Right Education, The

By Changer


Jack was so angry. It was enough! The 16 years old boy decided to leave his family. He went to his room, pack his bag and leave the house in New Bedford, USA and moved to Germantown near Washington D.C.. For 1 year he had been argued with his father and his mother. They was not satisfied with his school achievement, his friends and his lifestyle. He run away. They called just 2 times, but they never see him again. So Jacks parents concentrate to their second son, Mike. He was 9 years old when Jack left his home.


Mike was alone at home. He knew about his brother but he didn’t have contact with him. He didn’t miss him, but he didn’t hate him. But his relation to his brother should change radically this day.

It knocked on the door. It was 2:00 PM when Mike opened the door, Sheriff White stand out there. “Mike” he said. “Listen”. He stopped. It was so difficult to talk this to this teenager. “Your parents are dead…” Mike was shocked. “It was an accident. Someone at the oncoming traffic was to fast and loose control.” Finally the Sheriff left him. Mike went to the living room. “Mom and Dad?…” He search for the notices of his parents. “Yes, this his phone-number” He took the phone and dialled his number. “This is Jack.” Mike was a little bit nervous, it was the first time since 5 years that he talked to his brother. He sounds different, Adult. He was 21 years old now. “Jack? This is Mike, your brother” He told him was happened.

One week later, Jack comes to New Bedford for the funeral. This was the first time that the two brothers meet since 5 years. But Jack changed so much in 5 years. At the next day Jack and Mike sat at the breakfast. Mike looked over Jack. He was so big. A real stud. “Holly shit… phat!” he thought. He was a skinny boy, 6’ and just 120 pounds. When he looked at his brother, he was ashamed to be so skinny. “Mike” he said, “I think the best thing is selling this house and you move to me.” Mike agreed, but what else should he say?

2 weeks later Mike was there in Germantown. Mike didn’t know anybody there, he was not at school. At the evening it knocked on the door. Jack opened. It was Kev, also big as his friend Jack. Mike get quiet again. He turned shy in the near of this big guys.

“Mike, what’s wrong with you?” Jack asked, when Kev was gone. He stammer. “I…” Jack looked into Mikes Eyes. “Damned” Jack shouted. “Tell me, or don’t waste my time” Mike stand up. “I’m ashamed to be so skinny.” Jack grinned. “Please, show me the way to get a stud like you!” Jack went to the window. “Do you really want it?” Mike turned to him. Then he said it “Yes, I want it. From the first moment when we meet.” Jack tapped Mike on the shoulder. “Ok, but it’s a long and painful way!” “I don’t care” Mike said, “Your body turned my mind! I also want such muscles!” Jack grinned.

It was 11:30 pm. Jack asked his brother to start right now. Mike agreed, he was happy. The left the house. Jack had a cool car - an Aston-Martin Zagato. “Cool! That’s looks great!” Mike was fascinated. But Jacked snarled at him. “Change your language, you sound like a baby!” Mike was frighten, but he holds out. He should become a stud like his brother. So he should talk like him.

The drove to an old warehouse. The warehouse belonged to Kevin’s father. In the basement was a gym, and Jack had a key to it. Jack showed his brother all the practices. Mike tried, his brother choose the weight. It was very hard for Mike. But the feeling was damned fantastic. “Woah, fucking! This is … “ Mike felt the blood that was pumping through his veins. “This is…” he stocked. Than he said it again, but he changed his voice deeper. “This is fucking awesome!” Jack gave his brother a drink. “Here, this will help to grow your muscles, but take this before” He showed his little brother two pills. Kevin invented the formula of this. “But I have to warn you again, it could hurt” Mike looked at his brother. “Did you do it the same way?” Jack nodded. Then Mike put the pills into his mouth and drank the shake.

The both went home again. “Fast, into your bed! Time runs!” Mike didn’t know, why his brother was in hurry, but when he laid in his bed, he suddenly felt in sleep. The next morning he had problems to stand up. His whole body hurts. But then he saw down – he got abs over night. A smooth six-pack and he could see veins at his arms. He wasn’t really big, but he could see his muscles.

Every two days Jack and Mike went to train. And every time Mike got two pills. One week later, he need new clothes. His arms swelled from 11 inch to 14 inch, his chest from 33 to 43 inch. The next weeks it went on, and after 4 months he looked the same as his brother. His Arms become 17.5 inch and his six-pack has turned into an 8-pack.

At one afternoon Kevin called Jack, so he drove to his house. At the evening Jack comes back. Jack thought about something and Jack asked what happened. “I got a new product from Kevin” he said. “It’s experimental – We could get muscles we never dreamed off, but I don’t know if we should test it out.” Mike went into the bathroom, took off his clothes and looked into the mirror. “4 moths ago I was skinny, now I have muscles I never thought that I have. I love this new body, I love my muscles.” He went to his brother “Jack, I want more!”

“Ok, but you have to take it alone, without me” “I don’t care, I want more muscles and I will take it! If you don’t want it, I can’t do something against this” So they left to the private gym and start to train. Mike took the pills and felt great.

After one week he can’t believe what he was seeing in the mirror. His arms becomes more fuller, nearly 20 inch and his back becomes so wide that he had to turn to get out of the his door. “Amazing” he thought. Mike went to his brother “Jack, you should take it, you will love it” “No I don’t want to” At the evening they train again together.

Jack mixed the drinks and serve them. “Dear Brother” Mike said. “I want to thank you! After the death of our parents I could live with you and you gave me this body! It’s time that I pay back!” Jack don’t understand but than, Mike overcame his brother and put the two new pills into his mouth! “Gulp it!” Mike shouted “I promise you – you will love it!”

Jack lashed about but then he stopped. “Asshole! Fucker!” I don’t want – I love my body like it is! I don’t want… But then he felt strange… I feel so strange. They went home and Jack felt asleep. At the next morning Jack saw the first results of the pills. “I didn’t want this, did I?”

Jack didn’t spoke to his brother until the next training. At the end Mike reached out the pills to Jack “I don’t… holy shit I want it!” After a few weeks both brothers was so broad that they reconstruct the house. They need new doors.

Mike who took the pills a little bit longer than Jack first realize his new dreams. He asked for Jack to come to the bathroom. “Jack, I want to change something on you and me, are you ready?” “Is it funny?” Jack asked and grinned? Mike took the cutters and start to short the hair of his brother. Then he took the razor-cream and the razor and start to shave his head completely. “Mike… it’s crazy, I liked my old body, and especially my hairstyle! And now, I love it!” And then they changed, Jack shaved Mikes head. At the end they shaved all of their body, forearms, axles, dick and balls, ass and legs! So both stand naked in the bathroom. “Mike, come on…” Jack took the hand of his brother and they went to Jacks room. They start to pet themselves! They had the best sex of their life.

One week later, Kevin start to take the new pills. He was jealous of the muscle of Jack and Mike, but he also want to get gay, a side-effect of the new pills. But he don’t want to lose his friends, so he want to love them. His mind also changed completely and he shaved his body completely.


The new version of the second pill don’t make people gay. But you still want to shave your body. But this is not a big problem in Kevin’s eyes. So he want to produce the pills in mass in 2006 and both products will push onto the market. •

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