By Ultrabeef

Samuel Stevens woke up as he heard his brother Jason's bedroom door slam. Samuel was in Junior High and was just a geeky as his older brother Jason. Sam had three of his best friends sleep over last night because they had the day off from school for parent teacher conferences. Lying sprawled out on Sam's bedroom floor were his best buds : Cory, Adam, and Tyler. They had stayed up really late last night watching videos and just goofing off. Sam went into his brother's room and grabbed his CD player. "What the hell ?" he grumbled as he picked it up an noticed that Jason's room was covered in cum. "What a perv !" Sam always borrowed Jason's stuff when his brother wasn't home. Sam went back to his room and noticed that the other guys were starting to wake up. "Hey guys !" Sam said, how about some wake-up music ?" He pressed play on the CD player and Jason's 'Hypno-Hunk" CD which was still inside began to play. Instantly the four boys eyes glazed over as the subliminal messages of the CD filled their heads. Soon a chorus of mumbling could be heard from Sam's room. "I love sports and working out" 'I'm a big muscle stud" 'I love my big muscles and my big cock". When Jason got home from school he headed upstairs and noticed Sam's bedroom door was slightly open. The smell of cum and the sound of deep men's voices filled the hallway. Jason pushed open the door and there was his little brother Sam wearing his weight boxer briefs, his blond hair spiked up with his football buddys Cory, Adam, and Tyler. "Hey dude, what's up ?" Sam grinned as he crossed to his brother and slapped him on the ass. "What are you fags up to ?" Jason grinned. "Only one way to find out bro !" Sam replied locking lips with his brother and inserting his tongue deep into his brother's mouth as the other guys cheered him on. "Oh, fuck yeah" Jason smiled "looks like a football fuck-fest to me". •

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