Big Hawaiian Change, A

By Leminnes

Jon was a 10-year-old kid in his prime. He go looks by the 14 year old girls because he looked much older than he really was. He was and avid swimmer and because he lived in Hawaii all his life he began surfing at an early age. He liked how he looks but he wanted more. He wanted to look like the Hawaiian men because they had the dark skin and the great hair. He wanted all of that and he wanted to be older. He hated his age even though he looked much older.

One day he was walking through his local market. He went to a trinket shop that he went to everyday. There he always complains to the owner (which is one of his great friends) about how he wants to change but this day was going to be much different. When he walked in he was ready to get to his regular way of complaining. But the shop owner stopped him.

“Jon I want to give this to you, when I went of a trip to the ruins of Huanilita 10 years ago I found this. I always found it fascinating but I don’t know what is does. So… I am giving it to you to find out. Here I put it on a chain for you.”

“Thanks Mr. Lota, I’ll try to find out”

Mr. Lota put it on a chain and gave it to Jon. When Jon put it on he felt something he couldn’t quite explain it but he felt it. When he examined the trinket he saw writing on it. He didn’t know what it said but maybe the translator in town would know.

He decided he talk to the translator the next day. He ran into his house and went to the bathroom and pissed like a race horse. While he was peeing he noticed his skin looked darker and his penis look bigger and darker. Either his eyes were playing tricks on him or he really was changing. He looked in the mirror and he didn’t look much different just his skin. He decided he would sleep on it.

The next day he woke up and went to the bathroom and again he noticed his skin was darker but still nothing else. He went down stairs and ate breakfast. His Mom walked it and she also noticed his skin was darker and told him to stay out of the sun or he’d burn himself.

He went the day and nothing changed but when it was about 10 o’clock, about the time he change yesterday, he noticed his legs were hairier, in fact everything was hairier also his skin was even darker, his penis even longer, about 5 in. compared to his old 2 in., and his mind seemed to be changing too. He wanted girls more and he seemed to want to surf more than he did before. Oh, and also he seemed smarter like he was in 6th grade not 5th.

Over the next few months he changed more and more. He became taller, more muscular and he liked the girls more. The world and his mind seemed to be changing together. His Mom never saw anything wrong with him, she even asked him how his little 15 year old was even though he was still ten. Or so he thought.

So far he had forgotten he had the trinket on. But on his six month he remembered it and threw it into the river for whatever reason. He wasn’t quite sure it was like some power was forcing him to do it.

After he threw out the trinket he still changed a bit more. On his last day of changing, on the last day of his twelfth month he had change completely. His mind had completely changed to his form and the world had changed to. His mom and dad had change to two native Hawaiians and Jon was there kid and he too was Hawaiian and he believed he was always one and he had the perfect body, the perfect hair, he had perfect genetics. He could get any lady. He now loved his body.

10 years later when he was 32 he became a surfing scientist, as it is called in the scientific community, and he married the most beautiful woman. He was happy and content. He was the Hawaiian muscle surfer that he always wanted to be and he was smart and he believed he always was this way. •

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