Room, The

The Second Day


By Anonymous

We all awoke at the same time just like the day before. The room was somehow lit even though there were not any lights. Jason hopped out of bed first and started folding making his cot.

“You better get up they’ll be starting the showers soon”

“Ug why do we have to take showers at the same time” complained Steve, rubbing his eyes.

“Why can’t we shower with our clothes on?” Timmy said.

“I told you yesterday when I briefed you all, they will shut off the showers if we don’t shower without our clothes.” Jason said. Just as he finished the double doors on the other side of the room slid open and a white tiled room appeared with shower heads for each of us along the walls. We heard the water squeak on and the room started to steam up.

“You better hurry, the hot water doesn’t last very long” Jason advised. Those that were still in bed started getting out and started moving towards the showers. Josh just slumped back under the covers and I stayed behind with Jason and Timmy, who didn’t seem like he wanted to shower without his clothes.

“I don’t get it” Jason told me, “Timmy’s too young to be here. He’s the youngest. Look at him he’s so small and innocent, he won’t even take his shirt off. Little wimp”

“Don’t call him that” I said

But Timmy seemed to hear, he spun around and gave Jason and weird glare. He pulled off his white Hanes shirt and underwear and ran into the shower taking the shower head in the far corner.

“You shouldn’t have called him that” I said. But Jason wasn’t listening he was still staring at Timmy. He took off his boxers and walked into the shower. I did the same and followed.

Jason kept on staring at Timmy and I hoped he wouldn’t give him any more trouble. Timmy was the youngest at seven, but Jason, the oldest was only twelve too. After awhile the water got cold and all at once the shower heads shut off and we grabbed some towels that appeared to dry off.

Timmy rushed over and grabbed his underwear and quickly hid himself in a towel. He walked funny and he seemed angry or sad. He bent over and leaned his forehead on the wall. I wondered why he was taking it so bad.

Jason walked over to him and I was worried he was gonna start something, but he just patted him on the shoulder.

“Sorry bout that little guy, we’re all in the same-” Jason stopped short. He took a step back. I was confused , but then I looked at Timmy. He was shaking, it looked like he was crying.

“Timmy you alright?” I walked towards him, but Jason held me back.

“No, look” he said.

And then I saw it.

Mike gasped “He’s changing!”

Everyone stopped and circled around. Timmy was seemed slightly taller and his body shook a little.

“Woa, dude what’s it like?” Steve asked.

“O no, don’t encourage it” Jason warned turning his back and walking away in what seemed like defeat.

But then Timmy’s small voice could be heard. “I don’t know. I’m scared. I don’t- I don’t want to.” Maybe he wasn’t gonna change.

He was breathing hard with tears streaming down his face.

"Dont worry little dude, it all be over soon" Jason said.

Timmy looked up, his eyes suddenly narrowed and turned dark, they had the same look as he gave to Jason before, he was angry. Then His body was shaking more, and then suddenly he let out a load moan.

“NO!” he shouted . He stood up strait, his eyes were wild. “It feels… it feels… GRE-AT!” he grinned, his voice was cracking. He was getting older.

His face was already losing some of its baby fat. His cheeks tightening, his chin becoming more pronounced. His eyes rolled as his back began to stretch, his shoulders becoming wider as his chest expanded, growing firm as it heaved up and down. “I don’t w-ant to be a boy-- I want to be a man--- Lo—ok at me!” He ran his thickening hands across his torso rubbing his expanding chest, his tightening belly forming into a 4, 6, 8 pack of hard abs. “It feels soooo good” His voice was deeper. He grinned, his eyes flickering, hormones pumping through his oily now teenage frame, new thoughts were entering his mind, his innocence draining. He let go of the towel that he had clutched around his hips. Dark purple veins emerged pumping blood towards his waist. He moaned as the his small little man bulged, his white Hanes tightening as his balls swelled. He threw his head back, rubbing through his bulging member through hsi tightening briefs. His underwear seemed to grow with him, hugging his round swelling butt. He leaned forward streching his back, moaning as it reshaped into a sharp V. “FUCK YA!” he flexed his bulging arms, checking out the growing tuff of hair in his armpit. He felt his chin, grinning, as small hairs tickled down his cheeks and upper lip. Curly hairs crawled up his stretching runner legs, they creeped out above the top of his underwear and rain up in a trail up his abs.

“YEA!” He growled in his smooth deep voice, flexing his now 21 year old body. His face had changed even more, his features had became more chiseled and his cheeks, chin, and upper lip, once smooth, were shadowed by a layer of stuble. "LOOK AT THIS! HELL, check me out! I'm HOT! IM A MAN!"

Just then the lights blacked out.

"Stay cool everyone, this always happens when someone changes" Jason said. In a second they flickered back on, but what had become the beefcake stud Tim, was gone.

"Once you change, your out" Jason said, hanging up his towel and changing back into his boxers. "Its the only way to get out of the room. Timmy got what he wanted, thats for sure. One less person to bed with."

And slowly we all left the showers for the main room, wondering who would be next to go. •

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