Change For Friends, A

By Anonymous

I had always wanted to be bigger. I wanted to look like a muscle god. But one day i was at home watching TV when my best friend came over. He secretly knew that i wanted to be bigger, and he had just found out how. I went to the bathroom and started to close the door, but he opened it and told me about a chant he had found that would make all my dreams come true. He stood behind me and we both looked in the mirror. He started to talk and i felt tingly and colasped on the floor.

I awoke hours later and i felt different, but my vision was blurry so I couldn't look in the mirror. I walked into the kitchen and I was in shock, I thought someone had broke into the house, but he said he was my friend. We talked about what had happened for a while, then he left. I was getting on my computer for a while, when suddenly my vision came back, clear as a bell. I looked at myself and i was bigger, but I wanted more.

That night I went to bed and i woke up in the middle of the night screaming in pain and I passed out again. I woke up later out on the beach, I had no idea how i got there, but there was my friend and we looked totally different. I had blonde hair and looked more like 23. We went back to my house and my friend told me there was one more transformation to take place. Suddenly I keeled over in pain and started to scream in pain. I passed out again and woke up hours later and I felt much bigger. My friend was still out and I woke him up yelling out him, and was shocked by my voice, it was way deeper. Then i started to scream, my arm was on fire i looked at my arm and there appeared a tattoo. The pain subsided and we got something to drink. We looked at each other and wondered what were we going to do know. •

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