Nocturnal Growth

By hulkdudeaz

I did my normal weekday evening routine, make something to eat and have a few beers and watch the game on TV, 6AM comes way too early. I took my nightly shower to save those extra few minutes in the morning. I got out of the shower and looked at myself in the mirror and thought about taking the stuff Bruce had given me earlier that day.

I work at the City garage repairing and maintaining the fleet of cars, buses, and trucks. Bruce and I worked together for some time. He was sorta a loner, keeping to himself and never really associating much with the rest of us. He had a very quite almost unnoticeable presence, a small guy in physical size and not much of a talker. He went away for a vacation, and over the next couple of weeks seemed to change. He became more outgowing and he seemed more present physically. Not that I was checking him out or anything, but I couldn’t help but notice that he began to really fill out his work shirts. I wanted to say something to him about his sudden growth the day he helped me move some heavy parts. As he was lifting this thing over his head onto a shelf a button actually popped off his shirt and later I noticed the back of his shirt was ripped. Finally, we got him to go out for some beers after work, and in his inebriated state started to talk about it. He said he had gone down to the Caribbean and found a lady who had some special gift to help people with whatever problems that came to her. She made him an elixir, as he wanted to change- become stronger as he thought it might make him more popular or outgoing. She said to take small amounts of it to avoid anyone noticing a sudden change which might bring about suspicion. He reluctantly gave me some of it in a small vial, as he said he wanted to see if had the same effect on someone else. He said to follow the instructions and to gradually use it up…not take it all at once.

I was going to wait for the weekend, because I wasn’t sure what the effects might be. I started looking at my body, examining my muscles. Hey, I thought not too bad for not being a big fitness nut. I have a physical job and that keeps me fairly trim, I lift at home a couple of times a week and play on a couple afterwork sports teams. But noticing my abs with their thin layer of pudge over them, and the bulge of my biceps for my size, my narrow torso and flat pecs – I thought what the heck I’m gonna try it tonight. I dried off and put on a white t-shirt and boxers. I felt pretty nervous but excited at the same time to see if it would really work. I followed the directions Bruce had gave me which were pretty basic: eat a large high protein meal before consuming, allow 4-6 hours of rest for the process to take effect, and do not consume a large quantity at any one time. I had a large dinner of steak, and it was about 8:30, so I had the time. I opened the bottle and downed it all, hey I thought I’m just gonna speed up the process. It really didn’t taste as bad as I thought, sort of like cough syrup or a shot of whisky. It was warm so I opened the windows and laid down in bed without any covers over me. My mind raced with anticipation, but soon I felt very drowsy and sleep overtook my thoughts.

Suddenly something broke my deep sleep and I opened one eye to look at the clock, 2:30 AM. My stomach was aching like I got kicked in the gut. I was sweating and the sheet beneath me was soaked. My throat hurt, I felt my neck and it was swollen; my glands were bigger. I pulled myself up and felt very weak. I stumbled into the bathroom, turned on the light, and reached for a glass to get some water.

I looked up in the mirror and noticed I was beet red. My t-shirt felt snug against my body. Down below my groin ached like I got kicked there too. My balls felt heavy like they were filling with lead. I reached through the fly of my boxers and clutched my sack. It was bigger than usuall. It seemed to drop into the palm of my hand from the weight. I could feel them enlarging filling my hand. My tool started to stiffen, lengthen and widen in girth; I pushed it down the leg of my boxers. I was feeling sick, excited, nervous, and horny all at the same time. I started breathing heavily, each breath a labor. My shaft was about three-quarters down the side of my boxers and started pumping. It’s new size together with my thigh and the confinement of the shorts guided it downward. It continued to lengthen until the head popped out of the leg of the shorts. I felt a sudden surge of ecstasy as it continued to pump back and forth wildly until my manhood leaked, and then shot down at the floor. I was stunned out of my erotic gaze- I thought what the hell is happening to me? I hadn’t had an uncontrollable thing like this happen since high school wet dreams. I looked in the mirror and noticed my clean-shaven face was covered in thick stubble. My beard was sprouting and growing rapidly; my crew cut had grown out into a tangled mop of coarse black hair. I put my hand up in front of my face and saw that my fingernails were long and hand was swollen. My hormones must have been kicked into high gear like some second super puberty. I felt a burning sensation in my chest. It appeared larger than before, my white T-shirt stretched tight across the upper part of my body –I was growing.

