he brought in the last of his weights, and dropped the barbell on the floor, a small box fell over. He picked up the box, it was a hot wax kit he'd brought a few weeks earlier. He'd got it after his mate Aaron told him he had waxed his balls, and that it had made them look bigger. Craig hadn't had the guts to try it yet, but he suddenly thought 'What the hell!'. He was alone there, and it wasn't like anyone was going to see anyway. He decided to have a drink first, there's no way he was doing it stone cold sober!

After about half a bottle of whisky he'd built up enough dutch courage to have a go. He sat there on his bed, stark naked. His 6" soft cock was laying across his leg. He took the wax he'd been heating up and applied it to his balls, placing a strip of material on the right one. The warm feeling was nice, and he tried to control himself as he started to enjoy it.

He took a deep breath as he prepared to rip off the wax strip. 'FUCK, SHIT, BASTARD, ARGHHHH!' The air turned blue as he felt the burning pain and looked at the now hairy strip in his hand. He downed another glass of whisky to try an numb the pain. He looked at the smooth results, 'let's get this over with then' he said waxing the other side. Again he took a deep breath, and 'ARGHH!'. It wasn't half as bad that time, almost a kinky kind of pleasure. He carried on, each time the pain became less and less. Soon enough Craig was finished.

'Damn! It does look bigger!' he said admiring his package. 'Smooth' he said as he ran his fingers over his now red glowing cock and balls. It immediately sprang to life, standing tall and proud 7". 'Fucking nice!'. He looked at his bald cock, it looked very out of place on his hairy body. 'Let's go all the way' he said as he slapped some more wax on his abs.

Half an hour later and Craig was one smooth operator, with the only hair he had left being on his head. He couldn't get over how good he looked, his cock looked so much bigger now. His hands wandered down to his throbbing cock and started jacking off over his smooth pecs and abs. It wasn't long before he shot what seemed like the biggest load of his life, it jumped a good two feet and hit the mirror in front of him. 'Fucking hell, that's a new record!'.

He grabbed a towel, and poked his head around his door. He knew there was no-one there but checked anyway. With the coast clear he strolled down to the showers. He thought the ceiling seemed a bit low, but carried in and got into the shower. The water was really hot, he lathered up his body, and soon found his hands on his cock again. 'I'm fucking horny today!' he thought as he started jacking off again. The strokes seemed long, and so smooth, with every one his cock was throbbing more and more. He was breathing heavily, groaning and grunting more with every breath. And then he couldn't contain it and shot another huge load all over the shower wall.

'Fuck!' he said between breaths, 'I'm on fire!'. He washed down and headed out of the steamy shower room. He noted again how the corridor seemed small, but thought nothing of it. When he got back in his room he dropped his towel and reached down for a pair of boxers. Something didn't seem quite right. He walked over to the mirror and gawped as he looked at his cock, 'No fucking way!' he said as he looked at the python hanging between his legs. It was now 8" long soft, and his balls had swollen too.

'Whoa! This is fucking weird!' he said in disbelief. He stepped back, and suddenly noticed something else, the ceiling was lower, or was it? No wait, it was him that was taller! He'd grown about 4" and was now 6'2" tall, his build was the same, he got on the scales and it read 201lbs. Craig started laughing. 'No way man, no fucking way!'. Then the scale beeped, 203lbs it read. Craig froze as he stared at the display. Beep, 205lbs.

He looked at the mirror and swore he was more defined than he used to be. Beep, 215lbs. His arms and shoulders were more rounded, his pecs were bigger and his abs more defined. In a matter of minutes he had gained 15lbs. Beep. He stared open mouthed at his reflection, he saw his shoulders widen and grow, his arms filled out and his pecs started to swell. Beep. His legs and calves were also getting bigger. The scale now read 245lbs, he was one built stud. His shoulders were broad and rounded, his biceps bulged as he moved his arms, now pushed out by his new lats. His pecs cast a shadow over his six pack, and he adjusted his stance to accommodate his new thighs.

He slipped on his old baggy boxers, and found they now fitted quite snugly around his new package, which was now about 9" soft. He packed it into the boxers and got back on the scale, it now read 265lbs. 'Oh this is too fucking' and then his voice dropped an octave, 'good to be true!' he boomed.

Just then he heard the front door, and a guys voice shouting 'Hello, anyone here?'. 'Shit' he thought and panicked, he grabbed a pair of jogging pants and pulled them on, they looked like 3/4 lengths on his now 6'4" frame. He tried to get his sneakers on, but they didn't fit, Craig hadn't even noticed his new size 13 feet. He squeezed on a pair of sandals instead. As he walked past the mirror he caught a glimpse of himself, every muscle now bulging, veins were snaking across his ams and chest, throbbing in time with his beating heart and cock. He hopped on the scales, 310lbs. 'Fuck. when's it gonna stop?!'

Craig grabbed a shirt and pulled it over his massive neck and shoulders. RIIPPPP! His huge body shredded it straight off. 'Fuck!' He grabbed his biggest shirt and carefully pulled it over. It was a snug fit, showing every muscle, every ripple as he moved his awesome body.

He walked out into the hall, his massive shoulders brushed against the door. A smile crept across his face. Then he saw a guy coming through the door, he was about 6", maybe 200lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes. 'Hey man' Craig boomed across the hall. The other guy looked up startled, 'Whoa dude, hey!' He stared at Craig, hardly believing the size of the muscle god that was standing there.

'I'm Josh' he sad. 'I'm just moving in'. Craig strode over 'I'm Craig, nice to meet ya.' he went to shake Josh's hand, and as he squeezed his biceps sprang to life and tore straight through the shirt 'Aw shit' said Craig. He brought his other arm up to feel his bicep and in turn tore right through the other arm too. 'Fucking hell man, you're a beast!' said Josh. 'Thanks' said Craig 'You need a hand with anything?'

Josh showed Craig to his car, 'You can shift these weights for me big guy!'. 'Haha, no problem mate!' He loaded all of the weights onto the barbell and picked them up with ease. 'Jesus man, that's fucking amazin!' said Josh, now with a visible erection in his pants. 'That's nothin man! Watch!' said Craig as he started lifting straight over his head, up and down, up and down. He started sweating, and then RIIPPPP! His shirt couldn't take anymore and tore straight down the middle, revealing his sweaty muscles bulging underneath. Veins snaking across his huge bulging biceps and massive chest. His gorgeous sweaty abs glistening in the sunlight.

'That's enough for now then!' Craig boomed. 'Fuck yeah' said Josh as he walked quickly inside. Craig followed, shirtless with the weights. 'Just drop em in my room man' called josh from the bathroom. 'No problem man, you ok in there?!'. 'Aha' called Josh. Craig chuckled to himself as he strutted into his room. He looked at himself in the mirror, he was bigger than any freshman he had ever seen. He got on the scales, it read 345lbs.

He dropped his pants and drank it all in, his cock throbbing and standing tall now coming just short of 12" balls the size of oranges. His huge hands moved towards his cock, biceps bulging out as he started rubbing it up and down. He chuckled to himself. 'This is going to be one fucking good year!'. •

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