Swap @ Gym x2

By smitch69

I witnessed something strange at the gym today; I had been training on the bench just across from this hot jock I like to watch – he’s always down there thick heavy built body with ginger/brown spiked hair – and a damn cute face. I’ve seen him a couple of times in the locker room getting ready to train. He usually arrives in a sharp suit – probably Italian, carefully putting it in his locker before going into the gym. He must be a regular as he has the name “Jake” printed on the locker.

Today I had to cut my training short and left Jake in the gym. I had my shower and was just making my way to the lockers when I spotted this dark haired guy checking the lockers – I ducked around the corner to keep out of sight. I watched as he came across Jakes locker and forced the door open. He checked inside feeling the quality of the suit, and within moment he was stripping out of his clothes, discarding his shorts, hoodie and vest in a pile on the ground. I could see him better now, he was quite muscular (more than me!), dark wavy hair. Although well built this guy certainly didn’t have the bulk that Jake possessed, and he was defiantly taller than both of us.

What happened next really surprised me; he pulled out Jakes boxers and pulled them on, quickly followed by his socks. He then reached inside the locker and pulled out the suit pants – he began to pull them on, and this is the strange part you could see his legs transform – bulking up, and losing their length. The guy reached in the locker again and pulled out Jakes shirt – he pulled it on, and this time the transformation was more obvious. As he pulled the shirt sleeves over his arms, the fabric stretched as Jakes thick muscular arms appeared. Pulling the shirt over his back had similar results the guys back transformed into Jakes huge broad back and shoulders. The guy turned to my direction, and I watched Jakes heavy pec’s and abs appear as he buttoned up Jakes shirt. He spotted me, and brought Jakes finger up to his lips as if to hush me – as he did his dark hair changed into Jakes short spiked style, and his face morphed into Jakes. He turned away again and fixed his tie. The new Jake took the jacket out of the locker and pulled it over Jakes stolen body. He turned to look at me and gave me a wink. Collecting the remainder of Jakes personal items he closed the locker and left in Jakes body.

Confused I looked through the window in the door, and spotted the real Jake still exercising in the gym. I walked over to Jakes locker in my towel – and looked at the pile of clothes on the floor. I dropped my towel, and without thinking started to dress in the guys clothes – I pulled on his shorts as I did I felt my legs become more defined and longer! I pulled on his blue vest over my head as I did I felt my face morph and gain definition – his dark hair fell over my eyes. I pull the vest over my shoulders, and pushed my arms into the sleeves – as I did my whole body completed it’s transformation into the guy. I checked out my new muscular body in the mirror as I pulled on the hoodie and slipped on the guy’s sandals. I checked the pockets of the shorts and found some ID – apparently my name was Marco. I pulled the hood up over my head grabbed my gym bag and left for home enjoying the weight of my new muscular body checking out my handsome reflection in the mirror. I couldn’t wait to get home and try out Marco’s body.

Maybe these clothes where some type of key allowing the wearer to transform into other people? Something I had to try… •

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