By Ultrabeef

Jason Stevens was a pathetic loser. He knew this because he was contantly called as much by the other guys in his gym class and he had just been reminded of it the girl he longed to date. Jason went home dejected and slammed the door to his pigsty bedroom. Making sure his little brother Samuel was not around, he took out his secret stash of muscle mags from under his bed and began to flip through a dusty issue longing to look like the hot models and bodybuilders that filled their pages. At the end of the issue Jason noticed a small ad that he had never noticed before. The ad read "Hypno-Hunk, the fastest way to the body of your dreams is through your mind. Call and order your hypnosis CD today". Jason knew deep inside that this ad had to be a scam, like all the other "get huge quick" products he had ordered over the years. "What the hell, why not" he thought as he picked up the phone to order, the other kids' words still seared in his mind. The phone rang about 6 times before a sleepy, rough voice answered "Yeah". "Hi ... um ... I saw your ad for a hynosis CD ?" Jason stammered feeling like a total idiot. "Oh yeah, sure thing dude" the voice replied and then proceeded to take Jason's name, address, and credit card number. "That should be warping your mind in a few days, man" the voice continued and then promptly hung up. Sure enough, three days later a small CD shaped package arrived in the mail for Jason. Jason ran up to his room, slammed the door, and tore open the plain brown paper. Inside was a CD labeled "Hypno-Hunk" with no other instructions. Jason put the CD into his boom-box, put on his headphones, lay down on his bed, and pushed play. A rich deep voice soon came on instructing Jason to relax as the sound of weird new-age music filled the headphones. Immediately Jason's eyes glazed over and his mind was in another place as his eyelids became heavy with trance.. In his mind Jason could see his weak, pathetic self. The voice filled Jason's head with images of beefy, hard, muscle hunks with huge dicks. Jason could think of nothing else. The voice boomed in Jason's brain "You are a huge fuckin' muscle jock". "I am a huge fuckin' muscle jock" the dazed Jason mumbled under his breath. "You love your big, hard muscles and your massive cock" the voice continued. Jason continued to mumble his compliance -- he had no other choice. As the soothing voice continued Jason responded "I love jacking off my big, fat cock" "I love playing sports, watching sports, and talking about sports" "I love fucking girls" 'I love fucking guys" "I'm a totally huge high school muscle hunk". Jason continued mumbling these words as instructed by the CD. In his mind Jason could see himself, no longer a little geek but a big, bad, ultra-male stud. A smile came across Jason's face as his drifted off to sleep. The neck morning Jason awoke his body wet with cum. "Oh shit", Jason grumbled in a deep, husky voice "I'm gonna be late for school". He lumbered out of bed at caught sight of himself in his bedroom mirror. Little geeky Jason was no more in his place was a big, muscular high school jock with a body that would make girls and guys long for his attention. Jason had no memory of his former geeky self -- he only knew that he was and always had been a big stud with a huge dick. Jason jacked himself off in the mirror as he did every morning and ran his hands over his ripped abs and beefy pecs. Jason quickly dressed and ran out the front door grabbing the sports section from the morning paper on his way. Just another day of being a jock. •

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