Apprentice, The (by Ultrabeef)

By Ultrabeef

Erik walked quickly down the long, narrow corridor. The doors lined the cold, sterile hallway which served as the office wing of the massive complex. Finally he arrived at the imposing door where the sign on the door read in gold letters "Dr. Michael A. Reynolds, Director of Research". Here it was his first day on the job and already Erik was nervous. Erik Stewart had beat out literally thousands of applicants in order to get this apprenticeship with Gen-Pro Technologies, the world's largest sports nutrition manufacturer. Dr. Reynolds was a young hot-shot genius who had put Gen-Pro on the map. Everyone in the industry had wanted to work for him but somehow Erik won the coveted position. Erik's recent degree in Chemistry and Genetics had made him an excellent candidate as had the fact that he was in great shape himself. Erik had modeled professionally in order to pay for college (as well as doing some dancing at a strip bar). His interview with Dr. Reynold's had gone really well and he was excited to get to work. He knew that this internship could make his entire career and make his dreams come true. Erik knocked on the door and a voice called out "Come in". Erik opened the door and found himself in a large, spacious office. The dark paneled walls were covered with posters of famous bodybuilders and fitness models who endorsed and used Gen-Pro products. At the far end of the office sat a massive desk. Standing at the window behind the desk stood Dr. Reynolds, Erik's new boss.

He was a total stud, a former model himself, in his late 20s who had a genius for genetics. Erik was starstruck to be in the prescene of his hero and mentor. Erik stammered "Uh ... Hi, Dr. Reynolds ... I, uh ..." "You can call me Mike" the young hunk replied as he walked toward Erik and shook his hand, "Glad to see my hot new apprentice found my office alright" he said as he playfully slapped Erik on the rear. "No problem" Erik gulped, thinking "what's with this guy, is he some kind of fag ?' "Protein shake" Dr. Mike offered as he took a big gulp out of his own mug. "No thanks", Erik replied, "I'm guess I'm just a little nervous". "Well, just relax" Mike smiled as he put his arm around Erik's shoulder "I'm sure you'll do just fine" and he kissed him gently on the cheek. Now Erik was really scared, he was not gay, in fact he hated queers as he called them, and his new boss seemed to be a total homo. Erik was starting to have second thoughts about this internship. Dr. Mike explained that he was working on a new sports supplement called "Freak-Out", it is designed to increase muscle mass and speed up growth. If it worked it would revolutionize the sports supplement business overnight and make billions for the company. After a full day Erik went home exausted and quickly fell asleep. In the middle of the night the phone started to ring in Erik's studio apartment. "Shit", sleepily he glanced at the clock, 3:08 am. "Hello" he muttered as he fumbled with the phone. "Erik, it's Dr. Mike" a deep voice purred on the other end of the line. "I need yopu at the lab right now". "Dr. Mike, what's ... are you o.k. ?" Erik asked groggily. "Just get here" Mike growled and then hung up. "What the fuck" Erik thought as he pulled on his sweats and wifebeater and drove to the lab. When Erik arrived at the lab something seemed different, it was creepy at night with the place abandoned. The door to Dr. Mike's office was slightly ajar and Erik could hear gutteral moans and deep animal grunts coming from inside. Tenatively he pushed open the door and gasped. Behind Dr. Mike's desk stood a total hunk wearing nothing but a skin tight red speedo. The guy big and was obviously a bodybuilder. He glanced at the door and said "Ah Erik, you've come". "Holy shit !" Erik exclaimed, "Dr. Mike ?!" Mike sauntered over to his apprentice, his massive thighs rolling around each other as he walked. His wide shoulders and v-shaped back forcing his arms out toward his sides.

"That's right, I finally perfected the formula for Freak-Out" the stud replied as he leaned in close, his hot breath on Erik's ear "Do you like all this muscle, boy ?" Erik could feel Dr. Mike's dick growing in his tight speedo pressing against his ass. "But ... but ... what have you done to yourself ?" Erik cried out. "I mean look at you, you're a total freak !" "I know, that's the idea" Mike grinned as he flexed a massive bicep. He was truly an impressive sight and he seemed to have become a totally sexual creature. "Wh ... what are you doing ?" Erik asked nervously as his big boss backed toward the desk. "I'm just gonna have a little fun with my protege" he growled. Mike then proceeded to rip Erik's clothes off and fuck him. Erik screamed in protest as the stud raped him on his own desk. Finally when he finished Dr. Mike bent down to Erik who was huddled in the corner and wiped away the tears on his cheek with his tongue. "Don't cry, kid. You'll be all bigger ... I'm mean better in a minute." "Leave me alone fag" Erik yelled through his tears. "I can't have such a scrawny little fuck like you for an apprentice," Mike taunted, "besides I need another human test subject". "Oh, fuck no ! No way ... you crazy queer" Erik started to back toward the door but Mike grabbed him with his beefy arm and wouldn't let go. "No more being normal, it's time for you to Freak-Out like me" Mike growled as he pried Erik's mouth open and poured a beaker of the formula down his throat. "What the fuck ... " Erik gulped "did you just do to me ?" Just then a searing pain shot through Erik's body and caused his entire body to shutter. "Oh, God ... what's happening to me ?!" Erik moaned as his body began to change. Erik's muscles began to swell and grow. His body was swelling with rock hard muscle. He was starting to look like a real bodybuilder himself. He could feel his arms pushing away from his sides as his back flared out, he could feel his chest swelling away from his body -- in fact he could no longer even see his feet, he could feel his ass and dick swelling and stretching his yellow underwear. Suddenly the pain stopped and Erik looked in the full length mirror on the wall. He was a new man ! He saw that his legs were total pillars of muscle. he had even spouted a gotee. "Aw fuck yeah !" he roared as he flexed like crazy in the mirror. Then he looked at Dr. Mike and a huge grin spread across his face. "What do you think of your apprentice now ?" he purred as he placed Mike's big hard cock in his mouth. Dr. Mike just smiled and said "I think it's time to show the boss what you learned". •

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