Jasen with an E

By Leminnes

Jake was a short nerdy looking kid. He liked music such as classical and The Beatles which no cool jock liked… it also didn’t help much that he was in his School Orchestra and he was as skinny and as tall as a rail. He was always picked on and had a few friends but they were all in the Orchestra or Chorus.

One day he was walking into his gym class (aka. His least favorite class) he got pined on the ground by someone big but he really didn’t see whoever it was because he got blindfolded pretty much right after he was pinned. He felt himself being carried somewhere.

After about five minutes he finally heard a door close. He got sat into a chair and got his blindfold taken off. When he got in off it looked really bright in the room, even though it was quite dark, he couldn’t see anyone though. Finally he saw someone, he really couldn’t distinct him though.

“Jake… Jake…”

Jake could hear the person talking to him but he was talking very quietly.

Jake… You are getting very relaxed and obedient…”

Right before Jake’s vision blurred away he could see it was the star Quarterback for the football team. They hadn’t won in three years and they were always complaining how they needed a good football player.

After every thing went black became tried and fell asleep but still could hear the person talk. He kinda thought it was strange.

“Jake you will listen to my every command and shall obey my every word…”

*All of a sudden I feel very in-tune with this person’s voice.*

“I want you to listen, your name from now on shall be Jasen with an E.

J-A-S-E-N and when anyone spells it or says it wrong you get real mad”

*Jasen… but my name is Jake wait no it isn’t it is Jasen with an E and I get pissed of when anyone spells in wrong. *

“I also have never been in the Orchestra in fact you hate the Orchestra because they are all nerds, dork, and gay. You have been in the football team instead for as long as you used to be in Orchestra. But for four years after second grade you were in the swim team…”

*On the swim team… football… I was never part of any of those things or was I? Yes I was on the swim team till Fifth Grade and on the Football team for three years when I entered High school… ya! I am a real jock.*

“Jasen… when you woke up this morning you didn’t look like an Orch Dork you looked like a swimmer and a football player. You had big strong arms and thick legs and calves for swimming. You had an eight pack. And you were so tall you couldn’t see your face in the mirror. You had to bend over to see your face because you are 6’ 7” and you have all the muscles to match. When you saw your face you had handsome features… big strong square jaw. And you had big Aquamarine eyes that any girl would die for. You had puffy cheeks and a rather large but fitting nose.”

After he was done saying this Jasen (Jake) felt a large burning all over his body. First he felt and heard his arms and legs growing. It hurt so bad he wanted to scream but he couldn’t. It was like all his work to get those muscles was happening to him in five seconds. Then he felt the same pain I his abs. He could almost feel each ab forming as the pain increased.

He again felt pain in his legs and torso but it was different. It was like he was being reshaped. He knew what was happening as he felt the back of his chair become lower. Then he felt extra muscles form from swimming under his football muscles. Then he felt a burning in his eyes and face as his face rearranged.

“Lastly Jasen you are growing to have your hair grow longer and with each 1/2 of an inch of hair you will gain 1 inch to your Cock. It will stop after 3 inches are added to your hair.”

Jasen felt a large sensation in his head and penis… no wait cock… and felt his pants get tight, really tight.

“I see you are about to burst out of those clothes, so take them off”

Slowly Jasen took of his clothes and when he got it all off. He could feel a difference in the way his parts moved.

“Know we need to change your grammar… okay you are an honors student at the moment and you are really smart. Now I want you to take ¾ of that knowledge and change it into football knowledge. You know everything there is about football but you don’t know any thing about your academics.”

Jasen could feel a difference from that one but not much.

“Know Jasen I want you to open your eyes and look at your self. Also you can talk”

Slowly Jasen opened his eyes he looked at himself and saw a huge difference. His perspective was much different in everyway. Everything seems smaller and farther away. He guessed it was from growing seven inches. He then looked at his arms. They were huge he could tell he had done both swimming and football because of how huge his arms were compared to other football players. He then looked farther down and saw his fuckstick which was also huge he had a seven incher soft but now it was at least 13 inches soft, 18 inches hard and 3 inches thick.

He then looked at his abs and saw a thick stab of perfectly carved metal. It looked like an 8 pack but he could see two more forming making an almost ten pack. He then looked farther down and saw his feet, which were a size 14 before now they had to at least be 17. Then he saw his legs… oh the legs… the most perfect thing he had ever seen. Perfectly sculpted in every way. They were beautiful.

“Man… this is fucking awesome!” Oh my god He had never said fuck in his life, what is going on, “Holy fuck, why am I fucking talking like tis?”

“Ok Jasen, what ….” The quarterback asked a bunch of football questions and a bunch of science and math questions. He got all the Science and Math questions wrong and all the Football questions right.

“What the fuckin’ hell is happen’ to me!?!?!” he screamed, “I hav’ n’ver talk’d like tis befor’!”

“Now Jasen I would like you to go back to sleep. I want you to now start thinking you have always been like this and that you think changes have never happened to you.

And I will make sure that everyone else thinks you were always like this…”

“You will now wake up in 5…. 4…. 3…. 2…. 1…. Awake!”

“Sup homey, Paul, I haven’t fuckin’ seen you since a week ago!”

“I’m Good Jason”

“Hey! Fuck You Paul my NAME is JasEn with a fuckin’ E! Never get it wrong again!”

“Hey it’s time to got to football practice, Jasen, now go and don’t be late… you’re the new quarterback this year and you can’t be late on coach will be Fuckin’ mad! I can get there late because I’m the Center.”

“Fuck you and see you later. Oh and hey where the fuck is my clothes!?”

“On the Ground”

Jasen picked up his clothes and looked at them… they looked too small but when he put them on the fit perfectly.

On his way to Football practice he got looks by the ladies. That felt somehow strange for him but all he did was nod and say “What the Fuck up, whore?” and kept on walking as Jasen with and E! •

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