Triumph of a Kind

By MuscleMage

Trent bent down and touched his toes, stretching was very important. He couldn't help admiring his body while he stretched. He was quite fit and was really stoked about winning this next match. It was unbelievable that he was here in the finals. He was new at wrestling and had only joined because some friends suggested it. He had quickly proven to be very talented at the sport and his body helped by growing quickly to his coach's excercise schedual. His coach seemed quite adamant that Trent won and seemed to talk about the winning trophy as if a life dream. His coach told him that he had never himself won the trophy but hoped he could live out his dream with Trent. When Trent asked about why the trophy was so important the coach merely shook his head, smiled and said it was because it was a special feeling to have.

Now facing his opponent Trent couldn't help feeling a bit down. For being a medium-weight his opponent was really big, and quite hot. He quickly shook his head, trying to get into a better mind-set. A moment later, the two grappled, not only was his opponent big, he was hell strong. Trent pressed against his opponent trying to use his strength against him. But his opponent was fast too and always maneuvered right to make it difficult for him again and again their faces came together, one handsome face to the other. Suddenly, he slipped and accidently pressed his crotch into the other youth's. He was shocked to realize his opponent was rock hard. His own large endowment swelled against the other. His opponent shivered with pleasure, momentarily caught off-guard. Seeing an unexpected opportunity Trent shifted his weight, causing his opponent to fall into a compromised position. Trent had won...

As his parents and his coach cheered Trent was in a state of euphoria. He was quickly passed the trophy. On closer inspection Trent saw the idol on top was of a huge bodybuilding-type wrestler. Looking close Trent gasped at the size of the idol's sizable manhood. After the match he stoof in the locker room, still holding the trophy, basked in a sense of rightness. He grew hard again, like in his match, and he shivered as his piece throbbed. A warmth grew from the trophy as he held it. Stretching across his arm, through his chest and down his stomach into his crotch. More and more warmth channeled through his body. Settling into his crotch like a pool, the pleasure increased more and more, seemingly exponentially. The soft fabric of his shorts pressed against his cock as it grew harder than ever before. Even when he knew he couldn't get any harder, his shorts continued to grow tighter and tighter. He squeezed his eyes shut against the pleasure and opened them again to look down at his crotch and was amazed at the bulge that throbbed down there. His penis was visibly growing and his balls were swelling at a frightening pace. Suddenly, pleasure shot out from his groin throughout his body. Heat washed through his body as an unknown pressure burgeoned within his body.

He felt his shoulders thicken, bulge out, and split into huge muscle heads. He moaned as his chest grew out, pumping full of muscle growing and growing. His abs throbbed with power. His arms swelled, with his forearms and biceps growing together, tighter, drifting from his body as his back grew mountainous. The trophy grew hot, nearly burning him. His strength came from the trophy, his legs bulged, swelled, pulsed, throbbed. His shorts skin tight, barely containing his overpowering manhood.

The pleasure slowed and faded, but not completly. He knew that as long as he held the trophy he would continue to get stronger. But now he wanted to share his new strength, he wondered where his opponent was now. Perhaps he would like to hold the trophy? •

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