Aarrrrrgggh…I let out a deep growl from within like an animalistic urge took over me. My pecs became more defined through the thin fabric of the shirt. My chest swelled outward, my pecs rounding into hard mounds. The sides of my chest flared out to each side as long dense muscle emerged at an angle from my waist to my pecs like a steel I-beam, pushing my arms away from my body and stretching my T-shirt until a rip appeared between my pecs. As my lats widened and pecs swelled several small tears ripped open across the top of the shirt. The top part of my pecs were now parallel with my chin and my nipples pierced through the flimsy fabric. Then, my midsection started to expand as my abs grew into a washboard formation. The thin T-shirt was now completely overextended and could no longer confine my growth. The rip that started between my pecs slowly tore open down the front, and the smaller rips split open around the curves of my new muscular torso. This is awesome…I’m hulking out like in the old TV show.

A sharp pain struck me from the back of my neck; it felt like someone hit my back with a baseball bat. Crrrraaack…Intense pain ran down my spine like it was being pulled apart and put back together. The excruciating pain and horrible sounds moved downward through each of the vertebrae, stopping above my waist. All of my bones and joints began to ache like they were quickly expanding, shifting, and realigning to support my body’s sudden growth. I could feel my shoulders growing pushing up my neck. I turned around in the mirror and saw them broaden and swell. A valley formed between my shoulder blades which were soon covered up with dense mounds of muscle. My neck stretched the ribbed collar of the T-shirt; my throat took on the look of a tree trunk with thick striations of muscle and streaming from my chin down into my chest. Rrriiiip…I could feel the breeze from the bathroom fan on my back as my T-shirt split open between my shoulders and slowly tore downward. As my chest swelled outwards, my shoulders widened and pushed backwards the seam running across the top of the shirt tore apart.

My arms started throbbing. It felt like a hot torrent of water was racing down from my shoulders to my fingers. A thick rope-like vein emerged from under my skin on my forearm, snaking up my arm. I could see the vein pulsing across my biceps through the thin shirtsleeves. Thick veins started creeping from this large vein all across my arms like a sinister web. My forearms were thickening with long muscle fibers; they appeared like cannons that Popeye surely would envy. My biceps started twitching, with each contraction they bulged larger filling the shirtsleeves completely. The sleeve cuffs were like rubber bands as my biceps swelled into football shaped guns and the muscle in the back of my arms rippled. Aaggghhh…I felt a blast of pain from within my chest as another growth spurt erupted. Each side of my shirt ripped open from my pit down to the waistband of my boxers. The sleeves tore off from the rest of the shirt along the seams at my shoulders and they burst open at the front freeing my now massive guns.

The pain and fire-like sensation surged down my body. My legs began to quiver; I had to grab the sink I could hardly stand up. My boxers felt like they were quickly shrinking, the stripes printed on them stretching and following the curved contours of my growing muscles. Thick mounds of muscle bulged from the front of my thighs, which now completely filled the legs of the shorts. My shaft was rock hard pressed against the side of my leg, with one quick pumping throb it tore open the inside leg of the shorts. My thighs continued to swell until my boxers split open; first the leg cuff broke open and then the sides of the shorts ripped up to the waistband. My butt ballooned out with a thick padding of muscle, splitting open the back of the boxers. As with my arms and chest, thick veins emerged all over my legs, wrapping around them like vines on a tree. My calves bulged, the backs of them forming a dense strawberry shaped mass of muscle. The bones of my feet shifted to support a much larger mass than before.

Suddenly I felt my heart stop pounding like a V8 engine, I could feel the blood in my veins seem to slow down, my mind felt normal again, and a calming sense began to come back. Damn…I can’t believe this really worked. This is awesome, unreal…Nobody’s gonna believe it unless they saw it happen…Should’ve got this on video. I was exhausted, but had to check out the change that had just happened to me for reality’s sake. My T-shirt was shredded, long strips of ripped white fabric hung over my new huge frame. I pulled off the remains of my shirt. I wasn’t bodybuilder huge but it was definitely an extreme difference in size from my former self. My boxers were ripped and torn up and down, my powerful legs seemed to burst out from their remains. My tool was limp now from its unconscious workout, but from its new weight and length down at the cuff of the shorts knew it too had grown. I must have grown a little in height too, as my boxers seemed to have crept up my thigh. I had to check out the difference in my new form- compare before and after, and went over to the closet. I pulled out one of my blue uniform shirts. In a struggle to get my arms through the sleeves, they tore open. I managed to get it over my arms and back, then went to button it from the bottom up. The first two buttons ok- but tight; the third button had to force it; the fourth button up near the shirt pockets was a challenge but managed to get it somewhat through and it was straining to hold back my chest. I heaved my chest and the last two buttons popped off shooting across the room ricocheting off the tile. Damn…I’m gonna have to get new clothes. I felt like I had just lifted a car and ran a marathon. I stumbled over to the bed and collapsed completely worn out. I just remember quickly falling into a deep sleep…Ready to take on life in my new massive form. •

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