Big Man's Lake

By MikeLapine

Alex wandered through the small forest in Spain. He had taken a break from the constant touring of Europe to do what he wanted to do, explore by himself. The spanish countryside was beautiful. The light filtering through the canopy of trees, and the soft chirping of birds. He had kept track of his location on the map he had carried the past year. The 20 year old, self-proclaimed adventurer always liked to carry a map, just in case. At the crest of a hill, he peered out over a valley, seeing an enormous lake. It looked like some kind of hotspring. A sign was hung on a tree next to him. "Lago Masculino Grande." Big Man's lake, Big Male? He grinned and stripped down to his trunks and got into the inviting lake. It bubbled, and tingled below him. When He got out of the cool refreshing water, he felt different. As he walked back to the city to go to the hotel, he felt like he was getting larger. It had to be a trick of the mind from the heat... but as he walked through the city streets, he noticed what was happening. He looked down at his body, almost speechless, he had gotten larger indeed. His whole body had thickened with muscles, his chest more defined, his arms larger. His wet trunks were being pulled down by their own weight, revealing his underwear. It had tightened on his waist, making small ridges. He ran back to the hotel, wanting to explore his new body. -------------------------------

By nighttime, he had taken off his uncomfortable clothes. He was feeling bigger every minute that passed. What had happened in that lake? Had the tingling water done this? He was feeling tired, and climbed into bed in his hotel suite. The phone rang early that morning, his wake-up call as usual. Although, today he wouldn't be going out. He shifted his body to answer "Hello?", he gasped a bit at his new, deeper voice. "Yes, I'm up. Gracias." He slowly lifted the phone back into it's resting place. He rolled around in his bed, the sheet bunching up on his crotch... He felt even bigger... everything did. He slowly got up, lifting the sheet from his body. He saw his new body. Protruding pecs, defined abs, nice solid shoulders. Even his legs had definition. Between them was a real surprise though, a nice 8-inch cock lay over his nuts. He stroked it once with a grin. He was doing great now. Whatever was in the water was good enough for him. He spent the rest of his day lifting things in the suite, marveling at his new strength. He found a pair of underwear and jogging pants and pulled the bands wider. He had clothes now, but with his still growing muscular butt, they weren't going to fit for long. He stood in the kitchen, trying to figure out just what was happening to him. It didn't really matter, but he was wondering when it would stop. Yesterday morning he had only been 160 pounds, but now he was 220 or more.

--------------------------------------------- Alex stayed up the whole night, feeling himself growing more and more. He was nearing 300, he could feel it. He didn't know for sure though. His body was thick, ropey. His chest was like rock now, his shoulders sculpted, his neck was being supported by hard, triangular traps. He had abs now, though they were losing definition below the navel. He had veins streaking across his arms, and his quads were thick as his waist. He noticed that his nipples had moved further apart, and that his chest creased when he moved his arms. He had to take the underwear off now. His muscle ass had gotten larger, pulling the fabric in front tight against his growing genitals. He was a muscle god, and he knew it! The growing eventually slowed down, his body pumped and swelled one last day. He lost further definition in his arms, neck, and butt. He was looking a little more like an offseason bodybuilder. His chest was huge now, two massive pecs sat below his traps, and led to two soft-ball sized shoulders. His biceps looked like footballs, and his forearms were like thick rope. His quads were bigger than his waist now, and they had to maneuver around each other. He realized that he had absolutely no clothes now, so he got on the webcam and sent pictures of his predicament off home... he typed the e-mail to his friends in america. "So, if you could, please send me over some money or really really big clothes... I think I'm going to go for a swim again." •

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