Changing Time

By Wolf

Tom was a normal 20 year old man at college. He was studying to become a video game programmer and was pretty good at it. He sometimes when his roommate Jim was not around get all the way down to his boxers and create his games. This pic of him was taken from his roomate when he walked in on him.

One day when he was walking down the street a strange old man came up to him and began talking with him.

Old Man: Hello there Thomas or Tom?

Tom: Tom but how did you know my name?

Old Man: I know Many Things Tom. I know how you feel. You want to have a change of life once in a while. I also know that you were turned down by that video game company because you are a little young and scrawny.

Tom: How did you know that! Yes It is true I would like a to try a different life ounce in a while.....but...

Old Man: I can make it happen for you. Drink this potion tonight at midnight and you will start a new life..Well sorta. Good bye. (As he hands Tom the Bottle and disappers.)

When Tom got to his apartment on campus he hurried up the stairs and found a note from his roomate about how he was going to his parents for a week.

Tom: Perfect! Now its oh lets see..10:00! Ugh...

So he waited for two hours. Hten Midnight came. He squeezed the top off the bottle and drank it. It tasted like wine. Then after another two hours passed out on his bed. He awoke the next morning at 12:00 in the afternoon and would have missed class if it wasn't the weekend. He ran to the bathroom mirror only to find his original face and body looking back.

Tom: What a rip. OH! Thats right I am supposed to meet Jillian at the beach no time to shave!

Tom darts to his room and puts on a very small bathing suit that his girlfriend got him under his boxer swim shorts and gets into his car and gets to the beach. Once there he finds Jillian at the snack bar.

Jillian: Hey have you been working out you seem a little more define and bigger too. Oh And my fav hairier. (Laughs)

Tom did not notice it before but he was more muscular and hairier. He waded ot in the water with Jillian until he noticed something much different. His Facial hair was now almost a full beard and his chest hair made a trail all the way to his crouch where hair was growing out from underneath the small swimsuit. His arm hair also was a thicker coat he yelled to Jillian that he would call later and went home

When he got home he had to rip off the suit because he grew so much. He then shaved off his now complete beard and saw a completely new face and body staring back. That night he had a dream of being a new man with awesome muscles and having a great job then Jillian came in. What would he tell her and his family? Then he woke up he felt his face and found a slight beard. He quickliy ran to the bathroom mirror again. This time another new face and body stared back. A man with blue eyes and reddish brown hair stared back His body hair was very spread out. Tom Shaved off all the beard except for a mustache and goatee.

Tom: How many times am I going to change?

Then he put on his jeans that just barley fit and he was hit with a strong pain coming from all over his body He could fell his muscles growing and his body changing. After about 10 minutes of this he got up and looked at his new body. It was covered with chest hair and his facial hair seemed to not grow. His arms had failry thick amount of hair and he was enjoying his body so much that he went and took his picture. He noticed that a tatoo was also on his arm. the next day he got up and went to the mirrior he thought his changes was dwon he saw his girlfriend walk outside the door and got hard. He went to his bed got undressed and began to masterbate. HE then was hit with another powerful pain this time much worse. He was so exausted that he passed. He awoke to find himself on the floor of a certain video game company and had an awesome body. He got up and put his shirt on and went to work like nothing had happened. •

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