Rivalry, The

By Ultrabeef

"Arrrgh ... Fuck yeah !" Shawn dropped the weight back into position, stood up, and flexed in the mirror. In just the past few months he had upped his bench press almost 80 pounds. Shawn Hayes was a major star on the Holmes High School football team and an all-around hottie (according to the large following of girls who followed him around the school making his own girlfriend Misty jealous). As Shawn continued to flex in the high school weight room mirror he didn't even notice his greatest rival on the team Jeff Miller glaring at him from across the dungeon-like room.

Jeff hated Shawn with a passion because he had spent the past 17 years of his life competing with him. Jeff Miller was smart and handsome but he had none of the notoriety (or fan following) of his fellow team-mate. Jeff and Shawn were neighbors and it seemed that no matter how hard Jeff worked he was always beaten by the cocky Shawn. Both Jeff and Shawn, being seniors, were eagerly hoping to get drafted by a major college and tomorrow night's big game against cross-town rivals Jensen High promised to draw many of the major recruiters. Jeff felt a pain in the pit of his stomach as he headed to the locker room to change because he just knew that Shawn would probably show him up once again in tomorrow night's game and end up getting the scholarship that Jeff wanted and needed for himself. He had to do something, and fast ... but what could he possibly do ? "Hey Jeffy-Weffy, ready to get shown-up again in tomorrow's big game ?" Shawn taunted as he sauntered past Jeff toward the showers. Frustrated Jeff slammed his locker door hard and as he did a yellowed piece of paper floated down to the floor. It must have been jammed in the locker somehow and Jeff had jarred it loose. Jeff unfolded the ancient looking paper and read : "To whomever reads this the secret of the success of the Holmes High School football team now rests with you. Go to the northwest corner of this locker room and lift the fourth ceiling tile from the drinking fountain. There you will find the secret of strength and power that will allow you to become the football star you always wanted to be." "What the hell ?" Jeff scratched his head. He knew that the Holmes High football team had been the state champs every year running during the 50s and 60s but it had been a long time since they had been successful. Jeff liked the idea of becoming a football star, especially with the big game only a day away. His shoved the paper into his jeans and headed to the corner of the locker room. There he removed the ceiling tile and found a dirty old pack of bubble-gum. "Great, nice joke" Jeff muttered to himself. "You talkin' about your playing again, fag ?" It was Shawn wrapped in a towel standing next to him. "Shut up asshole" Jeff muttered back as he replaced the ceiling tile and shoved the gum in his pocket. That night before bed Jeff took the gum and instructions out of his jeans. He read the gum package carefully. The gum was called "Football Star" and the instructions on the package said to just "chew your way to super star". "What a stupid marketing ploy" Jeff thought but then he thought about Shawn and decided it was worth a try. Jeff took out two pieces of gum, unwrapped them and popped them into his mouth. They tasted like dirt and Jeff almost spit them out but them the flavor began to change. Suddenly he couldn't stop chewing away on the gum, it tasted incredible. Suddenly Jeff's clothes began to feel tight on his body, he looked down and saw that his body was swelling up with muscle and strength. Jeff looked down and saw that he had a huge boner, soon he started jacking off as he chewed. Jeff grew bigger and bigger until he no longer looked like a high school football player but more like a pro. "Oh fuck yeah !" Jeff moaned in a deep baritone as he saw himself in the mirror and cum gushed from his big dick.

The next day as Shawn was working out in the weight room before school he saw a crowd gathered in the corner. "What the fuck's going on over here ?" He demanded loudly as he stormed across the room. The crowd parted and there stood the biggest guy Shawn had ever seen. "Hey puny, you still think you've got a lock on that scholarship" the big guy cockily asked. "J ... J ... Jeff ? Is that you ?" Shawn was stunned and at a loss for words. "I got tired of being number two" Jeff replied with a grin as he flexed his huge bicep. Shawn was horrified, he had to find some way to compete with Jeff or his dreams of playing college football would be finished. As Jeff sauntered toward the shower, his wide back, big bubble butt and powerhouse legs dwarfing the other kids, Shawn headed toward Jeff's locker. In Jeff's jean pocket he found the pack of gum and realized that Jeff must have used it to get so huge. Shawn wasn't one for reading so he shoved the 5 remaining pieces into his mouth and started to chew. As Jeff left the shower he heard a loud roar echo through the locker room. There is front of the drinking fountain stood a new massive Shawn. He was a massive muscle beast, a true freak as huge plates of muscle swelled all over his body. Shawn took a drink and turned to face Jeff. As Jeff shook in fear and anger at being one upped again the stud shoved his huge pecs in Jeff’s face and in a deep booming voice roared “Now who’s number one fucker ?” •

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