Much Bigger

By Neeelllllllyyyyos

Jeff was just a normal boy when he was little. But as he grew up he noticed that little thing were changing on him like he liked to walk around his house in his underwear. but he also noticed that other things weren't changing. like his frame was small and he had a nearly non existant penis.

one day he heard some boys talking about another boy who make dreams come true. both of these boys were rich and were popular. so jeff decided that he would find out who this boy was and if he could get his dream answered.

jeff wondered around town for a long time trying to find the boy when he was just giving up he found what he was looking for.

the boy when he found him was no older then jeff himself. the boy was wearing red speedos and a tank top. he told jeff to kiss his dick and after that his dreams would come true.

jeff knelt on the floor and pressed his lips on to the boys dick. he found that it was turning him on to have his lips on another boys dick. the boy pushed jeffs head onto his dick more and said " you enjoy that don't you"

when jeff got home that night he found that nothing had changed. he just had a strange tingling in his lips. that night when he went to sleep he found that it waas the deepest sleep he had ever had in his entire life.

when he woke up the next day he had found that he had a four pack on his stomach and that his arms had more muscle it was a mojor change but it was better then nothing.

as the weeks went by he just kept on getting bigger and bigger. he was so big at the end of two weeks that he had given up wearing pants at all and just went around in his boxers shorts. his dick had also grown this was an added bonus as it meant that he could have sex for much much longer periods of time. but so far his changes had happened at night.

then one day it happened he changed in the day. it happened as he was walking along the street. suddenly there was a strange feeling in his stomach. he looked down and the floor was getting further away. as he grew upwards the tanktop that he was wearing started to get smaller and smaller. the buttons on the front of his pants flew off as he got bigger. he carried on looking down as his pecs seemed to inflate right in front of his eyes. then he heard it the tearing sound. at first it came from his tanktop. the seams were coming apart as he grew. when he finished his growth spurt he pulled what remained of his tanktop over his head. his underwear was ripped from here his arse had got more muscular and his dick had grown longer.

at the moment jeff is still growing. •

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