Johnny Be Good

By smitch69

Johnny had finally escaped, he was being transferred from the courtrooms to the prison but he had given the guard the slip.

He found himself running down the back streets of New York, it was about four in the afternoon and he needed to find a change of clothes the fluorescent prison uniform was a dead giveaway.

Johnny could hear shouting from the guards they weren’t far behind. He ducked down another back street and came across what looked like a garage or workshop – he gingerly peered in through the big double doors, he couldn’t hear or see anyone so he darted in for cover.

Johnny was a short guy and a bit out of shape but not bad for a 38yr old. As he quickly explored the garage he found some lockers each had a name on it Johnny tried each one in turn but the only one he could jet in was labelled up José. Johnny pulled the work clothes out of the locker and stripped out of his prison uniform. José was obviously much taller and slimmer than Johnny but they had to do, the guards voices were getting louder all the time.

Johnny pulled the black sleeveless shirt over his head pulling it down across shapeless gut, next the baggy jeans pulling them up his legs – all the time Johnny was listening for the guards. Finally Johnny reached down for the greasy coveralls pulling them over the jeans and pushing his arms into the smelly sleeves, finally pulling them up over his shoulders. Realising that time was short Johnny looked for somewhere to hide – quickly he scrambled under the car with only his legs sticking out of the bottom of the car. He grabbed some tools and started to make some noises under the car, hoping the guards wouldn’t bother him.

Johnny heard footsteps approaching “Sir, have you seen a escaped prisoner pass this way?” a voice boomed out. Johnny thought quickly and put on his best Latino voice “Seen nothing, been working under here all day”, “Sir, can you please come out from under the car I need to see your face”. Johnny knew the game was up, so he slowly crawled from under the car, fearing the worse. Johnny looked at the guard, “Ok thank you sir, if you see anything unusual please call 911” and with that the guard left the garage.

Confused as to why the guard didn’t arrest him Johnny went back to the locker room. Suddenly Johnny stopped in his tracks and looked in the mirror, it certainly wasn’t the Johnny he knew looking back – the reflection showed a strong Latino jaw line, dark brown eyes, and jet back hair. The guy looked no older than 23yrs it wasn’t until this moment that Johnny realised he was slightly taller. He slipped off his coveralls and was amazed to find that his chubby body had somehow been transformed into a muscular olive skinned stud. Johnny slipped his hand under the shirt and felt his taught abs, and firm chest, “Holly crap” Johnny said not in his own voice but in some one else’s he didn’t recognise.

There was shouting again from outside the garage, Johnny quickly tied the sleeves of the coveralls around his now narrow waist and decided to investigate now he had a disguise. What he saw shocked him even more, two guards where escorting what looked to be his old body down the road. Once they got level with the gates of the garage his old body looked over at him and screamed “look that’s me, that guy has stolen my body!”, “yeah sure he has” replied the guard as he lead Johnny’s former body away.

Johnny returned to the garage confused, but grateful for the new lease of life. Returning to the locker, he found some of José personal stuff. A wallet inside was some money and a driving license apparently his name was “José Martinez”, some pictures and a gym bag. Johnny checked out the gym bag it contained some keys and some of José street gear. Johnny thought it would be a good time to leave just in case he changed back. Stripping out of the work gear, Johnny started to checkout his new chiselled body. He loved the olive skin and tight heavily muscles body, he felt full of energy ready for anything. Johnny started to pull on the street gear, a white shirt, huge baggy jeans and a hooded top. Johnny looked at his new reflection and said “Hi José Martinez, nice to meet me” he smiled. Johnny picked up the gym bag and walked out of the garage locking the doors behind him.

Looking around Johnny somehow recognised a red pickup parked across the street, he sauntered over to the pickup and strangely the keys opened the door. Johnny started the engine and started to drive away – looks like Johnny, or should we say “José” has had a new start to his life, hopefully he will do better this time. •

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