Beef, The

By Ultrabeef

Chad loved playing football for his high school team the Bulls and he was really gifted as the school's quarterback leading his team to two straight state championship titles. Now as a senior Chad was hoping to get noticed by a good University and get a full ride football scholarship. Chad was on the honor roll, dated the captain of the cheerleading team, and seemed to be a shoe-in for the state MVP of the year. Only one thing stood in Chad's way.

Shawn, the quarterback of the crosstown rival Rams who had given Chad's team their greatest trouble. Shawn was a fierce competitor on and off the field. Shawn hated Chad and often referred to him as a "pretty-boy" not a real hard-core football player like himself. Shawn would do anything to beat Chad and get the state MVP trophy and lead his team to the state championship. Shawn new he had to do something in order to get ahead of Chad. It was his senior year coming up too and there was no time to waste. Shawn's coach had obtained some experimental animal growth hormone used to genetically enhance farm animals strength and size to massive proportions. There were some side effects however. Some animals began violently aggressive and actually killed other animals. Plus, this hormone was intended for huge bulls and not for teenagers. But Shawn felt he had no choice. He injected the hormone into his ass in the locker room at the end of the week-long sumer football camp. Immediately Shawn regretted his decision. He started to feel sick and actually pewked all over the locker room. His insides were on fire and his head felt like it was going to explode. Shawn staggered the few blocks home and was dripping with sweat. His clothes were feeling tight on his skin and he was having trouble breathing. Once at home Shawn collasped on his bathroom floor in agony. A few days later the whole town was buzzing over the great transformation Shawn had made over the summer. He was being called "the Beef" by kids all over town. Chad wasn't really that worried, I mean how much could a kid change over the summer. Chad was about to find out. On Friday night Chad was making out with his girlfriend in the back of the local ice cream parlor when a booming voice interrupted him. "Hey Chad" Chad looked up and there before him was the most massive man he had ever seen. This guy was built like a tank, huge slabs of muscle hung from his body. Then Chad realized who this bull was. "S.. Shawn" he stammered "Holy shit, is that you ?"

"That's right fucker" Shawn snarled as he flexed his massive biceps for the awestruck Chad. "Guess things are gonna be a little different this season, huh". Shawn then picked up Chad by the collar and proceeded to beat the shit out of him. Chad was no match for this gentically enhanced beast. Bloody and defeated Chad staggered home cursing under his breath. He had to do something to compete with this kid or his college chances would be gone. Chad found out how Shawn had gotten so big and he decided that he had no choice but to get some of the hormone and take it himself. Chad injected himself with the hormone and immediately he felt himself changing. He felt more primal, more animalistic. He no longer cared about getting good grades or making out with his girlfriend. He just wanted to play football and kill the competition. His mind became clouded over with thoughts of being a beast on the football field. Soon Chad's muscles began to rip through his clothes. "Aw fuck yeah" Chad roared and he sauntered to the bathroom mirror. "Fuck" the former honor student grunted as he saw his beefy reflection. He flexed in the mirror and smiled and evil grin. 'Who's 'the beef' now ?" •

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