Three Amigos, The

By Anonymous

We weren't terribly ugly, but we could not seem to get a date. We all know that if we were more muscular, the girls would be all over us.

John, was on the basketball team, being 5' 9". I was on the soccer team, being quite fast. Which leaves Daniel who was the wrestler.

It started when we went out to celebrate each of our team's victories. There was a new restaurant in town called, "The Blue Swan." We had seen "changes", in our other friends that went there and we decided to get some changes of our own.

We sat down to order. We all had sodas, since we were too young to legally have beer. When the sodas got there I guzzled half of mine down immediatly, I felt an odd tingling sensation all over, but since it went away quickly, I dismissed it.

We ordered our food, which we recieved quite rapidly. I took mabye three bites of my food and I started to feel queasy. I excused myself and went home.

When I got there I went to the bathroom, and instantly regurgitated everything I had had to eat. Then I doubled over with pain. My penis, which was a modest 7 inches already, started to grow and swell. It was at 8 inches, 9, 10, 11, and all the way to 12 inches hard. My pectorals started to firm and my abs turned into an 8 pack. I got up to admire myself, tripped on my bulk and blacked out.

Meanwhile, John and Daniel were still at the restaurant eating. John was eating his crab and Daniel noticed that John, who was already tall, began to grow even taller. He was wearing a tight shirt to show off the few muscles he had and it immediately started to show other things, like his quickly developing arm muscles and a great 6-pack.

Since no one else seemed to notice, they just kept eating. Until John's shirt became too short and started ripping, a noise that filled the room. He ran to the bathroom. Daniel was left there alone.

So, he paid the bill and went to his house, where he instantly felt dizzy. He went into his bedroom to lie down and regain his composure. Then he felt fire going through his body. His hair started growing, very little and stopped. Although, that was the only little thing that was part of his change.

His arms grew to 22 inches around. His pecs and abs were so firm that his shirt ripped all the way through and he had to wear his very muscular father's workout shirt. His face changed, and his voice grew to a sexy baritone.

There wishes had finally been fulfilled. •

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