Sometimes Spells Do Work

By m_s

George Richards was a normal 18-year-old with a normal life – school, some friends, disco, but he wanted more. Especially to look better; he didn’t want to be a freckled mouse-faced guy for ever.

One day he decided to try a spell he found surfing on the ‘Net. It said: You have to pronounce it at midnight exactly, with a vase in which you will throw an old clothing of yours and a photo of how you want to be. You must say, throwing a lit match in the vase. I abandon this form Without return. I leave my body Without regret. I made my choice. Change me now. The next day, he profited from his parents’ leaving to go help an old aunt and at midnight exactly, he did the spell, throwing in a photo he found on the ‘Net. And almost immediately the change began. The tattoo he had made as a dare desappeared instantly. His hair grew more from the marine cut he had adopted, while remaining short, and turned jet black. His complexion turned darker and the freckles desappeared, while also his nipples became bigger. The hair under his armpits and on his legs turned black too, as did his pubic hair and the ones on his forearms. He noticed some appearing on his now-steely pecs. The change went up his shoulders and down his stomach; his shoulders broadened, his back and arms hardened with muscle, and in two minutes he had a well-defined six-pack. Then the changes down stopped as his skin and voice broke and stubble appeared on his cheeks, neck, chin and on his upper lip. He felt his cheekbones moving as his face was rearranged from the one of a boy to the one of a man .His teeth, which never came completely clean and were medicated for the most part, turned pearly white and completely sane. The boxers he wore clung tightly to his thighs which absorbed the legs of it. The rest turned into a white thong which was a little tight. Than the change hit his groin. He moved his big and strong hands over his expanding cock and nuts, which doubled in size, looking like golfballs covered with skin; the cock, which was a 4’’ boner, became a 7’’ flaccid. As it swept down his legs he felt them becoming stronger each second. Then it stopped again. Finally, it hit his feet, which became so big his now manly toes ripped the flip-flops he wore. Those too were absorbed by his skin, leaving him barefoot on the floor. He went to the mirror and took a good look at himself. What he saw was what he wanted. A stud. “I did it!” he screamed in his new, loud voice that sounded in the empty house

He was so caught up in the esultation that didn’t notice the house was changing. Grass was growing on the FLOOR of his living room, which itself was turning into earth. A very warm sun came through and he suddenly felt so hot he could run around naked. He found a fresh can of Coke, which he rubbed on his body. The house around him dissolved, except for the door on the enter, which turned from a brown wooden one to a white door-window in plastic and glass. George heard a woman calling his name. When he met her, he remained stunned; she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen; long dark hair and blue eyes; a medium complexion, muscled, but not heavily so, with a great behind and with boobs to match. She was cuddling a kid into her arms. “George, finally!” she said. “I was afraid you were still working overnight for that TV show. Damned show business, never time for family. Anyway, Danny’s sleeping, and I thought we could follow his example and… go to bed ourselves.” She said with a mischievous glint in her eye. As the memories of his new life hit, he grinned back. Knowing that she was his loving wife of six years and that after years of hard work he had landed a part on a Hit TV-drama about an hostage situation FBI squad, gave everything a new meaning. “Here I come!” he shouted as he followed her, for the first day of his happy new life. •

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