Mist, The


By Anonymous

hi I'm Brandon

I live next door to Prof. Vinnie a kind of wacked out scientist who's work explodes quite often and today was no exception.

As the misty smoke was filling the house i new 911 was being dialed by the Corys across the street.

Scence my parents were already at work i went about getting ready for school. I'm sort of a nerd who every one likes to pick on and tease. Well i head out the door to pick up the neighborhood kids and escourt them to their school.

1 st period senior english i started to feel something interesting. It felt like my unit was growing not getting hard just growing. It felt amazing but it was aukward tring to adjust my self without any one noticing.

The bell rang and i stood up but was imidatly caught off balance. I had grown two inches. My red cap was feeling tight against my head as i went towards my spanish class.

All period i was uncomfortable but no one seemed to notice in fact they popluar kids actaully talked to me without the teasing.

What was going on? was this some sort of practical joke that every one but me was in on. if so it wasn't funny.

I suffered through spanish only to go to the pool for third period.

I ent in to the locker room and striped down into the red speedos that were our swimming uniform. Role call was tacken and today we had to swim the mile or sixty six lengths of the pool.

Well the only thing to do was to suffer through it. So i dove in and instantly recived a great burst of energy i was swimming faster then the guys on the team. with each stoke i got more powerful i could feel the muscles in my arms and legs thicken and become stronger.

I finished the mile in record time aand instead of resting i did three more miles in the time it took the rest of the class to complete one mile.

I hopped out of the pool feeling more energixed then ever. Took my shower and put on some tight spandex red briefs that matrelized in my locker.

For the rest of the day i cut school and went running all around town. to work off the extra energy that seemed to flurish inside of me.

I ran 34 miles in four hours and i didn't even break a sweat I was becoming the jock i always wanted to be and as an extra bonus no one seemed to care. Every person i ran into seemed to think this was the way i had allways been.

I even had grils who would have never talked to me come up out of the blue and give me their phone numbers. As the day wore on my memory of my old life seemed to slip away and all that was left were memories of an overzealous jock who had just graduated from collage and was on his way to be a swimmer in the summer olimpics. •

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